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I think she wants you to get out. @PLLTVSeries @FreeformTV #PLLthePerfectionists.

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High fashion. High stakes. High Drama. #PLLThePerfectionists starts now on @FreeformTV, West Coast..

Why did Dana Brook bring Caitlin’s mom to see her in Hospital #PLLThePerfectionists.

Going down a sewer hole looking like perfection? We’re in. Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is all new tonight at 8/7c on @FreeformTV. #PLLThePerfectionists.

That makes sense, it was meant for Taylor, to help her #PLLThePerfectionists 😱.

The girls has always said they do their own stunts. @SashaPieterse conquered that roller coaster scene. #PLLthePerfectionists.

Taylor’s going psycho on Alison. And unfortunately, her phone battery’s dead. Should’ve invested in a battery-charging #PLLThePerfectionists.

That is really harsh for him to say that, did he know him personally? #PLLThePerfectionists 😬.

Ava is still really mad at Caitlyn, I can’t say I blame her #PLLThePerfectionists 😳.

@PLLTVSeries @FreeformTV ENJOY WEST COAST 🤫🤫🤫🤫 #PLLThePerfectionists.

Mona is about to get really fascinated about Ray. He may be the key to solve Nolan murder and who killed him. #PLLthePerfectionists.

What were doing when you were 15? - Ray Playing with my dolls and shoplifting with Hanna - Mona You can never take the girl out of Rosewood. #PLLthePerfectionists.

Taylor va a enamorar a Mona con su sabiduría tecnológica ahre #PLLThePerfectionists.

Mona is the ultimate A she managed to actually kidnap and keep Mary and Alex locked in a basement across the pond in Paris for how long? #PLLThePerfectionists.

Alison is not afraid of this kind of thing anymore! 😎💅🏻 #PLLThePerfectionists @SashaPieterse.

@SashaPieterse i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, no one could portray alison like you do. you are truly incredible. 7 years later and i still love her as much as i used to (perhaps even more) 💛 #PLLThePerfectionists.

@SashaPieterse @JanelParrish so now you’ve heard our favourite scenes to watch this week, maybe you could tell us your favourite scenes to shoot? you were both outstanding as always 💛 #PLLThePerfectionists.

HOT FROM TEAM TVF: #PLLThePerfectionists Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Patchwork Girl (via @realrayrays).

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@SashaPieterse #PLLThePerfectionists THIS EPISODE WAS FANTASTIC 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

This episode is on a whole new level #spookyAF #PLLThePerfectionists.

I Predicted That Anything That Mona Is Hiding Is Gonna Get Spilled In The Next Episode @JanelParrish #PLLThePerfectionists.

In the pilot mona said that Taylor was BHU’s only suicide but Ray said “his girl” jumped off the bridge and killed herself. #PLLThePerfectionists @imarleneking.

@iamsydneypark how did you film that scene ???? this really was WOW #PLLThePerfectionists.

I think she wants you to get out. @PLLTVSeries @FreeformTV #PLLthePerfectionists.

A little down time. A little time to take this selfie for you. #PLLThePerfectionists.

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Secrets have a way of keeping you close. Stream the first four episodes of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on @Hulu, , or On Demand before an all new episode tomorrow night. #PLLThePerfectionists.

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