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Democrats have been saying “the walls are closing in” on @RealDonaldTrump from Day 1. They’re always wrong—total clowns!.

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Terry Sater & Dewayne Walls of #HearstTelevision’s @WISN12News, Milwaukee, WI, Inducted to #Wisconsin Silver Circle.

I was going to wait a little while but screw via link below:.

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i LOVE the feeling of my dildo sliding against my walls, just feeling so full and good.


@marou_sama @deven_luca Oh no fuck off with that hanzo geometry billshit, dont need u bouncing that thing off 6 walls and destroying me.

@below_lord @LordUpstairs Excuse me Lucifer, can you return to hell, licking your walls?.

💿ATTENTION PLEASE💿 For the announcements of The Album #Walls by @Louis_Tomlinson , I worked on the invention from MY version of its aesthetic. It’s inspired by one of Louis’s tattoos, which I love so much. Hope you guys will like it !💙 #Walls2020 @LTHQOfficial.

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Si fardas tanto de decir la verdad algún día te arrepentirías, porque la verdad se vuelve crueldad cuando carece de empatía - Walls 💭.

there are squirrels in my attic and i begged my mom to not call the pest control dude so they could live and now i think there’s a community of squirrels in my walls. they are SCRATCHING THROUGH THE WALLS AND IM SCARED. this is what i get for being humane..

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@JoshNBCNews @maggieNYT MSNBC has just showed Fiona entering the Capital building. The more these Patriots come forward, the faster the walls cave in on Trump!.

Walls fue escrito en 2018 y habremos tenido que esperar 2 años para que sea lanzado.

On Friday 1st November 2019 prepare to be scared! Awesome walls will be thrilling climbers aged 6 - 16 year old. There will be fun, games, ghouls, ghosts, toffee apples, challenges and of course climbing! Dress to….

meri awaaz thookoun aur mu ki walls ke sath collide karti hai is liye i have a muffled voice good story aayma bukhari.

I pressed my hands against the rough cement walls. I filled my palms with fake bruises..

Lots of bars have doodles on their walls. But the decade-old felt-tip drawings in one New York bar could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

ahh throwback to the beginning of 2016 when i found f(x) & shinee and listened to 4 walls & view so so much and thought everything was fine omg those times,, also when my mental health wasn’t this bad. i’m sorry i’mma have to focus on myself & my health for a bit.

LOUIES!! hope everyone is having a good day x reply with your favorite lyrics written by louis and with #Walls to keep it trending!! let’s show @Louis_Tomlinson all the love 🖤.

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@Zarinthel dude you are so fun to talk to and your writing is balls to the walls great and encapsulate so much emotion and i always look forward to your fic and tweets and frankly? your vibes are great and i appreciate you :// there i said it.

Este domingo/lunes ha sido la vez que más chicas me han hablado Para decirme que vaya tongazo vs Walls y que a ver si desciendo Si llego a votar yo esa batalla venis a mi casa a buscarme tóxicas jajaja.

Last time I called the police, some guy was trying to pay me to conceal major water damage in SF; 4 floors of damage, rental full of students. 3rd time he contracted someone to repair the drywall falling off the walls. Totally illegal and dangerous. #SoICalled911 ( PD).

@RowlandBrexitSE What type of sick, twisted individual can possibly feel good about doing this? A sleeping f***ing Lion for Gods sake! And for what? Survival? Danger to life? NO! For a f***ing trophy! A small mat! A paw! A head to hang on the walls of his big house as to feed his ego! W*****!.

@FlogaRamone ¡¿Qué chingados hacemos despiertas?! Al rato vamos a estar en modo zombie bien cabron..

And what machine, above the did conged in they he was the door; the walls of the wreckage, I constelling and had hope not doubt and sacre p.

Democrats have been saying “the walls are closing in” on @RealDonaldTrump from Day 1. They’re always wrong—total clowns!.

🚨 Novo álbum de Louis Tomlinson se chama Walls e será lançando em janeiro de 2020. Finalmente os refrescos!.

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