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Missed our #UFCTampa main event? Watch the highlights now via @BTSportUFC ⤵️.

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Miguel Baeza found out DWCS and first official UFC fight are two different animals #UFCTampa.

Cub Swanson takes a post-fight shot at the Flat-Earther Kron Gracie #UFCTampa.

Gifford tried to say “what if I won that fight no one would be complaining” Bro! You had 0 chance of winning that fight, and took two rds of unnecessary hits to the brain. The referee, his corner, and most importantly his father failed him miserably. #UFCTampa.

Shout out to @CubSwanson and @gracie_kron for that incredible fight last Saturday. It was a pleasure to watch. #UFCTampa.

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#UFCTampa Highlight Video: Mike Davis Mercifully KOs Thomas Gifford via @JonFuentesMMA.

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Very relieved to hear that @YoungLionMMA appears ok after #UFCTampa Considering other happenings across the combat sports world this weekend, this really does come as good news! #MMA.

Mackenzie Dern issues a statement on her first pro loss. #UFCTampa.

If you throw a hundred and fifty strikes but your opponent knocks you out in one did you still win the fight because you have more significant strikes? 😂😂😂 #UFCTampa.

Which fight was your favorite from #UFCTampa? Mine was Ryan Spann vs Devin Clark. #MMATwitter.

#UFCTampa Highlight Video: Marlon Vera Smashes Andre Ewell via @JonFuentesMMA.

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Na @sport_tvppl informujemy jako pierwsi – ze stopą JJ o wiele lepiej niż się pierwotnie wydawało 😎 Jest też kilka słów o walce o pas na @PGENarodowy i o tym, czy ryzyko odwołania pojedynku z Waterson było realne #UFCTampa #UFC.

You would never guess that Kron trains with the Diaz #UFCTampa.

Can someone tell me why Figueiredo wouldn’t let go of this choke. Elliott tapped several times, then the ref taps him. He still continues to hold the choke till the ref finally pries his arms off Elliott’s neck. The ref was pissed off #UFCTampa #MMATwitter.

#UFCTampa Highlight Video: Miguel Baeza Takes Out Hector Aldana With Leg Kicks via @JonFuentesMMA.

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#UFCTampa rookie report: Grading the newcomer in Florida (via @MMAjunkieJohn).

#Video #UFCTampa ¿Todavía no lo viste? El impactante KO en la UFC quedó nos dejó a todos sin palabras. ¡QUÉ PATADA POR FAVOR!.

Pode se emocionar, @CubSwanson! Você lutou MUITO! Veja o que disse o peso-pena no Octógono do #UFCTampa após bater @KronGracie! ⬇⬇⬇.

MMA Türkiye Gündem #105 #UFCTampa Analizi! Mekanın Sahibi Geri Döndü!.

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Both corner and ref should’ve pulled Gifford out at end of second honestly think that Davis took it easy on him in the that was a brutal beatdown and KO he didn’t need to #UFCTampa.

@Benaskren You mad big man if you think @gracie_kron lost that fight. If you scoring volume punches who control octagon who dictate that fight you will understand who really won. #UFCTampa.

Missed our #UFCTampa main event? Watch the highlights now via @BTSportUFC ⤵️.

@CubSwanson The body punches you threw against Kron would even make flat surfaces fucking round. #UFCTampa.

@HollyHolm consoles an emotional @karatehottiemma #UFCTampa #MMA.

Kron is a hell of a grappler but the difference of the fight experience between Cub and him was very clear #UFCTampa.

Her boxing was tremendous as @amandaribasufc shined bright with a stunning upset of Dern at @ufc Tampa. With her stock rapidly on the rise who do you wanna see Ribas fight next? #UFCTampa #WMMA.

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