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PlayStation 5 Showcase broadcasts live this Wednesday at 1pm Pacific Time:

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Karl Renar 3.5%
Karl Renar 3.5% ()

Hopes for the #PS5Showcase? Price, release date and #DemonsSouls confirmed as a launch title.

Universo PlayStation
Universo PlayStation ()

Como sería un nuevo Silent Hill, por un fan. Silent Hills PS5コンセプト Reveal Trailer PS5 a través de @YouTube #PS5ShowCase

PlayStation VR News
PlayStation VR News ()

11 hours to go and #PS5Showcase is already trending. The hunger feels insane right now. #PS5

Rox ()

Que ganas de PS5 😊. Mi porra 499€ y la segunda quincena de noviembre Y ojalá FFXVI, que ya toca! #PS5Showcase

GAME Cowley
GAME Cowley ()

@PlayStation fans as soon as 9pm hits tonight. #PS5Showcase #PlayStation5

(Luz)ifer. 🖤
(Luz)ifer. 🖤 ()

Yo con que digan que la PS5 digital son unos 399€ y que el juego de lanzamiento es el Demon Souls me conformo. #PS5Showcase

Respawning ()

With less than 12 hours to go until the #PS5Showcase, Mikey discusses what he thinks may go down tonight and makes some bold predictions along the way! #PS5

Valiant Attempt BLM
Valiant Attempt BLM ()

With the #PS5Showcase showcase being less than 12 hours away, I wanted to know: Which long dormant @PlayStation franchise would you like to see a Remake/ Reboot for? #PS5

Uchiha D. Tachi
Uchiha D. Tachi ()

Chavales, esta noche sobre las 21:30 directillo viendo el #PS5Showcase reaccionando a los precios y demás, venirse a ver como lloro por ser pobre

Dlocknload ()

Playstation 5 showcase tonight!! I am there !! Might just pick up snacks today 🤔🤔 get prepped for it #PlayStation5 #PS5Showcase

Captain {Sper}merica 🇱🇷
Captain {Sper}merica 🇱🇷 ()

Heute Monster Hunter World im #PS5Showcase und morgen Monster Hunter in der #NintendoDirectMini. Das wäre doch was.

Paet_zockt ()

#PS5Showcase Event heute Bin gespannt, ob wir endlich Verkaufsstarttermine erfahren. Und natürlich auch, welche Games vorgestellt werden

PlayStation Türkiye
PlayStation Türkiye ()

PlayStation 5 Showcase, bu çarşamba TSİ 23:00’de. Canlı yayında izle.

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PlayStation ()

PlayStation 5 Showcase broadcasts live this Wednesday at 1pm Pacific Time:

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