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And just Like that they fucked the entire show in the last 2 min. Arrested and possible to doing a run in the main So bad. Jamie Noble must be the best bail/payoff guy ever. #SDLive Unbelievable. just terrible.

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Austin Boyer ()

The Jeff Hardy storyline is pretty messed up. He’s made mistakes in the past but for wwe to turn it into a story and throw out the Hardy vs Bryan match was ridiculous #SDLive

Joey Romano ()

That opening to the show tonight with Jeff Hardy drunken and hitting Alias with the car was straight up comedy #SDLive

Mike howell ()

The most tasteless,classless opening to a program ever. Channel changed. AEW forever#SDLive

Essential Prinny ()

Having Jeff Hardy get arrested on WWE TV is a baaaaad look given the state of affairs in the country right now #SDLive

Ricci Jones II ()

Just found out Matt Riddle is officially on @WWEonFOX #SDLive so I’m officially no longer watching the show until he’s gone. Sucks because I enjoy that brand more than Raw. On the plus side, I can finally add @WWENXT back to the DVR.

B² ()

Also, the Otis-Mandy Fast Times at Ridgemont High montage was hilarious. 😂 And now Daniel Bryant vs. AJ Styles in the finals of the IC Championship tournament in two weeks? Yes please! #SmackDown #SDLive

Bill Pritchard ()

Matt Riddle, Otis & Mandy 🤘 Jeff Hardy storyline 🤮 Pretty good #SDLive overall

Chrissiaz10 ()

#SDLive They blame this shit on Jeff they using his drugs for a story line it’s stupid

Lamar Johnson ()

styles vs. bryan a wrestlemania ppv dream match for the #ICTitle hopefully takes place @Backlash #SDLive


And just Like that they fucked the entire show in the last 2 min. Arrested and possible to doing a run in the main So bad. Jamie Noble must be the best bail/payoff guy ever. #SDLive Unbelievable. just terrible.

WiseBeyondMyYears ()

Thats dumb if he just recked 2 guys out of the IC Belt competition for no reason #SDLive Hardy better be feuding with Elias for a couple PPVs or something. Make it actually matter

WiseBeyondMyYears ()

Thats weak #SDLive Hardy was in custody for is feuding with Elias or shaemus?

DarrylB1979 ()

Congratulations bro! Can’t wait to you on #SDLive every week! @SuperKingofBros 🤙🤙

Melanie🦄🎤❤️💙 #IStandwithMelissa ()

#SDLive it kinda looks like they’re trying to make Miz&Morrison the male laycool

Richard Trionfo ()

The Otis/Mandy segment should have ended with Dolph in the fish and chips uniform in the bathroom (doing his business) #SDLive

Danial ()

Bryan vs Sheamus was supposed to happen at wrestlemania 30. Thankfully it didn’t lol #SDLive

Jamie Ann Morgan ()

Yes! Yes! Look at them cheer for Daniel Bryan Damn it is so good to have a crowd out there. #SmackDown #SDLIVE

Lamar Johnson ()

SmackDown has been getting alot of sponsors lately ever since its move to FOX keep it up #SDLive

Justin Bienvenue #ModernDayPoe ()

Can we please have Nikki Cross on commentary for the rest of the foreseeable future? 😂😂😂 #SDLive

Frank Starfyre ()

@itsBayleyWWE and @NikkiCrossWWE dueling cheerleading is everything we need right now. #SDLive

Deyshun Semple ()

I think both Sasha and Bayley have been the mvp’s of smackdown the past 2 months. #SDLive #SmackDown

Stubby Boardman ()

@SashaBanksWWE is wearing a @hanadayo0903 tribute armband 😭😭😭😭 #SDLive #Smackdown

Austin Wall ()

I would pay to see an entire telecast with guest commenters @WWEAsuka and @NikkiCrossWWE #SDLive

DelanteaWashing ()

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks are two of my favorites but i like Alexa Bliss better #SDLive

GOᒪᗪEᑎ TᖇIO ()

im already anticipating sasha’s defeat against that’s fine, JUST PLS let her turn on bayley, battle her for the championship so she can have another run. DECENT run #SDLive

Rachael ()

Mixed tag team match Nikki Cross and Michael Cole versus Bayley and Corey Graves WHEN #SDLive

Justin Bienvenue #ModernDayPoe ()

Nikki Cross is a more entertaining less annoying Asuka that we can actually understand #SDLive

Cath-In-Lockdown 🇬🇧 ()

Honestly. It SCREAMS of alternate plans & to also deflect from what WWE know, that Bayleys beaten everyone & squandered their momentum that they dont have anyone left, so its onto the tag titles when her singles WWEs fault entirely #SDLive

Cath-In-Lockdown 🇬🇧 ()

Why do i have a feeling with rumors the Boss n Hug feud is being stalled that theyll put the tag titles on them. If so, there goes development for the IIconics/Bliss & Cross feud. Id rather Boss n Hug lose to Bliss & Cross to heighten tension tbh #SDLive

Deyshun Semple ()

Sasha Banks is so good, from her mannerisms, facial expressions and her character. #SDLive #SmackDown

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