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Marcus ()

@nathanbuckley12 @JackNev20 Nah, Wolves have players like Neves, Moutinho, Jimenez, Jota, Traore. We’ve got Pereira and Lingard. We were crap against them a couple of weeks ago, but they were pathetic based on the players they’ve got at their disposal.

Graham Gardner ()

What a season Wolves are having say the media. Level on points with piss poor Everton!!

Detiksport ()

Wolverhampton Wanderers bermain imbang 0-0 saat menjamu Leicester City di pekan ke-26 Liga Inggris. Saksikan cuplikan pertandingan lengkapnya hanya di Mola TV.

Nick Goff ()

@Wolves_Ian @IanPage12 Yeah it should be. I think UEFA’s main reason for changing their mind and bringing it in now (originally they said no VAR until the final) is they’re panicking about it being right for the Euros and watch more practice using it - so we’re basically a guinea pig.

Wolf Conservation Center ()

Wolves form monogamous breeding pairs + remain together for the duration of their life. Together, a pair will maintain a territory, search for prey, + above all, remain loyal to one another. It seems only natural that wolves should symbolize strong, loving relationships ❤️

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Just dev 150/300 ()

Time 4 the laziest weekend ever. Ashen Wolves time!! #NintendoSwitch

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Assy(あっしー)🐻💿 ()

@on_the_wolves わかりみが深すぎる 最初「あれ?これ1/24にタイムリープしたか?」と錯覚しました まる

Football Auction ()

Bonus Pts! Patrício (Wolves) +3 pts. Tot 10 Pts vs LEI(H) 0-0 @NooneSimon 22-25 @OmerGinat

Markus ()

Watch the wolves ask KG to retire his jersey and him telling them to go eff themselves you blame him? Lmao.

Theaccidentalpod ()

So I told Joe, We gotta watch one of these Alaska movies tonight, so you have the choice of: vampires, aliens, wolves, or hockey. He picked vampires or aliens (in that order) and I said wolves or aliens (in that order). Aliens it is!! #thefourthkind

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Wolves held by 20-man Leicester to 0-0 after goal ruled out

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MrAVFClive ()

@Wolves @Nuno Amen to this well said Nuno majority of football fans will be agreeing with you here👏👏👏

BolaBanget Indonesia ()

Wolves Vs Leicester: Si Rubah Buang Kesempatan Salip City

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Kieran King ()

Game 8️⃣3️⃣ ⚽️ @Wolves 0-0 @LCFC 📅 14/02/20 🏟 Molineux 🏆 Premier League

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Tina Giuliano ()

Tune into @cronkitenews at 5pm for some cool stories about Mexican Wolves (they’re not extinct anymore🎉) and Horse adoptions in Tucson! ✨

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DoodleSwamp ()

Kind of wild that #ValentinesDay has its roots in the Lupercalia, a pre-Roman festival in which a bunch of dudes ran around dressed up like wolves and goats #FursuitFriday , know thine origin!

Samuel wadham ()

@thisisphillip @Simon_Naylor Will be either Blades or Wolves then. City will get it overturned though

R WilliamS ()

@JamesHReeve Both have had great seasons,& in many ways, have been a breath of fresh Wolves do the double over the current champions?

Rudey ()

@AlasdairGold Potentially sixth place if Liverpool, Spurs or Chelsea win the CL, or United or Wolves win the EL.

Milan Vazé ()

@VillaWatch_ @Wolves Remind me what the score was when you played Man City at home again? Oh wait Least you could do though is tell me what the Wolves score was, that would be most kind ☺️. Also remind me who Wolves are playing on Thursday in the EUROPA LEAGUE and where Wolves are in the table.

Cyan🏴‍☠️ ()

@Youss_FCB @BackToDoth J’ai les Wolves , la première année au début j’avais que 12 M

Chris Arnott ()

So Wolves have a goal disallowed for someone’s toe and Millwall score despite two players being yards offside #ffc #varcical

Áłèx ()

@WolvesTruth @Wolves I thought we created the chances but our finishing wasn’t good enough, I wouldn’t say the performance as a whole wasn’t good enough in terms of chance creation.

Ziad Elsalhy ()

@lawsmith17 @footballitalia I hope wolves take it but i hope we go up for 3 or 2 or if we are so bad staying at 4 😂😂

Ghanaian wolves 🐺 ()

I have been been saying it times without number. Var is the most useless technology ever but today I think the referee use the name of VAR to deny us a clear goal. But no matter what we focus on our next game because we never up. @Wolves @Raul_Jimenez9

Dionysios 🥃 ()

Did I hear @FTSIncome correctly in today’s Pod he said if Wolves Leicester finished 0-0 he was gonna re-apply for the job in Greggs and it was free Vegan Sausage Rolls for all members for a year 😦

Scottster ()

Not the only time tonight that Leicester fans will have nothing but a couple of inches to celebrate!

Kumparan ()

Sebenarnya, Wolves memiliki kans untuk menang di laga ini. Sayang, gol Willy Bolly dianulir wasit usai melihat VAR.

Kendrick Perkins ()

T’Wolves should be ashamed of themselves. How did let they Celtics retire Ticket’s Jersey before them? Losing culture starts all the way up top. Little stuff like that is the reason why things are the way they are.

Nintendo of America ()

The #FireEmblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass Wave 4 DLC is available now! To celebrate the release, here’s a special oil painting of the four new characters from the Ashen Wolves house by illustrator Jun Suemi. Learn more:

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