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Ubisoft’s E3 Showing Was All Hype, No Bite.

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Had a grrrreat time #E3 today with my guys!! Thank you @Ubisoft #UbiE3.

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Okay so overall thoughts on E3, I think this year was pretty good and every conference had at least one game I was crazy hyped for. My final rankings are: Microsoft: 8/10 Bethesda: 7/10 Ubisoft: 6/10 Square: 7/10 Nintendo: 9/10.

@Sandiaa_R6 @LigaR6N Nosotros también nos quedamos igual, porque todo le mundo sabe, que en caso de ser así, nadie asistirá y menos si no es nada oficial de Ubisoft De todas formas aquí tienes todo lo que le comentó la directiva de la Pro League PS4 Spain a ellos:.

If BTS isn’t on it they can keep it..

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me watching ubisoft conference: why don’t I like any of this me watching square enix conference: oh cause it’s not jrpgs.

Primer #AtomixNews de #E32019. Hoy te contamos sobre los anuncios más importantes que vimos en las conferencias de Microsoft, Bethesda y Ubisoft. Checa toda la información en este video de la mano de @MARC_Ponch.

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lmao square enix might just have the best e3 smh ubisoft banned me and i cant stream this #E32019 btw :///////////.

Ubisoft wins my ‘least pandering and patronising’ award for E3 by not constantly saying ‘We’ve heard ALL your feedback’, ‘This is for YOU, the gamers’ and ‘Gamers are literally going to save the world’. Just games and intros to them. Appreciate it. A tip of my hat, Ubi..

@LegalMementos Bethesda: Bad Microsoft: Meh Ubisoft: Too many guns Devolver: As crazy as always Hopefully Square Enix and Nintendo can quench our need for above average..

The X Biggest Announcements from Ubisoft at E3 2019 #UbiE3 #E3.

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E3 2019: Roller Champions un F2P de competición deportiva que puedes probar hoy mismo @RollerChamps @Ubisoft_Spain.

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I gotta give Microsoft credit for finally having a variety of genres and unique ideas at their conference. They may have shit the bed by telling us nothing is coming out this year but they did show some interesting stuff. Ubisoft on the other hand showed the same game 10 times..

me: i’m over assassins creed ubisoft: hello here’s a live orchestra playing music from the games me:.

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Ubisoft anuncia Gods and Monsters, novo game de aventura inspirado na mitologia grega; confira #E32019.

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Ubisoft kicking off with an Assassins Creed Symphony Orchestra is beautiful. Watch Dogs is looking good too, I was wondering what the leaks meant by “play as anyone”. This is kinda crazy. Plus I love how British this game is..

Streamen für den Weltfrieden. Sitze vor der #E3-Pressekonferenz von Ubisoft und sende. #UbiE3 @Gronkh @PhunkRoyaI.

Happy #E32019 friends! Get the @Ubisoft preshow is on now and the main event starts at 4 ET. What are you most excited for at #UbiE3?.

Dat was de PC gaming show, niet heel veel waar ik naar uit kijk maar wel een paar interessante titels. Ubisoft slaan we over, morgen gaan we weer verder met om 18:00 Nintendo! :D.

The Ubisoft E3 Conference will commence in less than two hours. Are you ready? What games are you looking forward to the most? #UbiE3 #E32019 @RinoTheBouncer.

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Vanavond ben ik weer live, deze keer met de Ubisoft E3 conferentie. Maar eerst gaan we nog wat matches doen in Apex Legends. Dus kom weer lekker kijken en chat gezellig mee ;).

Hello ! Après la conf Ubisoft je lancerai un stream pour continuer Layers of Fear 2, du coup 22h30/23h ! On pourra debriefer un peu des conférences comme ça :).

Quiero ir a la conferencia de Ubisoft yaaaa!!! Estoy disfrutando como un enano!!!.

Wenn ubisoft heute kein neues splinter cell vorstellt fahr ich nach Frankreich und ficke diese Froschfresser.

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