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Kanye wanted me to let everyone know that his Twitter account has been locked out by the Twitter Gods. #FreeKanye

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JHB3 #BLM ()

Please dont let this flop Kanye discog ranking imo: 10s: MBDTF, LR, KSG 9s: TLOP, TCD 8s:Ye, 7s: Grad (strong 7), Yzs (light 7) : JIK, 808s 6: WTT

DistroKid ()

Kanye is literally describing DistroKid right now on his tweet storm but doesn’t even know 😂 😭 ❤️ 🙏

Andrew Barber
Andrew Barber ()

Kanye West’s ‘Ten Beat Commandments’ - The Source Magazine (October, 2002)

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MGCisawitch/Amalia Vairelli stan account
MGCisawitch/Amalia Vairelli stan account ()

2-5 years they are categorised as a “trend”. But rn I would say the only one who has mobilised everyone and their mother to dress in a certain manner is Kanye West.

Tan Raven 🦉
Tan Raven 🦉 ()

@visakanv I once heard that Kanye listens to his own albums when he has company over. Similar vibe

Heathen King
Heathen King ()

one thing i’ll say about this whole kanye is he’s 100% correct, on these music contracts from every it’s literally the reason i stopped making beats/music, too much bullshit to deal with.

La Sopa.Com
La Sopa.Com ()

#Escándalos | ¡YA SE PASÓ! El grotesco video de Kanye West con uno de sus Grammy .- &&

HotNewHipHop ()

The rapper also publicly endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Mighty Joe Young #MakeGoodTrouble #BidenHarris2020
Mighty Joe Young #MakeGoodTrouble #BidenHarris2020 ()

We Talked to Kanye West About His Perplexing 2020 Run It is insulting and racist for @TeamTrump to think Black voters are going to vote for the epidome of human trash just because he is black. I am white and would NEVER vote for @realDonaldTrump #FBR

Vini ()

NOSTALGIC EH DIVERSIFICADO belieber arianator fã da shania twain fa do kanye love swiftie fã do post malone selenator fã do stephen curry fã da gaga fã da lauren fã do jaden fã do bruno mars conta pessoal fã do coldplay katycat fã da doja cat anitter lanafã avocado crybaby

Kearee🌙 Δ
Kearee🌙 Δ ()

i’m a fuckign boomer if the replies are wonky and in wrong places i’m doing my Kanye best, pls forgib me

reclame aqui
Reclame aqui ()

Kanye, eu dou bipolar tbm, you have a point mas se vc não se tratar, ngm vai te lavar a sério Eh isto, se cuide Bjs da Ana V

Young Ultra♕
Young Ultra♕ ()

As a musician, that tweet of Kanye pissing on the Grammy has me traumatized I won’t lie

Paul Joseph Watson
Paul Joseph Watson ()

Kanye: I can’t be muted or cancelled so I’m going to say everything as always. Twitter: Your account has been locked.

Flower Girl London
Flower Girl London ()

@lorrainemking Defo. Kanye is a bigot too, how he’s got away with some of his religious misogyny is 🤯 Can’t believe Davidson is even on here, just had a scroll through and it’s a disgrace. His generation of men are to blame for most of the nastiness in the UK. Never found him funny. Vile man.

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

Kanye wanted me to let everyone know that his Twitter account has been locked out by the Twitter Gods. #FreeKanye

Tyler ()

I don’t get the Taylor Swift fans arguing with Kanye fans over @kanyewest’s tweets regarding his masters and UMG. Taylor has also been very vocal about her views against these corporations. Ye/Swift have a common goal and viewpoint. Imagine the impact they could make 🤯

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Brezzzzy😈 ()

@Struggle_Tweet Kanye the type of mf to have screenshot from 2014 saved just in case 😭😂

ً ()

Kanye was literally irrelevant before Taylor and he’s going back to being irrelevant now too ☠️☠️☠️

Tweetmugz ()

@kanyewest Show Karen at the office what you think with one of these

Skinny-fit Qenny
Skinny-fit Qenny ()

So Kanye has been trying to get dropped from his music publisher this whole time . . . 🤔🤔🤔

Matt Morelli
Matt Morelli ()

@kanyewest October 15th the fans are joining the fight we got your back Kanye! A protest/march from universal to sony for artists freedom! #FreeYe

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Lady Al Orah (SIMBA)
Lady Al Orah (SIMBA) ()

I really thought Cardi and Offset could cope with their flaws to give perfect relationship goals same with Kim and Kanye, I know Queen Beyoncé has endured a lot buh if she ever thought of doing this, then I give up totally.

James Tyson 🌹
James Tyson 🌹 ()

@tommyspearss @kanyewest Lmao anyone who knows anything about the music industry already knew about its corruption. Kanye ain’t the first person to shine a light on it

Hot Cakes 🥞
Hot Cakes 🥞 ()

@SaintscIit @feeIlikepabIo2 Taylor’s albums have better writing and better creativity. Reputation has nothing to do with Kanye and isn’t a top 3 Taylor album. Taylor has sold more than double the amount of Kanye her impact is everywhere in pop

Erwan ()

Ce tweet m’explose 😭 Kanye il va taper sa meilleur discute avec Bolloré ça va être du très haut niveau

ᴊᴀʏ 
ᴊᴀʏ  ()

@hh_hotcakes @feeIlikepabIo2 Taylor’s albums don’t have Kanye’s production and creativity level. The only one that comes close is reputation and that’s Kanye’s impact😹

electryz 🧃
Electryz 🧃 ()

top 5 rappers imo (in no order): A Boogie Tyler the Creator Kanye Saba Freddie Dredd any similarities? if u know Saba i love u sm

look at my pinned tweet
Look at my pinned tweet ()

Amidst the Chaos by Sara Bareilles College Dropout by Kanye West Mariah Carey by Mariah Carey Whitney Houston by Whitney Houston A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion Shawn Mendes Live at Madison Square Gardens I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At the Disco

Twitter Data
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Top 5 most Tweeted about artists of quarantine 🎶 1️⃣ BTS 2️⃣ Kanye West 3️⃣ Beyonce 4️⃣ Drake 5️⃣ Megan Thee Stallion

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