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McTominay, Fred and Maguire. The triumvirate of doom. What have we done to deserve this?.

Brown fizzes with more ideas and energy than any other British politician on how to dampen soaring fuel bills and cool the cost of living crisis. Including in his own party..

The Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer on holiday when the economy is in free fall is today’s ⁦@DailyMirror⁩ front page..

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There is a reason why Pep sent over 10 players out of Man City in his first season. If Ten Hag feels he still wants to stick with Maguire, Shaw, McTominay, Rashford, Martial and the likes, that’s on him. I’m not interested..


Including add-ons, the most expensive back four in Premier League history: ◉ RB: João Cancelo (£60m) ◉ CB: Harry Maguire (£80m) ◉ CB: Virgil van Dijk (£75m) ◉ LB: Marc Cucurella (£62m) £277,000,000. 🤑.

Dustbowl UK The drought and hosepipe bans - as Fat Cat privatised water companies in England lose billions of litres a day from leaks - is today’s @DailyMirror front page..

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Well look what we have here 😆 A Conservative Party rolling in roubles and Fat Cat cash requires members to buy a stamp to vote by post. For the avoidance of any doubt I’m in the excluded but visiting one of the about to impose a new PM without a General Election..

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MUITO FÃ! 💙 A assistente pessoal de Kylie Jenner, Maguire Amudsen, acompanhou o show de Travis e o casal durante toda essa semana. Maguire publicou alguns registros do show de Travis em Londres, e usando o respectivo tênis colaborativo do rapper com a legenda Goosebumps..

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Såg om matchen Man United-Brighton idag. Spelar liksom ingen roll vad Erik Ten Haag gör taktiskt eller värvar offensivt om han måste eller väljer att starta med Fred-Mctominay samt placera ett kylskåp i Maguire i mittlåset. Det är för dåliga spelare helt enkelt..

@coimbrasousa O quarto da esquerda pra direita é o Tobey Maguire baiano e eu posso provar.

And then on the flip side we have fans who won’t give praise. Martinez and Eriksen were 2 of our better players but how can you include Martinez and say he did well, whilst not saying the same for Maguire 😂.

Tradean en agosto?, les falta un par de ks para alguna carta o sbc falopa? Compren: Azpilicueta 3,1k Rudiger 3,1k Trippier 4,2k Maguire 4,6k Listan 2-2,5k arriba a la hora de contenido mñn.

every time maguire does something braindead i think of this image 💀.

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@idextratime De gea : Kita itu harusnya sebelah sini. Maguire :.

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@Kevin_Maguire Why do you think there is ANYTHING? This is just another witch hunt being carried out by the authorities against a politician who’s popularity terrifies them. A bit like the one carried out against Boris Johnson..

EPL: Maguire criticizes Man Utd stars, gives verdict on Martinez after defeat to Brighton.

@MchelseaTz Kwahiyo Maguire akipiga poor pasi ni DDG ? Scott akipoteza pasi ambayo tunapigwa counter kufungwa ni DDG ? So any individual error kwa mchezaji mwingine na tukifungwa ni DDG ?.

Se lo United prende rabiot ci da soldi e riusciamo a prendere il sergente compro la maglia di Maguire.

Maguire🎙: ”I’ve always liked Messi, hes my favorit player but now that i’ve played with Ronaldo i want to say thank god that i’m a Messi fan.”.

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Yanlış bir düşünce İngiltere’de taşak oğlanı olan ve itin götüne sokulan Maguire bizim lige gelse hayvan gibi top oynayabilir hatta Kim’i cebinden çıkarır.

@idextratime De Gea udah kayak mau ngajak brantem Maguire 😂..

@George_Ambangil Deano is more modern Gk tunajua na hilo hata sisi tunasemaga lakin mbona kwa wachezaji wao pendwa hawasemi ? Baily is far better than Maguire lakin hatujawah kumskia akisena hilo! Ongea na mwanao kaka anazingua 😂.

@George_Ambangil De Gea kutokuwa confortable na mpira kunafanya mabeki nao kucheza vibaya, mfano Maguire anakuwa muoga kurudisha pasi kwa DDG ambayo ingekuwa salama badala yake anapiga risk pass kwa MF, core problem ya UTD ni DDG na viungo wa chini sio Maguire.

Thought Maguire looked good yesterday. Pinging outside of the boot passes across the pitch. He was getting some remarkable stick from the Irish lads behind us for not performing tasks that would have been physically impossible, which seemed harsh tbh..

Welcome to the PL & English media ETH, keep picking the likes of Maguire co, pressure will build & you will be sacked!.

truly there’s power in the tongue, try speak positive things into your life and see them manifest in no time, it ain’t even aspire to Maguire talks.

@MrTomMcDermott Nobody watched that game yesterday and said Maguire should be anywhere near this team. Just based off EtH’s philosophy for his CB’s.

One day maguire will retire and a stand at old Trafford will be named after him the maguire stand 🤦‍♂️.


@yas_moella @linceKDG61 Maguire il est de la famille royale je vous dis😂 sinon je vois pas d’autres explications.

@NelsonQ_Tau Because remember Maguire is a 80m investment in their eyes, Rashford is the face of United, for PR reasons he worth much more, he represents an idea that a young boy that grew up down the road became the star of the biggest team, hence Mac born and bred garbage.

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