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“Bütün bunların üstüne Hepsinin üstüne sevda sözleri söylemeliyim. Vatanım, milletim, tüm insanlar, kardeş” “7 Güzel Adam”dan #ErdemBayazı Allah rahmet eylesin, mekânı cennet olsun.

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Alisa ()

Qishtu si qekjo pishmon u pat bo ni koh ajo konga e ledrit me eren shum pis apapapapapappapa

SusumeDel⛓️#AOT130SPOILERS ()

#AOT130SPOILERS All I want in the end is mikasa happy. I want for her to have a very important role in the end. This is no longer about ship now but about relationship and development for years and years that make that mikasa is, and will remain the beauty of the world of Eren

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GYRO OU QUOIENT ?(jai encore sauté)ᶠᶜ ᵍᵃᶰᵍˢᵗᵃ
GYRO OU QUOIENT ?(jai encore sauté)ᶠᶜ ᵍᵃᶰᵍˢᵗᵃ ()

Moi qui regarde Eren en tt et qui me fait spoil car ça parle des scans :

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𝐯𝐢• 𝐬𝐧𝐤 𝐬𝟒
𝐯𝐢• 𝐬𝐧𝐤 𝐬𝟒 ()

tava lembrando aqui, depois que o eren conversou com a ymir ele fez com que ela libertasse os titã isso no cap. 130 o eren consegue aqueles titãs com ele pra atacar

Mahfi Eğilmez
Mahfi Eğilmez ()

@ErenSomcag @kborekci Sevgili Eren Somçağ, bence boşuna uğraşıyorsunuz. Zamanınıza yazık. Dünyada en zor iş ön yargılı bir insanı doğru olana iknaya çalışmaktır. Hele o kişi taraf tutuyorsa bu mümkün değildir.

時代遅れの男子/ずらねこ ()

水樹奈々さんといい、きまぐれクックのかねこさんといい、そめさんといい 今日七夕は結婚ラッシュですね

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Sora🗝️|Aot 130 spoilers|
Sora🗝️|Aot 130 spoilers| ()

@sereintty That panelling was done that way to fuck with our heads. The whole chapter was tids and bits as if other half of convo is missing. This chapter was made to depict eren in a really bad way. Because there is no logical explanation for him being dad. None!

Mᴀʀɪ́ᴀ. ()

@juanmigueluwu No es capítulo tocho, no. Lo único que ha conseguido Isayama es que siga rayadísima con Eren. Rayada en plan que no sé qué coño pensar de él. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Voy a tener que esperar a que termine la obra para valorar en conjunto de absolutamente todo.


he against the idea of historia being pregnant, how come he wants to be the baby daddy 😩 like,, somebody please tell me the valid reason why eren wants to do this???

TRT Arşiv
TRT Arşiv ()

Dolmabahçe Sarayı önünden başlayıp, Anıtkabir’de sona eren Atatürk Rallisi’nde 20 otomobilin mücadelesini izliyoruz.

ErFinn💜 ()

@lev1_shingeki I will tell you what is it! This whole thing everything going on is a nightmare of Eren Yeager in alternate world 😆

Mamacita ♡
Mamacita ♡ ()

E vetmja gje e mire qe po perfitojme nga mbajtja e maskave eshte qe spo ndjejme eren e djerses te disa njerez 😷😷

mikasa stan ˅ɞ♡⃛ʚ˅
Mikasa stan ˅ɞ♡⃛ʚ˅ ()

eren telling historia that hes willing to erase her memories is a lil extra :// when u rmb that freida reiss did the same thing to her over and over again as a child,,

Mɾ.ʅισɳ Spoilers de Snk
Mɾ.ʅισɳ Spoilers de Snk ()

@merCurry__ Si me gustó 😳👉👈 pero no entendí una chota sobre todo en el quilombo ese del padre de eren y jziwksowk toda la vaina

Jay ()

-We know that The Attack Titan have the ability to peer into the past and future. Eren Jeager and Bran Stark are very similar, these two are able to interact with the past in their visions, and they both cause causal loops as a result

şuşi ()

acaba rüyamdaki eren bu eren miydi rüyamdakiyle ilgili hatırladığım tek şey esmer oluşu ve bu eren de esmer 🤔

humanity’s breaking dawn
Humanity’s breaking dawn ()

extremely underrated and overlooked character. yes he does provide comedic relief but he also presents an alternative way someone deals with loss which contrasts from eren.

Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo ()

@ladymaricchi Aliás sobre o filho da historia não acredito que seja do eren, pq no final ela foi pedir pro fazendeiro. Dá pra ver que essa pessoa de costas deve ser o Eren depois da conversa. Agora se o filho gritar tatakae não vai fazer sentido.

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antares. SPOILER 130⚠️⚠️
Antares. SPOILER 130⚠️⚠️ ()

#snk130spoilers #aot130spoilers Ai gente mas acho que o eren n eh o pai nao, acho q a historia soh comentou com ele por ele ser uma das pessoas proximas dela e ser MUITO importante por ter os titãs Até pq mostrou aquele cara que eu acho q eh o pai

👻Jåmēs😈 ()

#AOT130SPOILERS Need to read the entire chapter to get better context, but my first EREN MOTHERFUCKING YEAGER IS THE GOAT.

Stacytoria ()

@BestSock @Shuuko9 Ikr eren is a soft boy for Hisu. Omg even if she is fine with it he is not 😢😭😭😭 holy fk

✨shingeki no kill me✨
✨shingeki no kill me✨ ()

Sorry, I meant Eren, it autocorrected to Erwin for some reason🤦🏻‍♀️ I guess even autocorrect misses #AOT130SPOILERS

Olgunlaşmamış Coconut 🌹
Olgunlaşmamış Coconut 🌹 ()

zamanında tek tek buluyordum bilen bilir 1. ufuk 2. feru&berat hemen hemen aynı anda geldiler onlardan sonraki nesil biraz daha geç geldiği için onları sıralayamicam ayrıca erkek diye gruba aldığım ama kız çıkan yunus ve eren bunu görürseniz size selam olsun EKDOWJDLQKS #cembar

Zy? Ψ
Zy? Ψ ()

Isayama: Attack on Titan is the best Anime/Manga that I wrote. Eren:

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liria @ replaying ffxv!
Liria @ replaying ffxv! ()

@lockhartastrum actually is historia who’s proposing the idea but byeeee i dont want him to be involved 😹 i mean it would make sense if you think about bloodlines and the fact eren bears the founder titan along with the others but still HHHHH DOOOONT

エ レ ン
エ レ ン ()

🔎歌舞伎町クイズ Q,歌舞伎町に長く滞在するとどういう人間になるか? ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ A.「いただきます」が言えない人間になります

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♥ chap 130 spoilers!!
♥ chap 130 spoilers!! ()

idk something about historias baby daddy possibly being eren doesnt sit right with me 👀

diana | aot130
Diana | aot130 ()

#aot130spoilers i just wanna know why didn‘t historia tell everyone about eren‘s plan if she is against it


@yazin_o33 En vrai je l’aime bien mais jsp au début je l’a trouvais chiante a tout le temps vouloir suivre eren.

Abdullah Eren
Abdullah Eren ()

“Bütün bunların üstüne Hepsinin üstüne sevda sözleri söylemeliyim. Vatanım, milletim, tüm insanlar, kardeş” “7 Güzel Adam”dan #ErdemBayazı Allah rahmet eylesin, mekânı cennet olsun.

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