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You sit down on a couch in JK Rowling’s house and she’s like, “Careful, Dumbledore got railed there.”.

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This is all good until JK Rowling comes out tomorrow and says Tom Riddle was an ardent anti vaxxer..

best meme of all time has to be the use of miss jk rowling to spew random fake unnecessary facts.

Nobody: JK Rowling: There was a secret threesome going between Harry, Ron and Hermione 🧙🏻‍♀️.

god why does every over sexualized jk Rowling meme have to involve precious innocent Dobby.

A JK Rowling indo dizer que algum personagem do universo de Hogwarts faz parte de alguma minoria.

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Mi meme favorito es JK Rowling desvelando cosas aleatorias: -Dobby tenía un pollón -Dumbledore le daba fuerte y flojo a Grindewald -Los Hufflepuff se hacen pajas en grupo -Los magos cagaban por las esquinas de Hogwarts Lo gracioso es que no sabes qué ha dicho realmente y qué no😅.

me: jk rowling: *staring* me: fine tell me what Filch says after he fucks Mrs. Norris jk rowling:.

JK Rowling actually makes me enough with trying get the approval of gay folks by suddenly deciding to reveal that a random character from the books is now gay a decade after having it published and just actually write out a new book with actual gay characters..

Nobody: Jk Rowling: Harry Potter’s real name is actually “Hairy Pooper”, referring to his big hairy ass.

I wonder who they’ll cast in the remakes when jk rowling decides harry potter was actually a dog.

I can’t believe JK Rowling didn’t have one Muslim wizard in the whole Harry Potter it’s like they don’t even exist to her.

Vous imaginez si Tolkien avait fait le même forcing que Jk Rowling pour rendre son oeuvre inclusive ? Oui alors en fait Bilbon il est passif, Gollum est Gender-neutral, Aragorn est sapiosexuel et Frodon est Sagittaire .

noone: twitter: noone: jk rowling: hagrid has a choking kink.

@jazellah_ @mihatory meine güte die jk rowling regt mich so auf, als ob sie die einzige ist, die zugriff auf diese andere welt hat und die einzige ist, die weiß was da in wirklichkeit abgeht aber in wahrheit macht sie sich die vorgänge in der harry potter-welt einfach nur wie sie es braucht.

@AAliments Nobody: Jk Rowling: Dio feels no sexual attraction towards other men..

@tonygoldmark JK Rowling: Winky is a lesbian and Dobby is trans. Me: Please, you tied me up here three days ago, I just need water. JK: Not until you acknowledge how progressive I am!.

@tonygoldmark nobody: jk rowling, bursting out of your chest like a xenomorph: the hufflepuff house sits on top of what used to be a dairy queen grill and chill.

Me: JK Rowling: Steve Rodgers is a bottom Me: That’s not even your charac— JK Rowling: Here I wrote an entire article on his kinks. I even drew diagrams..

Roland Barthes: Every reader will infuse their own meaning into a text, and to give the author sole interpretation is to impose a limit on the text JK Rowling: Nah bro.

to tolkein’s credit he was very clear about who banged who --my boyfriend shading jk rowling.

no one: JK Rowling: Dumbledore and Grindlewald found a Sybian in the room of requirement.

@cloudnofeather Someone got mad at me today bc i said i dont care abt hp. Jk Rowling is a dumbass sorry!!.

JK Rowling: “Aslan was, like, balls-deep into Reepicheep.” Me: “Those aren’t even your charac—“ JK Rowling: “Balls. Deep.”.

You sit down on a couch in JK Rowling’s house and she’s like, “Careful, Dumbledore got railed there.”.

No one: JK Rowling *chasing a reporter down the street*: “Hagrid was a furry, you know! I didn’t mention it in the books, but it was understood. Representation!!”.

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