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I dunno what Rashford does in training for these grown men to allow him anywhere near set pieces 🤣 #hitandhope #MUFC.

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@SophRicho Jones young Smaillng Pogba Lingard Rashford this players played last night not good enough ps martial.

@WazzaEra @utdfemi If chances are created in numbers and not at a premium we can be okay with Lukaku and Rashford..

@markgoldbridge Even in the league, most of the teams pass the ball quite efficiently than manutd. Our weakened right side makes us even predictable. Quality players in the field will obviously improve average players like rashford. Its not some players fault that they are still at the club.

Lukaku and Rashford are brilliant on their day. Sanchez is stealing a living Martial is a fraud Lingard is nothing without Jose Pogba is inconsistent in everything he does. Are you world class or a fraud? Pick one, please. Jones/Smalling/Young - God help us🤦🏾‍♂️.

The difference bet. Arsenal and our other rivals fans are that if we lose one game, we criticise them for that day and encourage them to play if they fans totally on fire and tell Rashford is a crys. palace 😆😆😆😆😃😃 @AFTVMedia @TroopzAFC.

Ya really thought SmAlLdInI was going to stop MESSI bech ! Or did you thought that rashford is better than Dembele , Mbappe , Neymar , Salah , Hazard , Suarez or MESSI !! Or ya thought lingardINHO was better than Rakitic , Arthur!! Or fred is better than Busquets !!!!!.

@MartialTactixn Pogba’s standard is so high, if he doesn’t score or assist, he’s had a bad game lmao, if not for Rashford’s poor finishing he would have had an assist, that was a key pass as well, don’t remember Arthur or Rakitic giving one all game.

Realmente el club necesita salir a mercado y conseguir jugadores de calidad que hagan competir al equipo de nuevo, pero también deben de salir si o si jugadores como : Smalling, Jones, Young, Rashford, Mata, Ander, Matic, Rojo, Darmian, Pogba, Martial. Si casi todo el equipo..

Y una vez se equivoca en los cambios, o mejor dicho tarda en hacerlos, Rashford, Martial y Lingard hoy fueron nulos y a pesar de eso Ole los aguanto demasiado en cancha. Porque insiste en poner a Dalot de extremo, que terquedad del noruego..

Marcus Rashford recibe oferta millonaria para ir al Barcelona.

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@sooaresbruno_ que pergunta mais sem lógica, é claro que iria pqp. pará e renê colocariam tranquilamente salah/mané/rashford/dembele/messi no bolso.

Imagine being as talented as Rashford, Martial, Lingard, Pogba but then having to play with De Gea, Shaw, Smalling, Young and.

literally created a goal in the first minute of the game if only Rashford wasn’t a bottler we would’ve scored that and the game would’ve been in our hands.

@PaigeDTFAlways You belong on your knees getting that pale stupid face smacked with a fat cock over and over again.

Ahora más en frío(y otro admin)vamos con eso: -1 Era obvio el resultado viendo los que iniciaban, la idea inicial era buena, jugarle a la espalda de los centrales con Martial, Lingard y Rashford picando a las espaldas de los centrales con Pogba y Fred habilitando a los delanteros.

Just some thoughts after the game: Lukaku - is our best attacker never bench him despite his record in big games. Martial - Shit. Let him do his surgery ASAP it hurts to watch my boy play with one knee. Rashford - Bum Lingard - Useless Young - Terminate his contract.

@InvictosSomos Si se lo proponen, esta temporada ganan todo. Invictos, periodistas argentinos estan diciendo que Barcelona esta interesado en Rashford y el Manchester United pediría 120 millones de euros, ¿qué saben?..

@Patryk_Kowal17 Giving Sanchez 350K a week for doing nothing has seriously ruined you as now all your other players Herrera/rashford want the same.

@TitoBenach Alexis is 10x more the problem than Lukaku. Regardless Rashford is the much more promising striker so I have no problems with him being higher in the pecking order. But Sanchez getting the highest wages to do nothing is killing the squad.

Mourinho knew the cold hard truth about Rashford but he was overly chastised by British pundits for being ahead of the curve as always..

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BAR rashford 😂😂😂 of all players THAT shit cunt.

I dunno what Rashford does in training for these grown men to allow him anywhere near set pieces 🤣 #hitandhope #MUFC.

Difference between good and world-class forwards summed up in these first 15. Rashford has squandered two excellent openings and Messi makes a half-chance look like a tap-in. #mufc.

El United la tuvo en el punterazo de Rashford pero fue al larguero. Presión adelantada, movilidad arriba y Pogba protagonista en el centro del campo, otro United completamente.

Pogba and Rashford trying to be fancy and skillful against Barca is like trying to moonwalk next to MJ #BARMUN.

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