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Remember that COVID won’t take July 4th weekend off. Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart. Wash hands with soap often. Big July 4 parties — especially indoor ones — are a bad idea. A really bad idea.

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Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman ()

Hundreds of federal prosecutors will undoubtedly be thinking about resigning this weekend. Perhaps the fact that the election is only four months away keeps them in their jobs. But every one of them knows they are witnessing unprecedented corruption in the White House.

Shanta Fanta
Shanta Fanta ()

I hope somebody bring me a plate this weekend even though I prolly won’t be able to taste it still☹️

Angie D
Angie D ()

@Sdimaso @KimGuadagnoNJ Where’s Tammy to hang out some food this weekend? Oh, guess she’s busy eating out with Bon Jovi and helping Phil figure out a new way to kill NJ.

Meep ()

#Bitcoin $BTC Wiped longs then rejected at 9130. Slow bleed giving #alts some playing field this weekend.

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Sandy Muir
Sandy Muir ()

@YoufeckingIdiot Ok, this is the weekend challenge but with a football any @FalkirkFC up for it 😂 who needs to see keepy ups when you can try this #CouldBeMessy

Aquatic Capital of America
Aquatic Capital of America ()

“Nine out of ten child drowning cases occur with at least one adult present, yet only 1% of adults list drowning as a home safety concern.” - Doug Forbes A reminder to be vigilant in and around the water this holiday weekend.

Lucy ()

@TAKJK5 @VincentCrypt46 It is everywhere was never a victim, thank God, but I was made aware of the abuse through my step was very young at the time but I was very aware of her behavior after she had spent the weekend with her father. She was very frail, sick often& full of fear

Causty ()

Kinda wanna go out this weekend, but I really think last weekend scarred me from drinking for a while.

promixedwrestling.com 🇬🇧 Women Who Wrestle!
Promixedwrestling.com 🇬🇧 Women Who Wrestle! ()

If your week has felt a bit like CARNAGE! ...we hope you get a chance to chill out and relax this weekend.

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GarrettQuinn ()

After the 7/25 show demand for tickets soared. It was nuts. On StubHub, nosebleed tickets for the final weekend of Phish shows at MSG were going for the same as midweek Hamilton shows. Never seen anything like it.

Mike Law
Mike Law ()

@DrRosena I expect this weekend will make the Bournemouth and others beach antics look

Ghosting92 👻
Ghosting92 👻 ()

First tweet of the page! Setting up the stream, hoping to go live for the first time this weekend 👻

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Willie ()

@ScottQuinnell Evening Scott from all good I and may I wish you and yours a great weekend my friend 👍🇮🇪

NBC Chicago
NBC Chicago ()

Officials Urge Caution as Crowds, Gatherings Expected Over Holiday Weekend

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Rodger Pulley
Rodger Pulley ()

The Almighty RTC is the place to be this Independence Day Weekend! #JulyReady #2H2O Let’s GOO! 🔥 🔥

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Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly ()

I get that it’s a holiday weekend but “done nothing with my day” doesn’t just mean I was unproductive, it means I didn’t do anything fun or relaxing either.

Steven ()

Gonna bump this new Pop Smoke album and clean the shit outta my house! Gotta be productive before I act up this weekend lol 😝

🥵 ()

@heyyhandsomeee But how? I was being nice tho I said just have a good day she took it too far like NAH who said I was going all weekend w out talking to you now you doing too much 😭🥴

CHANNN. ♛ ()

crying bc i’ve had 4 different opportunities to be on the water all weekend this weekend and i can’t 😩😭

Cupcakes and Anxiety
Cupcakes and Anxiety ()

FREE POSTAGE ALL WEEKEND! Step into the weekend in one of my conversation starting Positivi - Tees and bags. Made from organic cotton and printed here on the Island in a renewable energy factory. Order yours and view the entire range by visiting

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Madison ()

@NYGovCuomo Three months ago you’re buddies were telling us not to worry and go out!!!!! Hahahahahaha literally on tape saying go out the weekend it all hits. Fucking jokes. And you people believe them

Keith Lzr
Keith Lzr ()

@krystal_lynnn Trying to enjoy my Fourth of July weekend for now do not worry about drama until later lol

Hayley Steed
Hayley Steed ()

@PalindromeTodd I knowwww! I’m saving it for a family watch at the weekend. Cannot wait

Floridagirl1910 ()

And the mayor acts surprised? 🤔They are allowing protests this weekend. Stupid just stupid. It will keep rising as long as they continue to allow it to happen. Georgia sets another record with 3,500 new COVID-19 cases in last 24 hours | FOX 5 Atlanta

Martin Francis
Martin Francis ()

[email protected] instructs the nation to shop until you drop this weekend #DailyBriefing

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Jinyang ()

@caqnti @bqyik HAHAH habis itu bilang ayo weekend kesana bareng, makan di tempatnya Terang bulan tuh martabak ya? []

♊Miss Ty.
♊Miss Ty. ()

Now this weekend will be a different want lots of seafood & alcohol. 🤣

Jeff H
Jeff H ()

@BarackObama It’s not just any holiday weekend! It’s America’s birthday! Be proud of it! I know I am!

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris ()

Coronavirus doesn’t take holidays off. This weekend please wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands. It can save your life, the lives of the people you love, and complete strangers.

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo ()

Remember that COVID won’t take July 4th weekend off. Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart. Wash hands with soap often. Big July 4 parties — especially indoor ones — are a bad idea. A really bad idea.

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