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.@spiceadams: I think Rudy can hold you to like 12 points. @SHAQ: the first 3 minutes! 😂 #TheBigPodcast:.

Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuits against attorneys Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani are ongoing, despite false claims that the cases had been resolved..

mehbooba and her mehboob going all DOOB DOOB in the insides, rudy is gonna have a sugarrush khikhihkih mereko boht excitement horahi khikhihki YHC HITS 650 #AbrarGun #RuSha.

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@MollyJongFast Faces I’d rather not see ever again: Musk, MTG, Rudy, Jordan, Trump of course… too many to list. Here’s a face to cleanse anyone’s timeline ❤️.

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The Academy promises to do a better job next year and, to insure a fair vote, they have appointed former NY mayor Rudy Guiliani to oversee their voting systems..

No hate on Giannis, but if Rudy was in his position, Rudy would get slandered, and people would praise Jrue.

Ha fallecido el padre de Rudy Fernandez, nuestro pésame a la familia.

@Rudytaricuarima ¡ Feliz viernes Rudy ! 🤗🌞😊🌻👍🤩.

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@PorcelanovaXD @Gasiuk_Pihowicz Rudy lis Donald Tfusk (cytat z Neonówki) jest zjebem hipokrytą. Wielki król Europy się znalazł. A KOrporacja Obatelska jak Lewica głosowała za pieniędzmi dla Polski mówiła że to umowa z PiS. Tak samo w stosunku do PSL i PL2050.

@Rudy_Serricchio That’s what I look like right now at the hospital and 3 hours of sleep.

Friday Morning Fever Dancing in the AM Rudy On The Radio Listen and Groove!!!.

Mishiro-Chua GTD voided due to a round change from 8 to 7 lmao. Cba to stay the course with the Tito Acosta KO half of that parlay, so I cashed out for a tiny profit before going 3/3 on the night: Rudy Garcia Dec -163 Garcia Dec + Tito Under 9 Rounds -103 Tito Under +100.

@AlexMontanaaa @TerryFranconia Why give up good young talent for a guy in his 30s that’s not significantly better and is wayyyyyy worse defensively. Putting Harden and Beal on the perimeter is begging Embiid to look like playoff Rudy Gobert.

Per una cosa sarò sempre grata a rudy zerbi : mi ha fatto conoscere luigi strangis. Questo basta per tutta la vita #Amici21.

@ItsLucasPerron Je crois que je suis la seule qui a pas hâte 😂🤣 moi j attends plutôt le retour de Johanna Rudy Ninon Sybille Raphaël Lucas Guillaume du vrai Roland Benoit Juliette JB jspr que Fremont apparaîtra d ici la fin de la série #pblv a si Paul pour une intrigue avec Baptiste and co.

Possibly, probably, perhaps, maybe. How can a man with knee deeps lawsuits against him, who has been impeached TWICE, who tried to overturn an election EVER be allowed to fun AGAin? Rudy Giuliani says Trump probably running in 2024 via @nypost.

@pierogiy rudy your comedic timing is so goddamn impeccable i have never laughed so hardin my entire life.

@gokhanka77 Rudy orda burda her yerde 😂 İlk zamanlar robot olduğunu düşünüyordum 😵‍💫ama değil.

I’m sorry nobody in the NBA guarding Shaq in the post. He’s dropping 30+.

@Indibud Oh im sure he would . But rudy still gotta stick up for himself. A dude say he can beat u up u dont sit there and say nothing. U still gotta pop ya shit..

✔ Capacitaciones de la Escuela de Educación Vial, Dra. Gabriela N. Lezcano, ✔ Depto. Higiene, Seguridad y Medicina del Trabajo, Dr. Diego Mierez y Lic. Juan Leguizamon, ✔ Seguridad Vial el Arq. Daniel Szyszckowski, ✔ Talleres y Mantenimientos los Ingenieros Rudy Slender..

@K_Antman he did it to Hakeem, David Robinson, and some of the other greatest big men of all time, and Rudy G thinks he can lock him up…. LOL GTFO HERE.

@HoopMixOnly Rudy needs to think bout that comment he made again!!!!🤦🏿‍♂️.

See this the kinda stuff you gotta deal with these NBA arguments … 💪🏽😂😂Rudy you’d be ready to quit basketball if you don’t gtfoh! 😂😂😂.

Yea I’d like to win the powerball but my chances of winning are just as good as Rudy’s chances of jailing @SHAQ …Not in your wildest dreams Rudy cut the crap 🤣😮‍💨.

Rudy just need to say he was trolling at this point bc he getting cooked on this app 😂😭.

Puan berencana memberi bantuan beras sebelum lebaran, Ketua DPC PDIP Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo, menyatakan siap untuk ikut membantu membagikan..

@mikepompeo You fired a respected career diplomat as ambassador to Ukraine bc Rudy Giuliani couldn’t get away with graft on her watch. Just go away..

ACTUALIZACIÓN | Durante 3 allanamientos en un taller automotriz y dos viviendas en la 2a AV de la zona 3 de La Esperanza, Quetgo, agentes policiales capturan a Pedro Rudy Orozco Hernández. En el lugar hallan varios vehículos robados y desmantelados, además de piezas de carros..

Absolutely ‼️ idk 🤷🏾‍♂️ what Rudy sippin or smokin on.

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