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Reminder that Joel killed an innocent doctor and prevented potentially saving mankind. Then, knowing what she would’ve wanted, he lied to Ellie about it. All because he never got closure and was a selfish person. He got what he deserved and I instantly loved Abby for it..

tá, mas agora eu não consigo tirar da cabeça que alba baptista seria uma ótima ellie em the last of us 2.

Charcoal and graphite are a perfect pairing - just like Ellie and Joel! Thank you Krystine for sharing your drawing with us. For more from Krystine: Submit your own creations here for a chance to be featured:.

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We are proud to announce a brand new partnership between Redlight Finance and On a Mission Podcast by Ellie McKay! On a Mission Podcast is a top 1% podcast! For more information:.

Ellie es la más soft de todas sus primas. Un ser de luz y sonríe 24/7. Siempre está dando ánimos y es la que ama los unicornios y arcoíris. Es bailarina de ballet y le gusta cocinar. Hasta tiene una confitería. A muchas no les agrada su personalidad, pero yo la amo..

Anoche me hicieron pensar en el libro de Ellie y ya tengo su estética 🌞💛 Algún dí.

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Todo lo relacionado a Ellie me persigue. Hasta su nombre es soft.


@davejthorp What and kym and ellie are still her who tf is voting for them this never shouldve been the bottom 2.

Y por último tenemos a Ellie y su compañero. Será un libro autoconclusivo. Próximamente..

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4x already, mamaya ulit. D-day - with co fans 11/24 - me time 11/25 - with workmates (Budol is real) 11/26 - with miloves 11/27 - later with my siblings. #AnInconvenientLove #DonBelle.

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Some photos with Ellie 🥰💚 (More pictures below🥴).

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oh yeah, the innocent doctor that was willing to take a girl’s life without her consent and not even allowing joel and ellie to reunite before the surgery 🥴.

Debate updates: Novice PF- Eric Rotert/Orian Middleton 2nd LD- Ellie Meisel Varsity Champ PF- Ethan Burnham & Elinor Dow advance to finals.

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Still trying to understand what shirley meant but ellie needing to feel the soul of the dance or whatever No matter her technique no one feels the dance and encapsulates strictly joy and journey and partnership quite like ellie and jojo #Strictly.

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Impressive victories today by both our 4th grade and 6th grade teams. 4th grade defeated the Little Patriots 22-9 and 6th grade 44-9 over Union Local. Both teams are now 2-0 ⭐️ 6th grade high scorers: Quinn Schumacher - 15 Lucy Weiss - 14 Ellie Janovich- 12.

@DARK_LE1GON i know you was just saying that but I was just having a joke lol💕 You always say inspirational quotes which is a good thing 😌.


u all don’t realize that abby and joel are mirrors of each other that’s why it all hurts so much especially for ellie.

Ellie-Bear and the quest for some god-damned honey mustard: do you know how hard it is to get some honey mustard?! Only one place has consistently given me honey mustard and that’s Windy City Weiners… Come on, man.

I enjoy seeing these two and am always shocked how the judges see her, keep going Ellie and Jo Jo ♥.



Before the release of “Higher Than Heaven”, which @EllieGoulding album is your favourite? #HTHTOUR Save Ellie’s Tour.

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defending ellie and joel while never having played a single second of tlou>>>>>.

@Ellie__Wray Their wealthy CEO trying to explain to me that life is going to get tougher and he completely understands #BS.

@Ellie_S_04 yep but you just gotta carry on like nothings wrong which makes things worse.

全身筋肉痛! 今日は家族に頼まれた買い物するよ、、、 行列並ぶのしんどい、、、.

Advancing to debate finals at Park Hill South! LD - Ellie Meisel PF - Eric Rotert/Orian Middleton.

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First rotation on the floor for the #Jays: Norah Sis, Kiara Reinhardt, Jazz Schmidt, Ellie Bolton, Allison Whitten, and Kendra Wait..

@goh_wan パブロン効きますか??? パブロン買おっかなw😂 でも外寒いんで買いに行けない😭.

@frmrlyknownasem Flat plate with raised edge so my sauce doesn’t slide off, it’s a specific target plate Tiny spoon I don’t like knives but right now need them for cutting up stuff, but if I can cut it with a fork I will.

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