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Special moment for @MenardsRacing No. 22 cars this morning at @IMS! #BrickyardTriple #IndyCar

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Grand Prix at Indianapolis Results: July 4, 2020 (Indycar Series)

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QUICK REPORT: @scottdixon9 stomps the field en route to his first victory on the @IMS road course

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ディクソンが間合いを詰めてきてる。さすがの一言。 #indyjp #indycar

Aaron Bearden
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That caution really threw this race for a loop. Will Power is mired in 12th after leading early on. His teammate Simon Pagenaud, who qualified 20th and struggled for the first half of the race, now sits sixth. #IndyCar

A. J. Smart🥁🇺🇸
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Is there an unluckier driver in racing than Alex Rossi? He can never catch a break. #INDYCAR #INDYGP

Hugo Becerra Jr.
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Hey @iRacing lets get an update on Indianapolis road course so we can race in the same track as Indycar right now

IndyCar da Depressão
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Adendo: Celso Miranda, Ricardo Molina e Paulo Carcasci no BandSports; André Duek e Matheus Leist no DAZN. FINALMENTE o Brasil bem servidos de belas transmissões. #IndyCar


REPLAY: Earlier incident involving @oliveraskew. Watch the #INDYGP live on NBC. #INDYCAR | @AMomentsNotice_

Catherine 😇🎈🧭
Catherine 😇🎈🧭 ()

Went to have dinner, came back to a completely different running order and I have no idea why. Oh,

Ryan Vargas
Ryan Vargas ()

I accidentally end up at Indycar races at least once a year and I’m not complaining

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The 44-year-old Johnson is the first driver in any NASCAR series to test positive and the news Friday evening cast a shadow over the historic NASCAR-IndyCar doubleheader races coming up Saturday and Sunday.​

Phillip Schmitz
Phillip Schmitz ()

@SpotterBrett For NASCAR I would say the Roval. For IndyCar I would say Road America.

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3rd of July party with my family before the 4th, the sound of Indycar qualifying on the TV whenever I go inside, and cold drinks in hot weather 👌🏻 #livinthedream! 🏎💙

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Simon Pagenaud reviendra ce week-end à Indianapolis disputer le Grand Prix routier. Le pilote du Team Penske excelle sur cette épr

Jeremy Freeman
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@bobpockrass Does IndyCar follow the same guidelines? Since he was supposed to test Wed?

Flyin18T Motorsports
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#IndyCar #IndyGP Power soars to pole on Indy road course

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Phase 2 Cracker
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How can this be!? He was wearing a mask!!! Jimmie Johnson 1st NASCAR driver to test positive for virus

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IndyCar – Indy GP, Libere e Qualifiche: Power, quarta pole in sette anni

Bryan White
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@leighdiffey I have a feeling this is going to hoping all IndyCar teams and drivers stay safe. Wear be mindful.

V10 motor - Hernán Rulli.
V10 motor - Hernán Rulli. ()

INDY CAR: Clasificación para mañana. Indianapolis. #indycar #indianapolis

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John Morris
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1st missed race for @JimmieJohnson since his Cup career started. Plus he’ll miss the IndyCar test he was supposed to do. Bummer. Hope they reschedule that. 👍🏻

Brendan ()

when most news out of racing was finally becoming course this had to happen

Radio Cuervo Uruguay
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Rick Weber
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Made some fun $1 #indycar bets yesterday. After qualifying, I’m pretty excited about these!

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IndyCar Complainer
IndyCar Complainer ()

@nathanjreese No idea. I don’t watch those guys, but there is a lot of attention on that one spot. Ever since IndyCar qualifying ended, the tv broadcast keeps showing a bunch of people hovering over it, including Penske.

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琢磨選手は予選17位。 この位置だと却ってスタート直後のT1でのカオスを回避できる? 2019予選11位決勝14位 2018予選11位決勝10位 2017予選22位決勝12位 2016予選20位決勝18位 2015予選22位決勝9位 2014予選16位決勝9位 #indycar #indyjp

Santiago García 🧱
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Cuando Power esta enchufado, nadie puede pararlo. Solo 9 poles le separan de don Mario Andretti Askew se ahogó en la orilla #IndyCar


IndyCar, Indianapolis/1, starting grid: Will Power (Team Penske), Jack Harvey (Meyer Shank Racing), Colton Herta (Andretti Harding Steinbren

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Yooo @ginoseast has on indycar the reason why there the best deep dish pizza spot #100

Simon Pagenaud
Simon Pagenaud ()

Special moment for @MenardsRacing No. 22 cars this morning at @IMS! #BrickyardTriple #IndyCar

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