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Which lyric are you most excited to belt out while watching #Hamilfilm on @DisneyPlus? 👇🏾

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miss misery
Miss misery ()

@SteveBenjaminSC @disneyplus We are watching too! So much to learn about the history of this country.

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Disney+ Help ()

@popmartyb Hi Marty, thanks for reaching out! You can get in touch with us anytime over the phone or via chat. Click this link to choose a contact option: We look forward to assisting you!

Ks ()

Thank you @Lin_Manuel and @disneyplus for giving us #Hamilfilm. I never thought I would get the chance to see it! Every single person involved in this show is incredible. I didn’t really know much about A. Ham and A. Burr’s relationship except that they dueled. (1/?)

Colt745flockin1 ()

@disneyplus @leslieodomjr I started watching this play and didn’t like it. This is my opinion and I wouldn’t recommend watching this show. I turned it off after 5 minutes. I don’t recommend watching. This is more hype than delivery.

Keith Miller
Keith Miller ()

@disneyplus Thanks for allowing everyone to watch. I hope that more stage productions come to the screen. It will bring interest to the theater.

Patrick Roth
Patrick Roth ()

Hey look! @disneyplus appears to have a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton. Has anyone heard anything about it? #hamilfilm

Zonetranp ()

Esperando a que algún día @disneyplus llegue a Latinoamerica y poder ver #HamiltonFilm I may not live to see our glory

Jenny K
Jenny K ()

#Hamilton is light years ahead in creativity. It’s truly brilliant. @HamiltonMusical @disneyplus

Mia J ツ
Mia J ツ ()

Get your wine and snacks #HamiltonFilm watch party today at 4pm.

Jim ()

@disneyplus owned bought and sold slaves as a commodity. How can you exalt him and disparage Washington? No hip hop play? Hypocrisy. Or is it HipHopcracy.

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Disney+ Help ()

@Emmaapalearii Ciao Emma! Grazie per averci contattato! Vorremmo invitarti a lasciarci un feedback scrivendo il tuo suggerimento selezionando il pulsante Lascia un feedback su: Non esitare a contattarci per qualsiasi domanda!

Anne Robin
Anne Robin ()

Today is the day that many of us have been looking forward @hamiltonmusical premiers on disneyplus with its original cast. Did you see that @RachelCargle teamed up with Lin-Manuel Miranda to show the parallels…

Ling. ()

@disneyplus can we get Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella with @4everBrandy and Whitney Houston ? 🥰

Lonely Laura 🥺
Lonely Laura 🥺 ()

I honestly forgot how much #Hamilton slaps as I listen on my morning walk. I can’t WAIT to watch it on @disneyplus when I get home 😭😭

Clayton Barns
Clayton Barns ()

@clotilde_souper @disneyplus Gone With The Wind is still available to stream though.

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Erica ()

No work Friday means a day of #HamiltonFilm My daughter and I saw the magical live version in Indy last year but #DisneyPlus makes it easy to put it on repeat! 💙

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Hamilton ()

Which lyric are you most excited to belt out while watching #Hamilfilm on @DisneyPlus? 👇🏾

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