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As usual, Ben & Jerry is the only corporate messaging worth reading

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Jerry B. Anderson ()

Ein Jörn Allers bzw. Jerry B. Anderson hat sich vorhin mit alkoholfreiem Bier in die City gesetzt. Es war den Leuten doch egal. Aus diesem Grund bekommt er jetzt noch einen super süßen Emmy Kracher zur Nacht.

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Selcan hatun ()

میرے ساتھ کسی نے پب جی نہیں کھیلی تو میں نے ڈیلیٹ ہی کردی :) ()

【香港直播20200604】屯門六四燈光悼念流水晚會 Jerry報導 | #香港大紀元新唐人聯合新聞頻道 來自 @YouTube

五十鈴🧚‍♀️💫テキーラの妻 ()

@juicy_na_jerry ほんとにフォロバするならフォローしとくし絡むけど

Huub Bellemakers ()

Mensen die de grap Jerry Airfryer voor @TheRebelThePoet gebruiken anno 2020. En dan ook nog denken dat ze origineel zijn

@tolulope ()

@dahtgirl_ajex SpongeBob🤗 Henry danger❣️ Tom and Jerry😹 Pj mask💜 Elena of avalor✨

Jerry 🐭 ()

@M_jenkins_TYA ถ้าฉันพลาดก็ไม่ต้องมาเรียกฉันว่าเจอร์รี่ เบลลาดอน !

The Washington Post ()

Ben & Jerry’s pointed call to dismantle white supremacy stands out among tepid corporate America statements

Joe jobling ()

@gabiiii_n class turn to page 47. today we will be leading about how ben and jerry’s ended racism

Miles ()

wait people want to boycott Ben and Jerry’s because they’re against white supremacy??? WHAT lol

✨ worm 🥀 ()

@phenrycissp @benandjerrys y’all act like ben and jerry’s isn’t the most liberal ice cream company out there and has been for years. it’s not they’re fault you JUST started paying attention

Chelsea♘♞♘♞♘ ()


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💋 ()

ben & jerry should just do another drop and donate the proceeds from those earnings to different charities for donation

Jerry il Calhanista ()

@VlnN94 @fabbianorozzang Quanto valgono gli sfottò di quelli che non vincono un trofeo Internazionale da 24 anni?

ShainaTorayno ()

Tom and Jerry pero kilig to the bones ang effect KYLE ECHARRI MYXclusive

James💁🏼‍♀️ ()

Wow people saying they will boycott Ben and Jerry’s ice cream because they are against white supremacy is a new low for 2020.

Bethany ()

Just want to remind everyone that both fucking BEN AND JERRY endorsed Bernie Sanders and they’re from bernies state of Vermont. BERNIE. SHOULD. BE. PRESIDENT.

💎 ()

Carats , kenapa nama english hoshi bisa edward? Itu di bikin siapa namanya?, jun namanya Jerry kan? Itu dari siapa juga namanya? 😅😂

Rita ()

Liberty University: Alumni Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr #LUDeservesBetter via @Change

JRS 🦇🐍 ()

Ben & Jerry’s has been supporting the BLM movement for YEARS. Literally was there in Vermont over a year ago and they had huge signs in their store to read about mass incarceration of Black people but okay

Scott Tarkett ()

@SpeakerShinjini What’s offensive is you don’t like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! But they speak truth.

Emily ()

Alright Ben & Jerry’s- pop off 👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿

Immutable Log Device ()

@danharris Expect Creflo Dollar to be on next to denounce the wealth gospel along with Jerry Falwell Sr coming back from the dead to tell off Trump, of course he is a racist pos himself, and dead, so that won’t be happening.

Asia ()

I don’t trust any large corporation at this point but Ben & Jerry’s always says what they need to say without playing it safe like these other statments I’m seeing

QuimiGordo ()

Which is yet another reason to have ICE CREAM!!! (Only Ben & Jerry’s though).

Police Accountability Now! ()

@brittanyyyyy_h Oh my god go off. Reminds me of Ben and Jerry’s

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ResistingInTexas💃🏾🤠❄️🌊 ()

The false prophets are out and running! Jerry Falwell #RacistMask #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER

Chante Aliya-Sofia ()

& THIS MY FRIENDS IS HOW YOU MAKE A FUCKING STATEMENT PS: Nothing but respect for Ben & Jerry’s ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

Sports Fan Journal ()

Larry Johnson Reflects on Becoming ‘Grandmama’, Converse Kicks And Winning Titles In Las Vegas

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KB ()

As usual, Ben & Jerry is the only corporate messaging worth reading

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