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James Ward-Prowse against Spurs ☄️ (via @NBCSportsSoccer).

James Ward-Prowse hits a downward volley past Hugo Lloris! 🚀🔥 Southampton lead 1-0 against Tottenham..


@TheAnfieldTalk Can’t dribble in tight spaces can’t run. Is weak would get worked by any physical midfielder. Only has a good set piece on him and is English. This is Liverpool football club do u think city fans would be suggesting ward prowse?.

How is this 50/50??? How do you see our inability to retain possession and think Ward-Prowse is the man to solve that?.

#PremierLeague 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ✅ Los de Antonio Conte remontaron el tanto inicial de Ward-Prowse ✍️ La crónica.

A superb comeback instigated by the dazzling feet of Dejan Kulusevski ensured Tottenham recovered from the shock of falling behind to an early strike from James Ward-Prowse to record a convincing opening rout of Southampton. By @ed_aarons.

But are Southampton aware of the gold they have in James Ward-Prowse? The English midfield is a joy!!♥️🔥.

Skytteligan PL 2022/23 (new record) 5. Tammy A prowse ( bara frisparksmål) 🇺🇦 🫶🏼 🇸🇪🤙🏼🤙🏼 9. Miguel Angel Almrion Rejala 10. Saint Gucci 🤙🏼⚜️💰💸.

Vu à la fin du match : Agent Dier qui discute avec Ward-Prowse 🤔 @SouthamptonFCFR 🤔.

En los primeros minutos el Soton fue muy incisivo, pero no lograba llegar a puerta, cosa que cambia con el gol de Ward-Prowse a los 11 minutos, lo cuál no hace nada mas que despertar al Tottenham en donde Antonio sube líneas y realza el posicionamiento del equipo en campo rival,.

Ridículo um time desse tamanho se humilhar. Temos Fabian Ruiz, Ruben Neves e até o Ward-Prowse pra jogar na função. E a cada dia q passa qualquer um desses 3 nomes sobe o valor. Pq eles sabem q a gente tá sem volante e desesperado. Erik tá me dando um pouco de agonia nisso.

Ward-Prowse disappears all game and only pops up to score an absolute belter of a freekick. No thanks..

James ward prowse is banned from scoring from inside the 18yard box during open play..

Tottenham Hotspur 4-1 Southampton: 3️⃣ Dejan Kulusevski (MID - £) - Tottenham Hotspur 2️⃣ James Ward-Prowse (MID - £) - Southampton 1️⃣ Emerson Royal (DEF - £) - Tottenham Hotspur.

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Pedro Pascal, Brendan Wayne, and Lateef Crowder are the Mandalorian. The same way Sebastian Shaw, David Prowse, Bob Anderson and James Earl Jones all are Darth Vader in the OT.

Ward Prowse, Ndombele, Sangare or Gallagher please @AVFCOfficial any one of them Would do and improve our midfield by a mile!!! #avfc.

Primeiro tempo com a vitória parcial para o Tottenham conseguindo virar o placar depois de sair atrás do marcador com duas jogadas, uma de cada lado, saindo os gols, já pelo lado do Southampton atacando mais pela direita conseguindo o gol ali com Prowse no início! @SofaScoreBR.

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TOTTENHAM 4-1 SOUTHAMPTON ⚽ Ward-Prowse 12’ ⚽ Sessegnon 21’ ⚽ Dier 31’ ⚽ Karim 61’ (csc) ⚽ Kulusevski 63’ Première victoire remportée largement par les Spurs ! ✅.


James Ward Prowse needs to leave Southampton to join a top 6 club, he’s one of the most underrated players in the league..

Bueno a ver hagamos un resumen de todo: -liverpool empata. - Ward prowse mete gol, aunque pierden por diferencia de 3 (4 a 1). -el leeds remonta al wolves. -Chelsea le gana al equipo chico por la mínima -Mal debut del nottingham - Gerrard inicia con el pie izq. -BLACKBURN 1°.


If we sign a midfielder he at least has to be good lol Why would you suggest a bum like ward prowse.

If you’re wanting Ward-Prowse at this club you’re secretly an Everton fan wanting to ruin this club. I’m convinced.

@AnfieldEdition James Ward Prowse the guy has carried the saints for years and he’s 27 imagine what klopp could do with him.

Vale ressaltar a boa atuação de Ward-Prowse pelo lado do Southampton, não só pelo gol marcado a favor de seu time mas levando em conta os passes decisivos (3), eficiência nas bolas longas que efetuou, ganhando todos os duelos terrestres e ajudando nos desarmes (2)! @SofaScoreINT.

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@Captaincoby00 I so hope satire. Freeland will Kim Campbell the shit out of the Liberals..

@pinkfloyd I went to Keith Prowse and asked the guy. Do you have tickets for the PF show? Not for Saturday, he said. And for Friday? ... Yes I do. One please. I had not been in England for 24 hours yet, the first time in my life. I could not believe my luck..

#FPL the day before deadline I swapped out Ward-Prowse, Mitro Sessegnon and Son, that’s 20points gone straight away without including potential bonus points..

FT | Tottenham 4-1 Southampton ⚽️James Ward-Prowse ⚽️Ryan Sessegnon ⚽️Eric Dier ⚽️Own Goal (Mohammed Salisu) ⚽️Dejan Kulusevski A dominant Spurs performance gives Antonio Conte’s men a convincing opening victory 👊🏻⚪️.

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