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AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I COULD GO TO EVERY THEATER AND THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! Sonic the Hedgehog is quickly looking like a hit, besting the top end of its $50M 4-day projection of $55M GO #SONICMOVIE GO!!!

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IGN ()

This weekend at the box office: Thanks to a successful debut, Sonic the Hedgehog now holds the record for most successful video game movie debut of all time.

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Matt Braly ()

As a Sonic fan, you get so used to failure and disappointment that you have no idea what to do when success finally comes around. I mean, what are we supposed to do now?

Ben Schwartz ()

In the words of Sonic- Ummm, meow? AHHH!!! #SonicMovie is #1 in the world & had the biggest domestic opening all time for a video game movie! It’s all because of the fans that we are here. Thanks for your feedback, your passion & for your love of Sonic. You did this. Thank you!

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Hatok ()

Sonic movie was pretty good surprisingly authentic to western interpretations of Sonic

LaxChris ()

Saw the sonic movie tonight with my girlfriend and little sister and it was AWESOME! Can’t wait to see it again next weekend with my brother and sister!

The Best of The Best ()

@Super_Spidey1 I love it! I’m still shocked nobody understood that mushroom hill reference that The Sonic Movie Gad

I Love Lotte and Cagliostro so much ()

Just watched the Sonic movie It was a fun movie 8/10 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

MisAnthro Pony ()

For those pointing out how Sonic The Hedgehog has a 63% on Rotten Tomatoes and that the score will get lower, just remember they gave The Last Jedi a higher score than Joker, which should tell you a lot about their credibility. #SonicTheMovie

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Deemo ()

sonic movie 7/10 it was enjoyable but the story was VERY mediocre i love sonic so i don’t feel like i wasted time⛷

Andrew Ambrose ()

@dan2mals Someone in the theater yelled something about Puma when Sonic got his sneakers when i watched the movie

Ben Schwartz ()

It’s not just that so many of you are going to see #Sonicmovie , it’s that you are loving what you see! SONIC IS CERTIFIED FRESH ON @ROTTENTOMATOES W/ A 95% AUDIENCE SCORE & AN “A” CINEMA SCORE! How are those numbers calculated? I have no idea! But I’ve been told this is amazing.

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Neil Druckmann ()

Sonic movie was fun and surprisingly faithful to many aspects of the games. Glad to see it doing well. Crazy What if the secret to adapting a video game is to tell a story that is respectful of its source material? 🤔


Watching the Sonic movie AGAIN, I brought my younger cousin to watch it with me, he’s so excited! #SonicMovie

Big Mike ()

Really enjoyed Sonic! Announce the sequel!! It was made even better by @DolbyCinema ! #SonicMovie stay for the mid-credits scene!

⚡Thunder⚡Hunter⚡ ()

Cellphones are not allowed at this screening of Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), please hand them to me.

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Firefang Nation 🐉🔥 ()

OH NO SONIC WAS REALLY CUTE. The beginning scene and the end credits had me SCREAMING I enjoyed this movie like i enjoyed Detective Pikachu

Sega City ()

Sega Saturn Magazine #9, July 1996 - ‘Virtua Cop 2′ and ‘Sonic X-Treme’ cover.

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Steve Cook ()

Just saw Sonic The Hedgehog with @blimeyboyo @Katsideswide and Ash - goodness, that is FAR better than it had any right to be! I really enjoyed it :D

Flor ()

I think I started a mini trend of Russians walking up to a Sonic Movie poster and saying

Comic Boss One ()

@JorgeMurray18 No, James Marsden is the human lead and he sells CGI Sonic Just a fun and enjoyable family/gamer film.👍

みやもん ()

ワイルドターキーくんの優勝力の消費を気にして他の安価なモノを揃えて優勝力を分散させる事にする 最高に頭の悪い優勝スタイルだと思うけどコークハイで優勝できればもうOKです😋

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Kat ⁷ ()

sonic spoilers i guess but when jim carrey said “omoshiroi” i forreal lost my shit

沖田ハンド ()


The runner ()

@sonicparadise Desde ahora en adelante ya no sera san valentin sera el dia de sonic movie siempre sera recordado jjajajaja

LasCosasDeLia#NoPuedoDecidirmePorUnEquipoEnUHCLive ()

Esto es para todos ustedes , ¡Feliz estreno de sonic la pelicula!

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⚡️strap in and strap on ⚡️ ()

@TaxBeast I took my siblings to see Sonic and honesty they made my Valentine’s Day 100x better than previous years being single and sad. We played a few arcade games while waiting for the movie and had a great time.

Ben Schwartz ()

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I COULD GO TO EVERY THEATER AND THANK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! Sonic the Hedgehog is quickly looking like a hit, besting the top end of its $50M 4-day projection of $55M GO #SONICMOVIE GO!!!

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ジーノ・ネヴァー・エヴァー ()

Weird that the sonic movie ended with shadow showing up out of nowhere, just to say nice cock And then the post credits scene had him saying but mines bigger What a way to end the movie

Kinuko ()

omfg we saw the Sonic movie again and Ben Schwartz and the crew jumped in to say hi to the audience at the end - Tyson and I just happened to be at this screening 😄😄😄

IGN ()

Sonic the Hedgehog is a love letter to longtime fans boosted by solid performances from Ben Schwartz as Sonic and Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik.

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