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  • T 2747 - INDIA WINS !! T20 in the TRI championship VS BanglaDesh .. what a thriller .. BD had us on the ropes .. and Dinesh Kartik, you beauty .. a brilliant knock .. 24 needed in last 2 overs .. 5 runs and 1 ball left and he hits a 6 ! INCREDIBLE ! CONGRATULATIONS !! https://t.co/je0WyaWzpe.

    Bangladesh twitter.
  • What a thrilling game! Superb finish by Dinesh Kartik led to smashing victory against Bangladesh. Congratulations to the entire team for winning the #NidahasTrophy2018 T20 tri-series final..

  • Dear Bangladesh, never underestimate an Indian wicketkeeper on the last ball of a T20 match. #IndvBan #DineshKarthik https://t.co/TIg9kkkoBH.

    Bangladesh twitter.
  • T 2745 - And what a game of cricket in the TRI nation T20 between BanglaDesh and SriLanka .. INCREDIBLE victory by BANGLA !! Despite all the pent up emotions, arguments and ill-tempers in the last few balls, you played the game .. and WON ! Respect ! https://t.co/BPliVE3onG.

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  • World Happiness Index 2018: 1. Finland 2. Norway 7. Canada 18. United States 58. Russia 57. South Korea 74. Turkey 75. Pakistan 86. China 96. Bhutan 115. Bangladesh 116. Sri Lanka 133. India Pakistan moved 5 slots up from 2017. RISING PAKISTAN!!!.

  • WHAT. A. FINISH! Mahmadullah, take a bow! 12 off four needed, and he does it in three! Bangladesh are in the Tri-Series final. #SLvBAN ➡️ SCORECARD https://t.co/te2uNri0kK https://t.co/huKZoPK1f0.

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  • World Happiness Index changes from 2008-10 rankings to 2015-17 rankings: 27th Pakistan 36th Nepal 43rd Sri Lanka 120th Bangladesh 128th India Pakistan in top 30 countries of the world with highest improvement in rankings and best in South Asia. Pakistan is Rising!!!.

  • Gli amici sono (da sx): Gomez Addams, il Bangladesh delle rose, Morticia Addams, Hermione Granger #QuartoGrado.

  • Border Patrol Agents Arrest 7 Bangladesh Nationals in 2 Days near Texas Border https://t.co/wMZq8y5xVH.

  • This thread has left me a little breathless #BritishEmpire #India #Pakistan #Bangladesh https://t.co/EdLRuEznQi.

  • Border Patrol Agents Arrest 7 Bangladesh Nationals in 2 Days near Texas Border - The Elder Statement https://t.co/4ImpOqsory.

  • Día de luto en Bangladesh por 26 bangladeshíes muertos en accidente de Nepal https://t.co/hDwOW1KQWq ..

  • Congratulations Mahmudullah. Congratulations Bangladesh congratulations team tigers..

  • Congratulations #Team_Bangladesh.

  • Unbelievable !! very unbelievable win for bangladesh... Bangladesh won by 2 wkts We are win and road to final... Go tigers go....

  • @Halfonso_99 Bueno, ni k las dr Bangladesh estuvieran mejores xD.

  • India vs Bangladesh Final T20 Highlights 2018/Nidahas Trophy Final Highlights 18/03/2018 HD https://t.co/PhKNvBiFtU #news #Video https://t.co/DJk5Emel0q.

    Bangladesh twitter.
  • @vikramchandra I agree Sir... Now we are waiting for you and NDTV to claim MORAL ViCTORY as well for Bangladesh... P.S -Mamta Didi has already made arrangements for their Adhar cards and WB residency....

  • #TeamIndia ने अपनी जीत और श्रीलंका के आज़ादी के जश्न को एक साथ मनाकर पूरी दुनिया के क्रिकेट प्रेमियों ये दिखा दिया कि हम यूं ही दुनिया की नंबर वन टीम नहीं है. #IndvsBan https://t.co/h3VywkkCCn.

  • DB inspector who was shot after police cordoned off a house in Madhya Pirerbagh area of Mirpur dies #Bangladesh https://t.co/UU9ri94nmB.

  • سہ ملکی ٹی ٹوئنٹی سیریز: بنگلہ دیش کو17رنز سے شکست https://t.co/CTpd5UxLzz https://t.co/LORHNTB9KC.

    Bangladesh twitter.
  • I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/hQePl2ESD2 Bangladesh Winning Moment By srilanka | Last Over | Bangladesh vs Srilanka.

  • Stain less Steel tank supplier in bangladesh #purewater https://t.co/Jjp1O8HhOb.

  • Bangladesh Win Thrilling Contest Against Sri Lanka, To Meet India In Nidahas Trophy Final https://t.co/9EbDe6Ouvy.

  • This summer, we will be taking a group to Bangladesh to share the gospel! Are you interested in coming on mission with us? Apply here: https://t.co/3S2u9qMvcc https://t.co/ualDxinRni.

    Bangladesh twitter.
  • The shattered door was likely the doing of somebody inside the Bangladesh dressing room in the moments after... https://t.co/z2y2kFmv5R.

  • Hello @andrewffernando, get to tweeting bruh. @Isam84 is working(tweeting) over time to defend filthy behavior by Bangladesh 😁.

  • @i_shuvo @cricbuzz It was sone by bangladesh Player ...go through espn CRICINFO.

  • While we are busy in #HBLPSL3 #BANGLADESH won the world Cup 2019 Conquer the world defeated Uganda😎😎😎😂😂 https://t.co/zDf1uB3486.

    Bangladesh twitter.
  • @sanjaymanjrekar He is endearingly called Goti Danob or Fast Bowling Monster by cricket afficiandos in Bangladesh! Currently working as Abahani Coach, Dhaka Dynamites Coach, @BCBtigers Director, Team manager among many other roles! Was also Coaching Director of @BCBtigers for a brief few days.

  • @IPL_Eleven Bloody hell .... should have been burned instead 🤣🤣 Poor #Bangladesh goona be ripped forever with India in Finale 😂😂.

  • @NekitaRoy Alhamdulillah Bangladesh team.

  • Then i suppose there won’t be a team named bangladesh😂😂 https://t.co/AIuxDr8lMm.

  • @ICC Congress team Tigers 🌹 It is not time to see who said now for Bangladesh and now it is time to win the final match✌ InshAllah.

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