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The Hooded Cultists chant, “Eddie is coming to Canada”. You’ll want to wake up for this epic guest announcement because Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things) is coming to FAN EXPO Canada! Autographs & Photo Ops are available NOW. Get yours:.

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I had no fucking idea Locke and Key came out today, but I keep getting reminded that Stranger Things is coming out in 2024 Make it make sense.


para mim todo o elenco de stranger things tem 1,50 de altura, todo mundo parece ser baixinho, para mim o joseph era baixinho e o joe keery também, não entra na minha cabeça que eles tem mais de 1,70 de altura.

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@CallumDEV_ @StrangerNews11 Ik im about to get raged at for but imo stranger things is overrated.

@butareyouliving everyone be thirsting over jamie campbell bower in stranger things and i’m like ya i’ve been doing this since city of bones.

currently downloading stranger things to watch for my 3 and a half hour car ride to glasgow tomorrow🤭🤭😍😍🥰🥰😎😎.


hiii ! i’m new to #shifttwt <33 i found out about shifting mid 2021 i think but just recently started getting more into it my main drs rn: - stranger things - fame dr haven’t shifted yet but i’d rlly love shifting mutuals or friends <33.

Cosas malas de Stranger Things 4: Eleven Millie Bobby Brown Once La Niña esa pelona La tipa que parece eminem La novia de Mike Ce La Niña con poderes La hija adoptiva de Hopper.

finally got to s4 of stranger things and .. are y’all joking abt liking this Eddie guy or? Bcs this mf is insufferable HELLO.

@CCXPoficial a única coisa que me deixaria feliz agr era vcs anunciarem se vem alguém do elenco de stranger things.

@braindeadCRIMZ prison break, bresking bad, stranger things und so ka glaube alle diese must watch sachen.

Annabelle, Insidious. Film survival sejenis divergent, the hunger games, dan maze runner juga. Kalau fantasy kesukaanku Harry Potter, Stranger Things, dll! Dan untuk romance aku nonton series Emily in Paris, sama film2 adaptasi novelnya Nicholas Sparks dan Jane Austen..

3 more movies coming up for Tom! AND Stranger Things fans find out the latest on Joe Keery!.

@luvbyIer @Stranger_Things y’all are so dense… not kate’s fault you guys ruined eddie.

Я хочу щоб так само було і у Stranger Things 😭😭😭😭💔.

@TECHNOTHINKR i was watching stranger things with my brother when i got the notif and made him pause and watch it the video with me ,,.

From now on, a group of kids riding their bicycles together is called a stranger things.

[should i stay or should i go now?] Stranger Things AU, multiple duos but prominent tntduo, parentsduo, bedrock bros. Multichap, in progress. Non-Graphic V1olence, Bl00d and 1njury, warnings may change. First chapter written for TWB Bingo Event 2022.

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i do love thunder while watching scary girls stranger things where they might be little lesbians.

@iFireMonkey Hold up i just Realized Drift like one of those bats in Stranger Things season 4 in the Ending when Eddie dies by the Bats like this got me just now.

@naeisdead como explicar que o eddie de stranger things não foi o primeiro guitarrista do mundo?.

@abclairmont I’m not though. I’m a stranger on the internet. It makes me very uncomfortable when you share such personal things out of the blue..

a token of appreciation to @netflix @Stranger_Things for giving us such an incredible show. - I added the chorus from my new single Post Card Summer, (shameless promo, I know, I know) out on August 19th. Pre save here 👇.

@bylersvolume LOLLL it’s bc when season 3? I think came out they had all the stranger things icons upside down like that for a few days and I never changed mine.

easily the grossest thing to ever happen in stranger things was when jonathan put his unwashed hand in el’s thigh and wiggled around in it.

meu irmão está neste momento vendo stranger things em 6 telas ao mesmo porque.

I’m only on season one of Stranger Things but I would lay down my life for El without hesitation.

Un grupo de fans de Stranger Things busca cancelar a Metallica, luego de la aparición de los metaleros en el final de la temporada de la popular serie..

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From all season, the fourth one is the most boring. My favorite is the second one. Im talking about Stranger Things~.

@withoutkatebush @jessphillips Saw you in Ipswich, just ahead of the whole Stranger Things kicking off. Fabulous show. Thank you x.

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