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fall is my favorite time of year to end conversations by blowing pumpkin spice into people’s faces & saying “who’s the hufflepuff now, fool”.

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@killey_the_fool わーい🙌ちょうど1名空いてますのでよろしくお願いします☺️.

@AndrewCMcCarthy The terrorists had helpers, backers, fronts. All complicit. All need to face Justice! Hunt them down to the day they die. FBI/CIA/DOJ Congress have time to Play, Fool Around, Waste Time Vetting an absolutely Perfect President like President Trump! GET TO WORK AND CATCH BAD GUYS.

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You’re doing okayer than you think. The reason why you still feel inadequate despite all your achievements is that you can’t get something or you can’t have someone you want. Life is never gonna be perfect. Never let your feed fool you and don’t be too hard on yourself..

@amazingjr87 Agreed. So beautiful. Luke made his own nephew look like THE BIGGEST DAMN FOOL IN THE GALAXY while throwing all of his edge-lord BS back at him!.

Oh Luke. Not you again! Please stop making a fool of yourself. Or at least stop displaying your God-given foolishness. I see the appalling @euanphilipps is your only follower. Let me help you get up to 10 by sunset:.

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Suggest you look at Jagmeet’s tweet. He wants to partner with the @liberal_party. Guess that makes you look like a fool, again! Why not give it a rest Sheila. Have you not diminished your reputation enough already?.

The Face Of A Liar Or A Fool, Or Both: Rep. Adam Schiff says he “should have been more clear” about staffer’s contact with whistleblower.

fall is my favorite time of year to end conversations by blowing pumpkin spice into people’s faces & saying “who’s the hufflepuff now, fool”.

And then, Trump did NOTHING for the good people of West Virginia. And worse. Please let’s not let Trump fool us a second time. Reject the lies. Reject the corruption. Reject the hate and the division and the prejudice. Reject Trump..

Gen. Thomas, former Cmdr of SOCOM, describes how the US rebranded the Syrian PKK, turning it into the SDF. But this “cleverness” did not fool the Turks; it enraged them. We Americans are better at propagandizing ourselves than at propagandizing others..

I still remember this ZSS cosplayer at Nintendo World many moons ago. Had the look, but was such a Diva. There was a costume contest held for the store remodel. The judges gave the prize to some kids and she was acting a fool during and afterward. Talking shit about the kids..

@ElizabethZoee for a split second i forgot lololol i was like “this fool got out of jail and the first thing he does is come to my job???”.

@MarilynLouiseH1 @JustinTrudeau He is his own fool. He has caused most of the self inflicted problems..

@foundflix As an April Fool’s (I know it’s early) you do an ending explained on The Banana Splits Movie. Lol.

The fool, the fool, the magus. Básicamente un idiota que sale bien al final por un milagro..

Lol Yoongi doodled “King Sejong ❤️” and “Jimin is a fool” on his board. Which reminds me of the time Jimin wrote “Min Yoongi is a fool” on the wall of their Butterfly Dream exhibition 😂😂.

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@QuentinDempster In Vietnam it’s called The American War. They won it. Henderson is a fool..

@Hot_Green_Fairy 41 (Luther) Warehouse Seek up Grey Street The Stone Pig Ants Fool to think Loving wings Say goodbye.

Pshhh I thought I was gonna have to worry about finding the time to get a good picture of us with the dog for our Christmas card before the leaves changed too much lmfao what a fool thank GOD I don’t have that level of stress anymore lol thank GOD.

@toadwithabeard @thePoWer_RangeR Love to know how he steals it when people because what?? They trucking in Russians drugging people then voting for them, then they sneak off back to russia all quite like they were never invasion of the vote roflmao wow you all are to easy to fool CNN.

@RBReich Oh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Freaks and ladyboys in the fake media. We don’t watch fake news. We saw it on Right Side Broadcasting Network and through other media. You are a fool. If doggy eye Chuck won’t show it to us then we won’t see it Ha ha ha haaa ha!.

The fool, the star and the hierophant. Iggy, Jotaro and Kakyoin 🤔.

I am riding on an Uber cab and the driver hasn’t secured his seat belt to fool the police into thinking he is following the rules. He is fooling himself! Most Indian drivers haven’t welcomed the idea of wearing seat belts yet and I hope that’s changing. One driver at a time..

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@WADE713 tuned into the album fool 🔥🔥🔥🔥 and this @LainoBeto feature sheeshhhhh.

The other parties had to release complicated “costed platforms” that nobody understands to account for their dozens of costly promises. That’s how they fool you. It takes 4 min to read the PPC budget plan with a few clear and simple promises..

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