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Your first look at Fortnite gameplay captured in #UE4 on PlayStation 5 👀 Play free on launch day, and carry your progression and purchases with you!

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Grungyumyungsum ()

@om_eye_goodness Beethoven. only violin and piano. It’s amazing. They based the whole movie “immortal beloved” around at this piece. The way both instruments go back&forth, each one filling in and dancing around the other. play it loud w/headphones

##candice ☺︎ hq purge au 📌
##candice ☺︎ hq purge au 📌 ()

@DINOTSUKKIK @iwaxumi they got greedy and want to play in matches,,, take note there were 4 killers, 5 if u want to include ukai and kinoshita and narita would make them 6 which is the minimum number of players for vball :>

CroquetasGamer ()

Supongo que de los juegos a 80$ de la play 5 es unicamente para los exclusivos, digo yo. No me imagino que un mismo juego cueste 80 en play y 60 en xbox o pc

Candrés Peredo
Candrés Peredo ()

Kunno se retira de las redes! Kanye West enloquece en Twitter! Virologa China publica la verdad del virus! Play Station 5 Digital!? Gigi Hadid y Zayn Malik son papas!

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🖤Sarah Smiles OF $5🖤
🖤Sarah Smiles OF $5🖤 ()

@lolafromOF @peachiefuzz21 Come play with me💦 $5 Onlyfans! No ppv ever! Daily uploads! Link in bio💖💖

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Play time increased weekly by hrs compared to the same period in 2019 among players aged 6-64 years old. However, most players resumed their usual playtime as lockdown eased. #covid19 #videogames

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Mo⁷:| ()

daily routine is literally wake up at 1pm, play sims till 5, talk to my mom when she gets home, go back to sims, eat at like 10pm & then play apex & dbd with irls until 3am, rinse repeat, depression

KXGspartan189 ()

@SMMBody1ToldMe @IGN This isnt really gamepass. Its more like xbox gold as it isnt a seperate subscription from what you pay to play online and isnt increasing the cost of ps plus. This is a great addition for people who didnt buy a ps4. I agree that for people upgrading from 4 to 5 it doesnt do much

Captain V̸͞͞ ̧͞I͘ ̷͟C̷͏͘͞
Captain V̸͞͞ ̧͞I͘ ̷͟C̷͏͘͞ ()

@meatlowf literally yeah i usually dont play comp and i forgot why unitl today. its just like,,,, glad i spent 5 hours to get nowhere yk

Said ()

Es impresionante la tecnología como cambia conforme al tiempo y a las necesidades. El precio ee un Play Station 1 era de unos 1000 o 2000 pesos y el precio del Play 5 es de 11,000 pesos. #PlayStation5 #PlayStation

TonyV🔴🟡 ()

Pourquoi la play 5 coûte plus chère sans CD? Celle avec CD on peut pas télécharger de jeu!??

RM ()

El Lauti dijo que no se iba a comprar la play 5, hagan sus apuestas, en cuanto tiempo deja caer su mentira:

Trade Master🇺🇦
Trade Master🇺🇦 ()

@megAlex19 @YouTube The thing is that you will get your coins instantly when you did play 5 calibration games

Warx ()

@Blass_cr @3djuegos Yo soy de xbox y esta mejor la play 5 que la series x

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Had some fun streaming the #MTGZendikar Early Access thank to @wizards_magic and @MTG_Arena. Play some 5-color Party in draft and brewed GW and BG Counters, No Land Control and some Temur Terror of the Peaks. This set looks sweet. Stay tuned for more content via yours truely.


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Hilary👼🏽 ()

Así quedan los manes que montan indirectas pa que alguien le regale el play 5 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣

Lucas ()

Fazendo os cálculos se eu vender o switch e o play (cada um por o que? Uns 1700 cada?) eu vou precisar de 1500 pra completar o PlayStation 5 e aí meu pai eterno

Bobby Duncan’s Chin
Bobby Duncan’s Chin ()

Want to play with #’s, Trump? If you take out FL, TX, GA, AR & LA (all “red” states) and add them up - there are only 3 other countries in the world that have more COVID deaths than those 5 states. Play with #’s & what ifs all he wants, but there’s no escaping 200k~ deaths.

Yo ()

@AndyBorjas 🥺 Quiero mi Play Station 5 de navidad con Horizon Forbidden West. 🥰😃

Efe ()

La play 5 va a salir entre y pesos, me meto en un par de planes y en unos meses ya tengo play. (Obvio que es humor)

🧙‍♂️ ()

@KeorGE_ I dont play the game i dont try for $5 lmao i was running up mid while you are backspawn with a icr plz rechall me ur max good boy

Esteban ()

Osea que acá en Argentina la play 5 costará alrededor de $ pesos si no me equivoco ..

brain rot
Brain rot ()

hey ! does anyone wanna play among us with me and nier ? we need at least 2-5 more people !

네이버 "보람티켓" 검색 {O1O-4497-3866} 보람티켓ⓒB1109 ()

빠른진행~5분이내입금 O1O-4497-3866 ( 카톡: a3866 ) holy 신용카드현금 play 구글기프트매입 succeed 신용카드현금화 print 콘텐츠이용료현금화 temple 휴대폰핸드폰모바일소액결제현금 basis 구글정보이용료현금화 defend 카드한도현금화 feel

Anna Vick
Anna Vick ()

Ser mãe e estar de quarentena é uma loucura. @PlayStation_BR me patrocina aí com um play 5 pra eu ter momentos de lazer e descanso nessa vida 😂😂😂

maddy h.
Maddy h. ()

I’m so ticked rn because I want to play the new HP game but I can’t because JKR WON’T STFU with the hate!!!!!! She has completely ruined one of my favorite series, slowly and then more quickly for the past 5+ years.

Tahj🧛🏾🖤 ()

@PlayoffDre bout any old wayne song from 10-11 years ago me and my brother would play the same like 5 games in and he’d play music off YT on a different tab

Lautaro ()

En vez de comprarme la play 5 me voy a comprar un semirrigido para ir a pescar lo estoy diciendo de verdad

Fortnite ()

Your first look at Fortnite gameplay captured in #UE4 on PlayStation 5 👀 Play free on launch day, and carry your progression and purchases with you!

☚ betis #babyyodaenfnac ☛
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