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Laura Loomer (R) is running for the Congressional seat in Trumps district in Florida. It is heavily Democrat. She has been banned from FaceBook and Twitter. She is a strong conservative voice. She has been forced out of social media. Reason? She is a threat.


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Long Live The Queen ()

@_thearny Riding the BUS (Break Up Sex). And she’d save you the best seat, on her face. 😂😜

Raymond ()

@teflonvdon i dont doubt it. but he will put people in power that will also. Yang, Kamala, Bernie, Warren can literally all get a seat with him winning.

🍷🌺cataclysmic event 🌺🍷 ()

Candice actually does a pretty amazing job of covering up Odasaku’s bruises while Dazai is sleeping like a rock in the seat next to them, while Katai watches curiously. “How did you get so good at that?” “Oh—I’m actually a make up artist full time,” Candice explains, carefully—

Rachel Luba ()

appreciate reminders like these 🙏🏻hope future females in the industry will be able to earn a seat at the table without having to be subject to comments like his

Erotica mars. 🇯🇲 ()

@Oluwa_kobe Double everything u just said ima sz in women’s & a sz window seat in plane tickets

Chuck Woolery ()

Laura Loomer (R) is running for the Congressional seat in Trumps district in Florida. It is heavily Democrat. She has been banned from FaceBook and Twitter. She is a strong conservative voice. She has been forced out of social media. Reason? She is a threat.

Craig M* ()

The more it eats into their 80 seat majority, then the more pressure the PM will be under to take action. It’s our civic duty to ensure this unelected advisor is held to account

Rakesh ()

@SonuSood bhaiya mere sister ki shadi h 14 June ko Bihar Aurangabad ka rahnewala hun train m seat nhi hai paise v nhi h so plz help me for that Bhut umeed h apse


As Sir, AUTOs are not taking 3 Persons in the BACK Seat & for which 3 People have to book 2 Autos for going same destinations. Hence AUTOs/CARs/SUVs/OLA/UBER etc have to be Permitted to Ply as per their Allotted Seat Strengths becaz it is just putting Financial Pressure on All.🙏


Or else Sir,the Govt Order will contradict itself in the sense that either there must be change in the Order,that All Buses can Ply with 1 Person in 1 Seat or if all allotted seats are to be Filled up without Standing;then it must also be Applicable for CARs/Autos/SUV/OLA/UBER


As Sir,if Prior 2 RAJO FESTIVITY if WE R easing LOCKDOWN it would be Detrimental for all of us in maintaining any Distancing & Contact Tracing. Hence,Curfew from 7 to 7 & the present mode of Lockdown should be in Force with 1 Modification that All Vehicles can SEAT as per STRNGTH

333 ()

@ohhighali omg really!!! that’s so cute! they sent us the wrong size harness and the wrong color dog car seat so they refunded us and sent us new ones😭😭 then told us to just donate the wrong ones to a shelter 🥺

Rob MacG ()

@PurlAj @RosieBarton She’s a lackey for the Prime Minister. She’s vying for a Senate seat. She won’t say anything against the Prime Minister or the Liberal Government. She’s a phoney. They should put Vassy in her place. She’s got some smarts and a brain.

Gaytheist ()

@MicheleBru1 @JamesMartinSJ Says the Trump supporter? Take a seat, Michele. Courage does nothing but sexualize LGBT people.

Napoleón ()

@juanjo_1968 @PabloIglesias Que tiene que ver Iglesias con Lo de Nissan era de esperar, y espérate con Renault, Ford, es culpa de Iglesias?? anda, vete a mamar

Revelex Corporation ()

See what your plane ride could look like in a post-coronavirus world via @TWtravelnews #travel #Covid_19

Jenny LeQuesne ()

@ouroborosage @ChiefManak I’d move my lunch kit off the front seat for her to ride beside me. And that’s saying something bc food within reaching distance is crucial.

Lea ()

@RashaunMartin @dunneteach That’s great! My church is choosing to open Sunday. You had to call today for a seat and go in today to pick up your ticket for your assigned seat.

Obe Dient ()

@Superiorwomanuk I have booked and paid for 10 days in Montego Bay Jamaica early December all inclusive so extra weight flying back from Sangster Pass the seat belt extender

Margaret 🛹 🦋 🌼 ()

@Tomtmjoe She brings Biden nothing & her senate seat would be lost. It’s a lose/lose deal. She should know this & stop the rumors. 🙃

Marvin Klassen ()

@CNNPolitics Because they will lose every single seat in the entire vote! Time to pay the price of supporting an orange haired douche bag! You will all be lucky to not be jailed when this is over!

Javid Shaikh@08658800 ()

@RahulGandhi We want to see you on pm seat Rahul Gandhi sirrr🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹

🌹Heather🌹 ()

@pulte This would literally change my little family’s life. We could get our own place and a car and a car seat for our special needs toddler. Good luck to everyone.

Molly Parton ()

i knew Jennifer could walk when shen RAISED HER LEG to block the door 😭😭she stayed shifting her hips in that seat

Gabriel C. Nicole ()

@ierrejon Pero a ver, Íñigo, de verdad ocupar un edificio vacío, sin producción ni llegada de componentes ni línea de producción delegada por Nissan, es la mejor idea que puedes pergreñar? Si me dices que van a instalar ahí una nueva Seat con el Estado corriendo con los costes

The Goan Patiala 🥃🥃 🏏🏏 ()

Delhi Police: “ Licence nahi hai, upar se seat belt nahi pehna hai” Driver: “ye padh sakta hai?”


Pedro ()

@elcampesino001 Matorell tiene la espada de Damocles encima. La SEAT la traen a Andalucía y hacen número en condiciones todos los años

Azur Lane Official ()

★Empress in the Silk Seat★ USS Biloxi is changing into her new attire. She will grace your dock in the near future, Commander. #AzurLane #Yostar


Gaurav Goel ()

#IndiaThanksNehruji for : ▪️Misdeeds of the Century ▪️Partition of India ▪️Killing of Hindus ▪️Kashmir Problem ▪️Terrorism ▪️Genocide in Kashmir ▪️Article 370 & 35 A ▪️Rejected security council seat ▪️Promoting self & family ▪️POK his brainchild The list is endless


Cal Cunningham ()

It comes down to this: we are the tipping point race that will end Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority. It is so important we win this election and flip this seat.

☚ #felizviernesatodos fase 3 ☛
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