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No better feeling than a win under the lights 🔥 Much better from us tonight, fans were class as always 🔴🕸 #AWB #MUFC.

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Today Manchester utd fan are gonna be so proud they won but excitement end the min they take a look at the premier league table which number they are ? #MUFC.

Son (), you are making us all proud (not only the boss) #MUFC.

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@hocelto al je pravilo da se ljudi čuju preko storija hahaha ko e ta legenda koja je to ustanovila.

No better feeling than a win under the lights 🔥 Much better from us tonight, fans were class as always 🔴🕸 #AWB #MUFC.

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Heading into the last fifteen minutes, we can never see a game out, surely time for Phil Jones to come on and put it through the back of our net #Mufc.

💪 @MarcusRashford picks up his first #MUFC Player of the Month award of the campaign 🏅.

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Since Solskjaer was appointed permanent manager, Manchester United have won only 6 times in 22 league games. Not good enough! #MUFC.

@sophkelly28 This ain’t it chief we’re not Scottish we are fully Irish, my country isn’t ruled by the queen. Actually come to think of it neither is there’s cos she’s dead lol.

Ole getting all the hate when the Glazers, the board and Ed Woodward are out there continuing the process of destroying our club. #MUFC #1MUN.

The Queen when she checks the news about her tom morning.

I’ve defended Solskjaer all year. I said last week if he doesn’t learn from his mistakes it’s going to be a problem. He didn’t learn and now he’s skating on very thin ice #MUFC.

That ref handled this match like a derby/final. He overlooked way too many fouls.#MUFC.

Come on #MUFC_FAMILY you know what to do 👇🏼give him a follow.

@Mufc_Sarah He’s won 7 out of 33 matches since he was given the job,he’s just totally out of his depth and tactically inept.

@reshmikasingh The only thing OLE did right today is sub seen such a lazy player like him to be shown Firmino videos how hard he works for the FC is happy when he scores a screamer but for me should never be in a 11 every game #MUFC.

It almost feels like the owners have decided to stop spending on the team, cut the wages down (Herrera, Fellaini, Lukaku not replaced) and allow us to become mid-table and still make a profit. They literally have no respect for the history of the club they bought with debt. Scum..

We are not playing like a team desperate to make top 4. We are playing like a team comfortable in the knowledge that they are into the knock out stages of the Europa league. There is no sense of urgency. If we get knocked out of that contest, bye bye Ole #MUFC.

@GNev2 Gary you’re one of the reason man utd are this far behind top teams. Such a useless c*nt🖕.

عصام الشوالي ماكذب قبل شوي يتكلم عن مانشستر يقولك هذولا لاعبين مانشستر اكبر منهم و مستواهم متوسط و اقل كمان ممكن يفوزونك بمباريات بس مايجيبون القاب .. #mufc.

Shaw isn’t going to have a stroke or cardiac arrest or other health related issues, is he?.

A quoi bon créer des décalages y a personne pour reprendre les #MUFC #MUAVL.

Greenwood; get the fucking kid on! He’s a poacher and we need a goal. I’ve given up, Ole has broken me. @ManUtd #MUFC.

#MUNAVL This man want to score goals and Mason Greenwood is on the bench and Lingard is on . What a team 🤷‍♀️#Mufc.

فريد اسم على مسمى الخرا اللي ينثره فالميدان فريد من نوعه.

The amount of over-emotional sentimental old fools on this platform is truly remarkable! Imagine interpreting genuine, justified criticism of a manager performing incompetently as ‘abuse’ or him being ‘attacked’? Fanbase is in an absolute state. 😔 #MUFC #MUNAVL.

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