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PLAYSTATION 5 SHOWCASE PREDICTIONS -Demon’s Souls at launch -Silent Hill reboot -Final Fantasy XVI -Def Jam 2021 -Sound Shapes 2 -Uncharted prequel ft. Young Sully -Elden Ring (jk) -Project Re Fantasy -Fantastic Four by San Diego Studio -Mank: The Game -I dunno God of War 2 prob

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カニたん ()

im sad abt no silent hill maybe i can just play dead by daylight and

Milly ()

PS5の発表会でもSilent Hill新作来なかった…いやまだ月末のゲームショウが…😭 バイオ8も楽しみやけども!

Dr. Nicolette, Himbologist ⋆
Dr. Nicolette, Himbologist ⋆ ()

the honorable mentions I wanted to add but I actually feel like some people might be on par with my labyrinth and/or my silent hill love

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Genckimyasal🇹🇷 ()

@wanyama124 @oguzsasi Hayır, fanatiklikle alakası yok en iyi silent hill bile yoktu.

biggs’ girlfriend ♡
Biggs’ girlfriend ♡ ()

i need more silent hill / resident evil moots so i can be inspired to talk about it more

Ph4nt0mm ()


LRVG | Alex
LRVG | Alex ()

@KamiIo0 @BetterCallRaul Les van a cobrar en pesos cuando salga el Reboot de Silent Hill, me dijo un leaker de

Ben Tatson
Ben Tatson ()

@ImAkk0 @NextGenPlayer Pero como siempre nadie le dira Pasaran los años y seguiran con el silent hill exclusivo hasta que en 2040 lo anuncien por fin!! Pero exclusivo para stadia😂😂

Faye ()

encerramos hoje a saga de silent hill 1 estou mais confusa ainda porem bora pro 3

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Dr. Faust (is tired of being a CRT Prop)
Dr. Faust (is tired of being a CRT Prop) ()

Some live in a perpetual state of Quiet Desperation. Secret pains that only We truly know, pains that can only be articulated through our own Personal Lense. Is it any wonder that Silent Hill became as well regarded, as it once was.

jeremy rodriguez
Jeremy rodriguez ()

@jesspkoehler Clockwise from left: Silent Hill, The Quiet, Cruel Intentions (you never saw SMG in that!? WHAT’S WITH YOUR LIFE!?) and The Sweetest Thing! None of these movies have anything in common at all 🤣

Spookycookies ()

Screw it. Since Konami is sleeping on it, I made my own silent hill protagonist. His name is Jack Lansdale. Looking for his sister who went missing.

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Ph4nt0mm ()

@LouisBl43470011 DUDE YES And im thinking the rest of the levels should habe this rusty flesh thing going on, like silent hill

Someone Else 私は自分ではない
Someone Else 私は自分ではない ()

@antihero_kate Thankfully, kid number 10 is giant enough to beat up any kid who picks on the infant in school.

Karen Lebeter
Karen Lebeter ()

Son says pic looks like Silent Hill or Steven King movie: USPS temporarily closes some post offices in California, Washington, Oregon amid raging wildfires

ً ()

if u witnessed me have a meltdown over silent hill, apologize for it, and have another meltdown, no you did not

Fran ()

Resident Evil de aquí a Pekín. Hay juegos de Silent Hill que son mejores que cualquier Resident Evil, más adultos, más terroríficos. Pero si hablamos de saga, en su conjunto total, Resident Evil gana por goleada.

Vinícius M.
Vinícius M. ()

A sensação de assistir a todas essas conferências da Sony, sempre à esperança do anúncio do reboot de Silent Hill

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TheRadBrad ()

Hopes for the #PS5Showcase Silent Hill Remake, Resident Evil 8, GTA 6 and God of War 2 Expectations: Price reveal, pre-order date and Fortnite Remastered Definitive 8K VR Game of the Year Edition

Powered by Azure
Powered by Azure ()

@MisterPixeI @BarbatrucH Du God of war et du Silent Hill et la c’est la guerre 🤓

Makoto69 ()

@tururules_tr @HyogaCtRetroYT que quieres que te diga hay tantos rumores de silent hill para la nueva generación que uno ya no sabe que creerse espero que dejen de jugar con los sentimientos de la gente y se decidan a sacar uno o remake o lo que sea pero que sea decente y digno para esta saga

Kalliniki 🎮
Kalliniki 🎮 ()

I am so looking forward for #PS5Showcase, I would like to see new games. 😃 Especially the rumored Silent Hill!


Alguien me explica porque Silent Hill es TT ??? Si total solo es mi saga favorita por la que llevo rezando tela por una nueva entrega 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Fabi-10-12 ()

Una última cosa sobre esta insider que les estaba hablando. Según ella no está segura si Silent Hill estaría en este evento, así que recomienda mantener las expectativas controladas en ese aspecto. Aunque quitando esto, y con lo que ya vimos, nos esperaria un evento de calidad.

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Benjamin-Master Assassin
Benjamin-Master Assassin ()

my #PS5 event predictions Spider-man MM Game-play new Silent Hill game announcement Demon Souls Game-play (shot in the dark want) Sly Cooper 5

Karim A. Sánchez
Karim A. Sánchez ()

Cuando anuncien un nuevo Silent Hill y el trailer termine con un plano de Pyramid Head.

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Alkan Adakaner
Alkan Adakaner ()

Bu gece hayalkırıklığı ve efsane tahminlerim: Hayalkırıklığı: - PS5: 549 Euro - Daha önce gösterilen oyunların videoları Efsane: PS5 Bluray: 479 Euro, Dijital: 399 Euro (gerçekçi olmalıyız) - Silent Hill duyuru - Yeni God of War duyuru - Desteklenen PS4 oyunları 4K - FF 16

Acelerino 🤖🎮🕹
Acelerino 🤖🎮🕹 ()

Me he topado con: - Silent Hill Remake exclusivo 2021 - Final Fantasy XVI exclusivo 2021 - Castlevania exclusivo 2021 - Otro remake de MGS exclusivo 2021 - Gord of War 2 (muy posible) - Uncharted (puede ser) Parece ser que PlayStation se ha vuelto la consola de la exclusividad


Pick one surprise #PlayStation5 reveal you want to happen 😱 Silent Hill 🪓 God of War 2 🗺 Uncharted 🗡 Final Fantasy 16 🦖 Dino Crisis

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Marty Sliva
Marty Sliva ()

PLAYSTATION 5 SHOWCASE PREDICTIONS -Demon’s Souls at launch -Silent Hill reboot -Final Fantasy XVI -Def Jam 2021 -Sound Shapes 2 -Uncharted prequel ft. Young Sully -Elden Ring (jk) -Project Re Fantasy -Fantastic Four by San Diego Studio -Mank: The Game -I dunno God of War 2 prob

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