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Still thinking about Elvis, a movie that finally dares to ask, “did you want your biopics to be more like the Wachoskis’ Speed Racer?”.

What they won’t tell you in #ElvisMovie is that Elvis stole much of his music from Black artists, who never received royalties. The real kings of rock ‘n’ roll were Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Here are two examples of his thievery, Otis Blackwell, and Big Mama Thorton..

As a die-hard Presley devotee, it gives me huge pleasure to announce that Baz Luhrmann’s blistering biopic ELVIS gets the full five stars from me in @ObsNewReview. Blimey..

IT’S OFFICIAL!! “TOP GUN MAVERICK” passed $1 BILLION WORLDWIDE — the FIRST TOM CRUISE MOVIE to do so! BIG CONGRATS @TomCruise!! DOMESTICALLY, #TopGunMaverick & #Elvis are TIED FOR 1ST PLACE this weekend with an estimated $ MILLION EACH! WHICH MOVIE will be NUMBER ONE??.

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Going to watch the Elvis movie this afternoon, and Macca (on TV) at Glastonbury tonight. In the end, I suspect history will conclude these two men were the greatest pop stars of them all..

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Im so excited to watch ELVIS tonight! Finally the king gets the movie he deserves! Packing fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches in my elvis purse as a snack for the movie! TCB⚡️.

WHITE LIES Columbus discovered America Lincoln freed the slaves Elvis was the King of Rock n Roll Jesus was white America was founded on Christian values.

My family and I were so honored to be asked to put our handprints at the Hollywood Walk of Fame during the debut week of the movie ELVIS..

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“As far as Elvis goes, it was about gentrifying Black music. It was about singing what he heard come from the souls of Black people, and singing something that white people had never sung.” — @TalbertSwan ..

“As far as Elvis goes, it wasn’t just about making music. It was about singing from your soul, and singing something that needed to be sung.” — @AustinButler Watch @BazLuhrmann’s #ElvisMovie, only in theaters THIS FRIDAY. ⚡️ #TCB.

I don’t want to see a movie about Elvis Presley. I’d rather see a movie on the artist he stole from. That’s Just Me.🤷🏽‍♂️#PoPDuKe.

Even with 2 NEW MOVIES opening this weekend (“THE BLACK PHONE” & “ELVIS”), its looking VERY POSSIBLE that “TOP GUN MAVERICK” could MOVE UP back to NUMBER ONE! Plus, it will pass $500 MILLION DOMESTIC & $1 BILLION WORLDWIDE, and @TomCruise TURNS 60 on JULY 3RD! #TopGunMaverick.

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Cuatro terroristas de la MS-13 identificados como Elvis Sigarán alias Vinel, José Rivera alias Churruca, Douglas Ramírez y Denis Meléndez, salían en libertad este día, sin embargo, tras coordinar con las autoridades de seguridad, fueron recapturados afuera del centro penal..

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ELVIS (2022) de Baz Luhrmann es el monumento descomunal y vertiginoso que el rey del rock merecía, el biopic musical más eléctrico y apabullante de este siglo, recogiendo desde la estructura de AMADEUS a la provocación de THE DOORS de Stone con doble dosis de anfetamina. Soberbia.

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45 years ago today, Elvis Presley made his last ever live stage appearance when he appeared at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. Presley would die less than two months later. The last two songs he performed were ‘Hurt’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’.

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映画『#エルヴィス』 🎸7月1日(金)公開🎸 @warnerjp 禁断のロックで世界を変えたエルヴィス・プレスリー⚡ その伝説を描くミュージックエンターテイメント🎸 映画公開を記念して豪華賞品を抽選でプレゼント🎁 🎶応募方法🎶 1⃣@AEON_CINEMAをフォロー 2⃣このツイートをRT.

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お誘いいただいて観てきた。あまりに華やかで、あまりに悲しくて大泣きしてしまった。上映後ワーナーの人にまあまあの勢いで熱弁しちゃったよ。帰りに入った飯屋で隣に座った爺ちゃんと仲良くなった時に「俺、エルヴィス大好きでさ」って言われたもんだから貰ったポスターあげた。 #エルヴィス #Elvis.

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I’m at @alamodrafthouse to see the new Elvis biopic, and their pre-show material is nothing but old school Elvis impersonator kitsch, including a clip of 5 year-old Bruno Mars performing as a mini Elvis on Oprah. Hilarious..

🐺 ¡Stream finalizado! Dess ha terminado Stream. Esperamos que la hayan pasado increíble con las aventuras de Elvis Jorgito, ya que incluso hoy pudimos ponernos manos a la obra con el casino👀. Ojalá hayan disfrutado de la gran compañía del lobo alpha. Descansen y tomen agüita 🤍.

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ELVIS running time is 2hr 39min—almost as long as Baz’s epic, AUSTRALIA which clocked in at 2hr 45min. Lots of early access screenings near sell-out in LA tonight..

Critics are calling @BazLuhrmann’s #ElvisMovie “an EXPLOSION of style and music.” Don’t miss @AustinButler in ELVIS, only in theaters THIS FRIDAY. Get your tickets now..

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Jeśli warto obejrzeć #Elvis Baza Luhrmanna, to z JEDNEGO konkretnego powodu..

And an elvis tattoo like I don’t care how many jokes he just foul #TALKSWITHASH.

got my mom a cinema gift card for her birthday and i told her she could choose between the rise of gru and the elvis movie as a joke cuz i thought she’d wanna go to elvis w me. she chose GRU???? OVER ELVIS????.

saw the Elvis movie. surprised myself by really enjoying it. nice to have something to take my mind off, yknow… all this..

#Elvis is now in theaters and our review is already available! Go check out our review:.

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So the Elvis movie is 🔥 🔥 I am so for watching it again. 👏🏼 #ELVISMovie.

#Elvis was fine… It was stylistically and visually beautiful but the long runtime was a chore to sit through. I do think Austin Butler was fine… but like after all that method acting, I was expecting some Daniel Day Lewis shit but I guess not..

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You do have to wonder if there will be a resurgence of Elvis Presley sightings along with the arrival of the new film..


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