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@BTS_twt happy birthday bro!!!Thanks giving bday weekend !!! That’s gangster hahah. 건강, 복 , 꿈 !.

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@fsthandwear @hailahti Good morning FST happy weekend ☕️💐🐶🐶.

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@iiiiiiQra @1FB1BF GM Happy Weekend with your family💐👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💐👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💐👨‍👩‍👦‍👦.

@KarenBourne10 Thank You Karen. It’s a most welcome weekend. At home with my family. As always but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wish you a settled sleep. Chat later ❤️💤😘.

Love you too teh glai! Baka sa December basta may holiday na loong weekend hahaha. Thank you teh 🎈🎈.

@jblongbeard Good Morning Jimmy hope you have an AWESOME day & a FABULOUS weekend.

🚌 #NCAFC are on the road this weekend! 😆 Take a look at the handy guide below for the trip to @ntfc thanks to @awaygamesinfo 👇 #AmberArmy.

When Dems took control of the House, they promised new leadership. They claimed they would work to accomplish the work and will of the American people. Instead, they continue beating the dead horse of impeachment. It’s like a bad sequel to “Weekend at Bernie’s.”.

@BTS_twt happy birthday bro!!!Thanks giving bday weekend !!! That’s gangster hahah. 건강, 복 , 꿈 !.

A disturbance located near the southeastern Bahamas is likely to become a tropical depression by early next week. Regardless of development, locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds are likely across the Bahamas through Friday and across Florida over the weekend..

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In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.😇 Happy 😃 weekend to everyone here.

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@dmparm @LynneRamsay1 (Like a teenager 🤪) 😉 but what a nice weekend to look fwd to..

Up early on the weekend so I’ll make the most of my time and be productive Also me.

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@lorenzo38159005 @Maria39150525 Buongiorno e buon weekend anche a voi ☕️☕️☕️😇🙋.

@alexcaul Also is Vampire Weekend big enough to sell tix almost a year in advance 🤔 though I bet it will sell out **puts reminder in phone **.

So much feels talaga kapag MarNigo! ♥️ Don’t miss our pampagood vibes weekend habit ah! This Sunday na! 🤩 #GGVSoMuchFeels.

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Ya bisa murung ya weekend lagi capek basuh baju pake tangen. Baru aja mikirin mau nonton movie tp lupa password laptop.

them: yes weekend na! me, a college student na may pasok kapag weekend: shet weekend pa lang????? T_T.

Well, 2 minggu ini bener2 diem di rumah😰😰😰😰 weekend pun di kasur since i got sick for almost 2 weeks😢.

The weekend before work travel sucks. I love my job and what I do but I hate leaving home, and my travel card has been filled for the next six weeks.

@bardrockenbach @johniadarola This nurse has worked 13+ night shifts with mandatory OT, no bathroom break or meal time or granted vacation in years. I’ve worked 7p-7a, 1p-1a on my feet deep in things your suit cant imagine the sight of. There is no weekend in life and death sir welcome to my Saturday..

@peppyjack2013 Have a beautiful night and sweet dreams dear. The weekend is here..

THIS WEEKEND ONLY !!! Come and visit us at Sprint Kiosk by iMobile, in the West Covina Mall. For more details, please contact 626)472-9111.

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It must be a twin thing!! These boys are filled with excitement because they have received a total of 6 positive office referrals together, and they have some fun weekend plans! Way to go, John and Henry!! #AESpride #theycalledDADthistime.

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My family fought in the American Revolution for this right. Have a nice weekend everyone..

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أتمنى للجميع عطلة نهاية أسبوع جيدة ، الله معاكم ✨ Have a good weekend everyone, God is on control ✨.

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