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TRUMP: eat nuclear waste GOP: nuclear waste is delicious DEMS: do not eat nuclear waste GOP: how dare you infringe on my right to eat nuclear waste DEMS: you’re not even eating it, you’re just telling other people to eat it GOP: I had a big bowl earlier

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Holland 🍄 ()

@himbo_buck @oliverstarkk wouldn’t this make his hands wet with dressing? does he just eat lettuce without dressing?

Variant King - 💙GasaiV💙 ()

I just looked up can gays eat avocados for NO reason, like why TF did my brain just do that.

Key ()

Lol atp shorty a demon cause i just got ice cream served with a fork ☠️ and ion even eat food with forks lol

Fulltime jungkook lovebot 2.0 ()

not to mention we’d be getting those frequent aftershow lives where they just sit and eat dinner or sumn cute,,,,,, their little pictures of them exploring the cities,,,,, jungkook would probably be working on a new were living an actual nightmare rn

Bae💜 ()

Don’t like me but keep watching my page? girl if you wanna eat my coochie just say thatttttt

Banjo ()

@lipsoneric How many needy children could be fed with the amount of food this fuck must eat every day just to fuel his disgusting self. This is a look at todays republican repulsive retropates. Disgusting pig with a pinkie ring.

Dan Kim, 김명준 ()

Late night movie isn’t just for Junior. Now I apparently need to take her to the Crescent City to either open a restaurant, or just to eat beignets from the Garden District to the Quarter.

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Kittzilla | Heaven 💗 ()

I didn’t have an appetite for like 2 months and now its back and I just want to eat everything. 😣😣

Derick (デレック) ()

I just want a man who makes me feel cute after watching me eat an entire vegan cheeze pizza and vegan chikn tenders 💕

Giselle ()

waiting thirty minutes for food that I didn’t order nor am I gonna eat any of bc my family thinks I just sit around waiting for them to tell me to run errands

Cheston Stone ⭐️ ()

Suck me off or eat me out? What you going to do? 😈 or just go crazy and take it all! 😈🍆🍑 • • •

𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖊 🌈 ()

@taayylluuh I know! I feel like I’d love them😭 I’m just being a lil bitch😩 Oh no! Will make sure I eat before😂😅

🏳️‍🌈robyn🏳️‍🌈🕊 ()

so i just got home and it’s STORMING and i don’t wanna get out of my car so imma just chill in my car until it calms down and eat my food :)

Isa ()

my dad made homemade baked mac n cheese for me bc i told him i was craving it and bc i’ve been struggling w meals he said “ok anything you crave n feel like you can eat tell me and i’ll get it or make it for you i just want you to succeed” i’m: crying.

SassQuash ()

@LandseerNewfie @IMontoyaResists It’s just like Nero fiddled while Rome burned or let them eat cake. Don’t worry neither ended well and so will go tRump.

Tanekron / Love you 3000 ()

@orceman2 @Shine_McShine Al menos la relación laboral es más legal que con las otras empreas. Por lo que estaba ahora leyendo, parece que le modelo de Just eat es mixto. A los restaurantes que no tienen reparto propio les ofrecen hacerse cargo de la logistica.

「Hollow」Buibess ()

i started wondering if noishe has sharp teeth (or teeth at all? what does he eat?) does he? we just dont know. what i do know is if he unhinged his jaw like this it would look very cursed

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Aster ()

R U KIDDING ME I WAS PLAYING TOUHOU AND I WENT TO GO EAT AND WHEN I COME BACK IM ON THE FUCKING GAME OVER SCREEN??????????????? i think i just beat patchouli im gonna try to beat the game again -_-

AJ ()

@mrdrewofficial I just came to eat @stonebwoyb she say make I come but some oldman dey enter am

Just eat Foto

Fantina the Ghost Trainer ()

@blossomoflust She nodded slowly with a nervous smile. It seemed so weird to be talking so casually to the thing that had just tried to eat her, but Fantina had no choice. She had said she would do anything to not be eaten, and she had to wait and see what that was

— shawnmower . ()

@IiIIies_ this is a good point maybe we should do it like hey oomf have you eaten in the last 6 hours and just make sure eachother eat at some point

🦦 ()


Kathy Ann Jr ()

@PecinaNessa You should do @dannellamunoz workout the tight tummy! It’s so good and just watch what you eat the link is in her bio

Xel-ha ✿ ()

I just woke up my lizard from his slumber, to feed me thinking that I had a lot of worms for him, I only had two left. ( usually I feed him about 10) So now Miso ( my lizard ) is mad, why? 1. He didn’t eat a lot 2. I woke him up.

Deyonce ()

Imagine trying to work up an appetite but you can’t smell or taste your food. 😒 you just imagining the shit is good and it’s probably disgusting. I eat maybe once a day at this point.

Natalie ()

can we talk abt how ethan’s just gonna be taking shots of white claw while mark only has to eat peanut butter??? 💀💀

K ()

bro sometimes i eat so much and i’m like do u even have an ed or are you just faking and then i cry about the food i ate later so maybe lmao

Madelyn Cline ()

I like panda bears. They just roll around and eat and i feel that.

Jake Maccoby ()

TRUMP: eat nuclear waste GOP: nuclear waste is delicious DEMS: do not eat nuclear waste GOP: how dare you infringe on my right to eat nuclear waste DEMS: you’re not even eating it, you’re just telling other people to eat it GOP: I had a big bowl earlier

Ashnikko ()

my man was going to the gas station to get snacks and asked if I wanted anything and I said no and he got me stuff anyways cuz he knew I was just gonna eat his if he didn’t 🥺🥺💕💕💕💕

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