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Don’t Worry Darling. In Theaters Now..

.@Harry_Styles dazzled on the NYC Red Carpet this week. See him in #DontWorryDarling tomorrow, only in theaters. Get tickets now:.

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#DontWorryDarling is: “A sharp psychological thriller” “Captivating” “Bombastic and beguiling” NOW PLAYING! See it in theaters TONIGHT and get tickets NOW:.


What have our #CineworldFamily been getting up to this week? It was birthday celebrations for Glasgow Renfrew Street 🥳 Dover have been channeling their inner Florence Pugh for the release of #DontWorryDarling 🩰 and Brighton are ready to battle a Basilisk!.

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wychodzimy z kina z dwd, idziemy jeszcze na zakupy, wchodzimy do sklepu z ubraniami i włącza się as it was JAK ONI WIEDZIELI XD #DontWorryDarling.

MAJOR #DontWorryDarling spoiler - - - - olivia wilde i need to kiss your brain like you ate with this one.

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Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde are stronger than ever amid #DontWorryDarling drama.

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Olivia Wilde tombe dans le second film trop ambitieux. Les idées affluent dans #DontWorryDarling pour capter le malaise d’une utopie à la mode 50’s mais elles leur manquent une structure en béton armé. Il finit surtout par ressortir l’impression d’un long épisode de Black Mirror.

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The PR disaster after disaster is an unfortunate aspect for #DontWorryDarling because it really is so much more than the social media fodder it ended up becoming. My full review here:.

As someone called Alice #DontWorryDarling was a stressful watch 😂😂 felt like Harry Styles was screaming at me intermittently.

Been seeing lots of “Harry’s performance was great”… now I know we watch the same movie so I’m gonna need y’all to stand up, darling. #dontworrydarling.

właśnie wyszłam z sali po dwd nie mówcie do mnie #DontWorryDarling.


So have you all gotten off your asses to see #DontWorryDarling yet??? Because I want someone to talk about it with!!! 😂🫠.


#DontWorryDarling was 11/10!!! @Florence_Pugh @Harry_Styles WOWOWOWOWOWOW I called in sick just to go watch this and it was so so worth it 🥹❤️.

Critics of #DontWorryDarling : “We already know sexism exists. Why is @oliviawilde making this movie? She’s not saying anything new. Does she think women’s roles are reverting back to the 1950s?” Us: “… *scratches head thinking about Roe v. Wade* …”.

Gente ayer fui feliz, DWD que película tan bien hecha, la amo 🫶🏻 #DontWorryDarling.

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#DontWorryDarling Florence Pugh is amazing. Harry Styles doesn’t have the chops to pull it off. Was not expecting Olivia Wilde to channel Jordan Peele.

@samspeaksmovies With you 100% on this —just walked out of the theater, And my mind is blown. Screenplay rocked, acting was amazing. Pugh deserves a statue. @oliviawilde is definitely 2 for 2. I don’t know what she’s going to make next but I’ll be the first in line. Wow! #DontWorryDarling.

I enjoyed it. The The women carried. Chris Pine was an evil man lmaoo. #DontWorryDarling.

#dontworrydarling would have been better with Harry just didn’t have the depth necessary for the ending. That line should have been a grabber and it was meh..

seeing #DontWorryDarling for the sole purpose of seeing harry doing the nasty … will it deliver ?.

#DontWorryDarling me dejoooo sin estabilidad Que película tan maravillosa Tiene de todo un poco Lloré, reí,grite,quedé en shock,me emocioné, Amooooo todoo.

It was giving Wanda Vision x Stepford Wives x Get Out #DontWorryDarling.

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I want a Ryan Murphy bipoc on the behind the scenes of #DontWorryDarling….

I’m worried darling that I’m gonna be up all night thinking about how I could fix the script for #DontWorryDarling.

@oliviawilde just finished watching dwd and LET ME TELL YOU MS. WILDE I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THE MOVIE THE PLOT TWIST WAS SO UGHHH I CANT EXPLAIN BUT OLIVIA YOU ATE AND LEFT NO MF CRUMBS as well as all the other actors that gave it their all and made it incredible #DontWorryDarling.

Kilkanaście godzin minęło a ja nadal mam do powiedzenia tyle że ididecie tam kurwa na własną odpowiedzialność XDDD #DontWorryDarling.

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