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In less than 3 month, Mariupol, one of Ukraine’s fastest developing & comfortable cities, was reduced into a heap of charred ruins smelling death, with thousands of people standing in long breadlines and selling their properties out to buy some food. Less than 3 months..

This is a photo from #Mariupol. People bury their friends and relatives just in their yards. There are hundreds (thousands?) of them across the destroyed city. And thousands of civilians are buried in mass graves. 📸 Mariupol city council..

Mariupol Foto,Mariupol Foto by katerina sergatskova,katerina sergatskova on twitter tweets Mariupol Foto

Bộ chỉ huy quân sự Ukraine cho biết nhiệm vụ bảo vệ nhà máy thép Azovstal bị bao vây bởi những người anh hùng của thời đại chúng ta ở cảng Mariupol chiến lược đã kết thúc và cam kết giải cứu các quân nhân còn mắc kẹt bên trong..

@joan_catlliure Un altre tarat pro-Putin. Amb aquesta tropa independentista, no feia l’independència ni Winston Churchill Els soldats ucranians a Azovstal no han violat ni matat nenes com els russos a Bucha. Els morts a Mariupol, com atacant, són de Putin tots..


@IAPonomarenko Yes, the Russian rescues Azov from mariupol to face the firing squad. And Russian already run out of missiles..

𝐆𝐔𝐀𝐑𝐃𝐈𝐀𝐍 World: Russia-Ukraine war: bloodiest battle ends as Ukrainian fighters evacuated from Mariupol steel plant – live |.

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Comienza la evacuación de soldados ucranianos de la fábrica de #Mariupol.

#UkrinformNetNEWs #Mariupol garrison “has fulfilled its combat mission” - General Staff.

Ukraine ends fight for Mariupol, evacuates Azovstal and cedes control of city to Russia.

📢 Ukraine has said the last defenders of Mariupol have fulfilled their combat mission and are being evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant..

@Angle8964 @majuismail1122 Siberian prison for life. #AzovstaI #Mariupol.

«Help Ukraine, Mariupol, help Azovstal right now!» — Oleg Psyuk, the soloist of the band Kalush Orchestra, turned back from the stage of Eurovision 2022 final in Turin..

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@LouiseMensch @KonstantinIGav1 Yes the did not surrendered, they justended their combat mission in Mariupol. What is the reason to deny reality? 😀 It is normal surrender.

@GalileoArms Y voló! Uns consulta. Dicen que van a utilizar a prisioneros de guerra Nazis Ucranianos para reconstruir la nueva ciudad dd Mariupol. ¿Eso esta acorde con la convención de Ginebra?.

If the brave Orthodox Christian Soldiers Of Azov in Mariupol get murdered because of some numb nuts in the Military High Command Of Ukraine saying trust the Russians then they were right in their 2nd to last video opening up about the government. 1/2.

A day after Finland applied for NATO membership, neighbor Sweden looked to make its own historic application.       .

यूक्रेनी सैनिकों ने मारियुपोल के अज़ोवस्टल स्टील प्लांट में हथियार डाले.

They say that for the evacuees from #Azovstal #Mariupol are preparing a colony in Makiivka. Well, they have to live somewhere. Conditions in the colony are much better than in the filtration camp. Walks, books, gym, better food, parcels, letters, maybe dates ;) with family..

Los 265 nacionalistas se rindieron, no hubo negociación con Ucrania, como dijo Zelenski, revela el vocero del ministerio de defensa ruso. El ejército ruso logró cercar la ciudad de Mariúpol y los nacionalistas y tropas se protegieron en Azovstal, con cientos de civiles de escudos.

Mikhailo Podolyak said that the feat of the defenders of #Mariupol changed the course of the war..

More than 250 Ukrainian troops surrender as Kyiv orders Mariupol to yield.

The surrender apparently signifies the end of the battle of Mariupol, where Kyiv says that tens of thousands of people were killed under months of Russian siege. #Kyiv #Mariupol.

By March 23 it was clear that Mariupol will fall but #Zelensky insisted on fighting. Today Azov battalion surrendered and he calls it evacuation. And most media buys in this Newspek..

@maria_avdv haha The end always matters and not the lost Azovstal and all of Mariupol belongs to Russia. Thank mercy for letting neo-Nazis out wounded and soldiers alive. History only remembers the.

La planta Azovstal es el último lugar de concentración de las fuerzas ucranianas en Mariúpol, ciudad situada en la costa del mar de Azov, en el sureste de Ucrania, liberada por los militares de Rusia y la República Popular de Donetsk en abril..

Hundreds of Ukrainian troops evacuated from Mariupol steelworks after 82-day assault | Ukraine | The Guardian.

‘The surrender appears to mark the end of the #BattleOfMariupol, where Ukraine believes tens of thousands of people were killed under months of Russian bombardment and siege.’.

@joncoopertweets #Azovstal, #Azovstalsteelplant Ukrainian Neo-Nazi led resistance at Mariupol has ended with the surrender and evacuation of the Azov fighters to Russian controlled territory. Interrogation & punishment is sure to follow!.

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The defenders of Mariupol are in grave danger. Speaker of the State Duma of 🇷🇺 Vyacheslav Volodin said that “the defenders of Mariupol cannot be exchanged, they must stand trial.” He said that endorsing the proposal of the deputy Anatoly Wasserman.

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