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There’s a secret I’ve been keeping in since we filmed episode 4 that is FINALLY out TONIGHT!! Two new episodes of #plloriginalsin on @hbomax !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

🅰️ lot has already happened on #PLLOriginalSin. New episodes drop tomorrow on @HBOMax..

Head on over to @PLLonMax Tik Tok account!!!! I’ll be going live with @ChandlerLKinney !! #tabogen IS HERE FOLKS!! #plloriginalsin.

TONIGHT our little liars!!!! @PLLonMax SO excited to live tweet with all of you!!!!!! Head over to @hbomax and we’ll all press play together at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT !! The cast and I are soooo excited to live tweet through episodes 4 & 5 with 🅰️LL of you!! #PLLOriginalSin #plloschat.

#PLLOriginalSin Foto,#PLLOriginalSin Foto by Bailee Madison,Bailee Madison on twitter tweets #PLLOriginalSin Foto

Sam Raimi was referenced in the latest episode of #PLLOriginalSin..

#PLLOriginalSin Foto,#PLLOriginalSin Foto by Sam Raimi Updates,Sam Raimi Updates on twitter tweets #PLLOriginalSin Foto

“I’m a final girl. I’m a final girl” will be doing this whenever I’m in a sketchy situation from here on out #PLLOriginalSin.


now tabby with all the horror movies you watch you should know better than to mess with ouija boards 😭 #PLLOriginalSin.

i love that the core 5 actually feel like they all love each other down omg. casting crew went crazy #PLLOriginalSin.


If they cancel #PLLOriginalSin bc of this shit, imma throw hands.

#PLLOriginalSin Foto,#PLLOriginalSin Foto by Isi,Isi on twitter tweets #PLLOriginalSin Foto

noa running from 🅰️…DAYUM @maiareficco GO OFF YES MAAM #PLLOriginalSin.

It’s very appropriate that Tyler was a literal cartoon for Halloween. #PLLOriginalSin.

We are literally one of the most powerful fandoms out there. Good job everyone. #PLLOriginalSin.

Just finished episode 5 and next week episodes promo look insane, can’t wait for next week episodes! #PLLOriginalSin @BaileeMadison.

#PLLOriginalSin the girls have done it yet again. Each and every one of those 5 liars went into the set of PLL STARVINGGGGG….and then they ate down on camera !!! Cut the comparisons, this reboot is in the legendary lane!.

#PLLOriginalSin Review Season 1 Episodes 4 and 5: The (Fe)male Gaze / The Night He Came Home.

I see Noe mom has been blaming her drugs on other people since highschool #PLLOriginalSin.

if y’all didn’t know this was about tabby clocking tyler 🤭 #PLLOriginalSin.

The moms are horrible the way they treated Angela and it doesn’t sit right in my spirit. She deserved better #PLLOriginalSin.

#PLLOriginalSin Foto,#PLLOriginalSin Foto by M🅰️ritzas,M🅰️ritzas on twitter tweets #PLLOriginalSin Foto

I’m confused about who that man with mouse is? Like wtf is going on #PLLOriginalSin.


@maiareficco absolutely KILLED that scene, so amazing!! #PLLOriginalSin.

#PLLOriginalSin Foto,#PLLOriginalSin Foto by Isi,Isi on twitter tweets #PLLOriginalSin Foto

am i the only one who thinks Kennedy Walsh looks the Karen and Kelly from #PLLOriginalSin.

#PLLOriginalSin Foto,#PLLOriginalSin Foto by emily 💌,emily 💌 on twitter tweets #PLLOriginalSin Foto

a imogen arrumando aquela casa toda sozinha, alguém ajuda a grávida #PLLOriginalSin.


#PLLOriginalSin - - - - Ma la ragazza che ha urlato “si è uccisa” non ha visto che c’era A dietro di lei?.

bailee madison acted her ass off give her the appreciation she deserves @BaileeMadison #PLLOriginalSin.

and finally…my reaction to THAT scene…iykyk 👀 #PLLOriginalSin.

#PLLOriginalSin - - - - - - Quindi A ora ha ucciso Karen e ho due domande: 1. Perché quel messaggio in cui sembra insinuare che Karen facesse parte del gruppo di amiche quando non così? 2. Ma la sorella, Kelly o come si chiama, perché non stava lì?.

Time to rewatch #PLLOriginalSin episodes 4 and 5 and then rewatch from the beginning 😍. It’s that good..

Why do all the Girls aside from Farran feel like they’re in love woth each other I love that #PLLOriginalSin.

A NEEDS TO STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRLS LIKE IM SO SERIOUS. that whole scene with noa was excellent though, maia was acting her ass off @maiareficco #PLLOriginalSin.

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