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2016—Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City 2016—Liverpool 1-0 Manchester City 2018—Liverpool 4-3 Manchester City 2018—Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City 2019—Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City It’s another nightmare at Anfield for City 😱.

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@2010MisterChip Lo entiendo amigo, pero si ganan, ganan Klopp o el Pep y si pierden, pierden el Liverpool o el City. Son importantes sin duda, pero, insisto, los que ganan o pierden, hacen o fallan goles, son los jugadores no los DT. A eso me refería. Te mando un fuerte abrazo.

Don’t let these “all Liverpool fans” tweets get to you man. Unless someone is specifically talking about you then don’t give em a reaction.

Sterling out of the England game which means Joe Gomez has got in his head along with the rest of Liverpool. You love to see it..

@twe_tim @charlieskill 😂 Liverpool are going to send Pep to an asylum where he will spend the rest of his days scrawling LFC and VAR on to the walls of his padded cell using his own faeces..

What are people on about? Mourinho is spot on in his statement about Chelsea! We‘ve lost to United twice, Liverpool twice as well even if one was on pens and bottled a lead against Leicester. Plus the game against Ajax. Great comeback of course, but ... 1/4.

Only team to take points off Liverpool in 21 PL games, only team to beat Leicester whilst keeping a clean sheet, beaten Chelsea home and away scoring 6 goals. It’s not all bad. Remember Liverpool a few years ago doing well in big games but dropping too many points vs fodder..

Souness: One of those Liverpool players will get a muscle injury over the busy period. Lallana:.

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Liverpool sizce 30 sene sonra ligde tekrar şampiyon olabilecek mi ?.

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While Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, even Bayern Munich, have all moved with the times and transitioned into the modern era of football, Arsenal, despite moving into a new stadium several years ago, undeniably remain behind in every sense of the word #AFC.

Random football thought. Whats interesting about the modern game - compared to when I first starting watching it 1987/88-ish - especially when you look at Klopp’s Liverpool is that: the full-backs are now the wingers and the wingers are now the forwards..

Hendo’s acting has improved massively in the past 4 years. Make another “Liverpool FC players attempt iconic Hollywood movie quotes” video and focus mainly on Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Avengers movies @LFC pls 👀👀👀👀👀👀.

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🗣 Gary Neville: Liverpool are playing Premier League title-winning football and have been for the last 18 months. 🌟 The Reds are now at their lowest market price of 2/5 to win the league this.

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The last manager to beat Liverpool at Anfield in the league you ask? That would be this man in April #LargeSamuel 😂.

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Jose needs to 🤐 Man U was a freak result when team werent ready yet. Liverpool two set piece goals, we were better team & should of at least drew. Ajax 2 freak own goals from Fks & crazy match. Went to Ajax, deservedly won & drew Super cup vs Liverpool where tactics were spoton.

@GaryCregs @SkySportsNews No one are getting the decisions. Lundstram being one this week, the Son red card last week and there’s more I can’t think off. Regardless off all that nonsense you’re right Liverpool win that game either way. Just a matter of catching up now..

@msaid_didu liverpool memang main nya bagus malam itu dan mcity banyak membuang peluang mencetak Terima saja hasilnya dan jangan mencari alasan.

@up_arsenal Just imagine Brendan Rogers winning the premier and taking it away from Liverpool..

Football NARRATIVE. At Villa Park last week, Liverpool were denied two barely discussed penalties and had a goal FAIRLY ruled out in accordance with the new rules because Firmino’s armpit hair had strayed beyond the last defender. They found a way to win. Lucky again, I guess..

Liverpool are eight points clear at the top of the Premier League and this has made some people really angry..

@tomtebon @BurryVE1 Läste att Liverpool aldrig förlorat i ligan när Fabinho startat. 50 raka. Sjukt..

@khushp13 I meant obviously he got more pay check + playtime , liverpool apparently couldn’t ensure regular play.

Problem is. VAR rule out a Liverpool goal or give a pen to the opposing team. Half the media are Liverpool biased in some way and rip it to shreds. The fans are awful. It becomes back page news. Rule out a Aston Villa and it gets 20 seconds on match of the day. Nothing more said.

@premierleague Once CAS intervenes we’ll make the Prem competitive again. Until then, gg Liverpool..

2016—Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City 2016—Liverpool 1-0 Manchester City 2018—Liverpool 4-3 Manchester City 2018—Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City 2019—Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City It’s another nightmare at Anfield for City 😱.

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@Roldan__KR Hazard siempre ha hecho partidazos contra el Liverpool de Klopp 👀.

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