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Since 2000 in the Atlantic Division: Sixers - one NBA Finals. Nets - two NBA Finals. Celtics - one NBA championship. Raptors- one NBA championship. Knicks - one playoff series win..

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@kawhileonard congrats champ. For real tho Fungi FUngi FUNgi FUN GUY! Common man. Ps. Come win a mvp with the @sixers.

@_Zeets Raptors were resilient but they were also pretty lucky. The Kawhi bounce in game 7 v the Sixers & beating the Bucks in game 3 in double OT. Milwaukee was literally 1 point or 1 play away from being up 3-0 multiple times that game. Bucks have to be sick right now.

Realize the trip Toronto took. The sixers are the most firepowered team in the east and we shut them down. Hands down made the MVP in the east look like a rookie from the D league and then took on the Warriors (minus KD) and took them down too..

@michaeljs_3 They Swept the Pistons 1st round and beat a team the sixers couldn’t in playoffs the Celtics and they only won 1 game, so how were they not good?.

@Loganchance Sixers are the East favorite for me if Kawhi leaves and everyone returns for them..

@abdz24 Me and you, and everyone else knows that if Embiid was healthy the Sixers win that game 7. Game 3 he was ridiculous. He has mild tendonitis and digestion problems. He has experience now imo. 2 good playoff runs.

Narratives flip quickly in sports. Sixers, Bucks, Rockets all have to feel like they wasted opportunities but now they have to duplicate and exceed that level of success for a full 9 months to have any shot at redeeming themselves. That’s a tough ask when health isn’t guaranteed..

@DeanteDkidd Never said they weren’t good, they’re just extremely better in the regular season than they are in the post season. They barely gave kawhi any sixers pushed him to the edge.

@ciani_carter3 so the Sixers thought I want 4 great shooters on the team but I want Ben onlt cause he can’t shoot? You sound more idiotic each statement bro😂 but how you can say he can’t shoot cause he don’t take the shot, then say Giannis can shoot cause he is? What’s sense does that make.

Legit. I adopted the @Raptors as my NBA team back in February when I started watching basketball. @naynay24792 told me about them as he was also a fan, and I found a lot to love. By the Sixers series win, my love was cemented forever. Now? I can barely believe it. #WeTheNorth.

@25Bombdiggidy If anything I think the east will be stronger, depending on where Kyrie does and the Sixers and the Bucks. But I think it’s 50/50, i think he wants to play close to home and I don’t really think he cares that they won the ship tbh..

Agree, most iconic moment from this season is kawhi buzzer beater against sixers AND THAT HANDS SIGN!! THE KLAW ✊👋.

@OfficialNVRD @ChongDynasty Yes. Raptors Barely beat the Sixers and Bucks and got a BREAK with an injured team. ************.

@Its_JustB__ that’s the reason the sixers keep him because he doesn’t need to shoot cause he has shooters around him. So they don’t care that HE CANT SHOOT. but if he does develop a shot, he’ll be an unstoppable superstar. 🤷🏽‍♀️.

@BlueChipTony @Echecrates Sixers traded Allen Iverson Toronto traded Derozan Miami let wade go to Chicago Kings traded cousins Nets traded Jefferson Lakers traded Shaq Houston just put cp3 on the trade list It’s really the wild Wild West out here bruh.

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Everything that could possibly happen to convince Kawhi to stay happened. If he left I would be in utter shock because I am not mentally programmed to believe there’s no chance he leaves. Raptors, Bucks, Sixers, Celtics, & even the Pacers are gonna make this fun for years.

Since 2000 in the Atlantic Division: Sixers - one NBA Finals. Nets - two NBA Finals. Celtics - one NBA championship. Raptors- one NBA championship. Knicks - one playoff series win..

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