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To our Valorant fans, there is no shame in competing at the Challengers League. We will do our best to grind hard and fight for Ascension. We are BOOM Esports after all. We don’t back down, we fight. Like we always do..


Here is the BEST class setup for the Hurricane, M4 & Lachmann in the #MWII Beta! Credit: @7Heis.

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🎃Para su alumnado es Miss Rommyna, y para los demás es @RommyPandatomic. Caster/host de eSports, streamer y cosplayer, así como ingeniera y curiosa de la ciencia, #LaMoleHorrorConvention marcará su primera aparición en nuestro #CosplayAlley el 29 y 30 de octubre..

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A @morpho_esports foi a equipe campeã do #BabiChallenge Ladies #16 Parabéns 🎉🎉.

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Se retira el mayor icono de la historia del tenis #Federer y se va el mayor icono de la historia de los eSports @CarlosR el mismo día ☹️😭😭😭😭.

Hyped to see this matchup tomorrow at 12 EST 😈 ‼️#SLUWIN #HUEFEST22.

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Esports drama will forever be this tiresome echo chamber. Crowds of fans willfully ignore information in front of them, then rally around pros and talking heads who hear one singular thing then shout their take into the nether. And then Matt says what is really happening?.

Britons starting competition for @ECAC_Esports Fall 2022: Call of Duty Vanguard Overwatch 2 Hearthstone Madden 23 FIFA 23 NBA2k 23 Halo Infinite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate See you back on stream next week, Brits. 💜💛 #GoBrits.

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Todos concordam que as roupas das collabs da Liquid são as mais bonitas do mundo nesse quesito no cenário de Esports, né?.

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Triste sí, pensar que en los esports ni siquiera se vea este tipo de temas bajo el punto de vista de las mujeres, sea cual sea. Pero bueno, supongo que el espacio sigue igual de masculinizado que hace años atrás, y no hay casi ningún tipo de reflexión..

@Pimp_CSGO Massive blow to esports in general. Second chances are far too rare in todays world which is sad. Especially for someone as great as he.

@djWHEAT When Amazon bought Twitch they had interest in what everyone in Esports was interested in. Everyone celebrated the purchase because they ACTUALLY BELIEVED Amazon cared about them. This is par for the course. Bank of America did this Merrill. Activision did this to Blizzard.

i wana be a coach. esports. too bad i suck. but im the best coach anyone ever had. its the truth.

💰El streamer que recauda más de dólares entre sus Y se lo gasta en juegos de apuestas😔 xQc y Ludwig se hacen responsables para devolver el dinero a las víctimas de la estafa💪.

Si literalmente dices que tu amigo es una persona misógina a más no poder incluso siendo investigado por trata de personas, y te vas del club que has jodido por ser un imbécil, permíteme decir que no es un día triste en los esports. Todo lo contrario..


#EsoccerBattle8minsplay Liverpool (D3VA) Esports v Man Utd (Zzakki) Esports #Soccer.


@Thorin @CarlosR How long have u been in the business where u don’t understand that family friendly brands which are most of the sponsors in esports think what Andrew tate has done and said is ok? If Carlos is ok with the actions and words of Tate, why would sponsors give money to g2.

La gente diciendo pero hay que reconocer todo lo que ha hecho por el mundo de los esports. Claro claro, pero que no vuelva jamás.

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the moment that esports (CSGO, Val, OW, LoL, ect) is exclusively streamed on youtube is the moment that twitch no longer becomes a viable streaming platform.

🔰#ThePlaceToGame!🎮🚀 @SaintMarksHS Esports Scholarships are on the line tomorrow for the best of the best gamers in the region!👏👏👏.

@Perkz Why is everyone you disagree with a bum living in their moms basement. Has a pro esports salary really turned you into someone who thinks everyone else lives in poverty? You play video games for a living get off your high horse.

Se va el, by far, mejor CEO de esports Cultura de cancelación at its best.

@Thorin @CarlosR thats not the point at all? lmao nobody has ever said he did nothing for esports. Anyone can win an argument they make up..

A partir de este lunes 26 de septiembre, podrás ver tu anime favorito seguido de grandes novedades el mundo gamer en eSports MAX en nuevo horario. ¡Único como tú!.

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@Nymnesis yeaahh i just read about the val deal. It’s understandable. G2 won’t ever be the same and it’s just sad since they were the only team i’ve been supporting since 2018. i think i’ve lost all interest in esports at this point.

Carlos leaving G2 is probs one of the biggest thing to happen in esports and I’m seeing a lot of pros on either side of the defend/cancel fence. Whether you agree with it or not just be careful with what you write, things can come back to haunt you, be smart..

Como coño voy a sobrevivir si la generación que me inspiro y que en la cual quise estar tanto en deporte como en esports está desapareciendo cada vez me quedan menos razones para vivir.

@RPE_eSports Tim, as in @TBeilicke? Good luck guys! I’m doing the Sunday 2pm slot, solo, in the Porsche 992 Cup car..

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