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  • Gut check moment for the Senate today: we will vote on whether to continue the U.S./Saudi bombing campaign in Yemen which has killed over 10,000 civilians and created the largest cholera outbreak in history..

  • Popularising Yoga in Saudi Arabia. #PeoplesPadma https://t.co/1AeQ58re97.

    Saudi twitter.
  • My letter to the acting Secretary of State asking him to raise several uncomfortable but important issues with the Saudi Crown Prince this week. https://t.co/pXu0abaPH0.

  • Al Ula Desert, Saudi Arabia https://t.co/90CykkfO32.

    Saudi twitter.
  • @qtr__hamad @native_saudi @ixbrmxi @alkayal98 @i_q1991 @facts444 مو شغلك تبي اجيب لك شي من الاحساء تعرف انت معزول عن العالم.

  • @f5011762 @masdar_saudi سلمت يمينك.

  • Tiene 32 años y está impulsando medidas nunca vistas en el reinado más poderoso del mundo. Te contamos quién es y qué hace. https://t.co/DT2vK7J4J6.

  • Does anyone know a Saudi prince or have a dad that works at Intel that can send me a CPU that can actually stream literally any game without my computer exploding? Thanks :))).

  • The "60 Minutes" interview with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman was a crime against journalism https://t.co/wxgDch5mOY by @mehdirhasan https://t.co/DV2ycT6mqJ.

    Saudi twitter.
  • Al Saudi Restaurant 3510 Al Shafa, Dhahrat Laban, Riyadh 13782 9200 09515 https://t.co/mRfAdJd9Ey.

  • @ajmubasher Saudi Arabia royal family terrorism financers.

  • Divorced Saudi Women win right to get custody of children!! #iamyou #power #TuesdayThoughts #WomenMakeHistory #ourchildren #motherlove #saudiwomen #saudi #power #hijab #ChangeIsNow https://t.co/YCzeQP5qGH.

  • @saudi_falahh يمه وش ذالجمال والله ماينلام.

  • Donald Trump meeting with Saudi Arabia to get some tips on how they implement the death penalty for Drug dealers in the US https://t.co/JfpoQ73mo7.

    Saudi twitter.
  • Saudi CDS Jump As Economic Crises Continue To Loom https://t.co/VtaJph2ixd.

  • New: Trump touts weapons deals with Saudi Arabia as peace groups accuse US of fuelling kingdom's war on Yemen https://t.co/qUtYEzpiU9 >> @Independent.

  • A healthy menu for a healthy relationship: what was the #Saudi Crown prince served for lunch at the White House #CrownPrinceInUSA #TrumpMeetsCrownPrince|| https://t.co/EUsZIAX5jU https://t.co/sO0TxrvSqf.

    Saudi twitter.
  • “The French government has authorised exports of military equipment to Saudi Arabia and the UAE in circumstances where these weapons can be... https://t.co/QnIFP8GNzV.

  • Economic & political challenges facing #SaudiArabia need to be addressed. But as Alexis De Tocqueville wrote: "the most hazardous moment for a bad government is normally when it begins to reform." https://t.co/WkVx0youwO @ProvMagazine #Economics #Politics #Geopolitics #MiddleEast.

  • Saudi Arabia to grant more investment licenses to US firms https://t.co/FGARV7FNFh https://t.co/z2X1aUOKUD.

    Saudi twitter.
  • @AloJeddah مرحبا ضيفنا العزيز، نأمل منك تزويدنا برقم الحجز أو التذكرة الإلكترونية عبر الخاص لنتمكن من خدمتك. شكراً لتواصلك.

  • @y_alz3eem @native_saudi @ixbrmxi @alkayal98 @i_q1991 @facts444 يعني نفس الطريق للحساء.

  • @TRobinsonNewEra There’s only one place on the world you need to point fingers to for the entire existence of wahhabi extremism and that’s Saudi Arabia.

  • @y_alz3eem @native_saudi @ixbrmxi @alkayal98 @i_q1991 @facts444 ماعليك عباره حدها ٤٠ دقيقه.

  • @AntonioRNaranjo Vamos que junto con usted que defiende a capa y espada a los corruptos del PP que han masacrado España y a 😉los acuerdos de nuestro jefe de estado con dictaduras como Araubia Saudi, podian presentarse juntos a las elecciones..

  • @primetimecrime We can only conclude that eastern Canadians prefer terrorist oil from Saudi Arabia , Nigeria and Yemen!.

  • @qtr__hamad @y_alz3eem @native_saudi @ixbrmxi @i_q1991 @facts444 والشعب وين بيروح اذا بنيتو مصنع ولا كل واحد له مترين يتمشى فيهم هههههههههه.

  • US president and Saudi crown prince are set to discuss Gulf crisis, Iran and other issues @AJEnglish https://t.co/rXRBUJg9as https://t.co/8bpXg0crUl.

    Saudi twitter.
  • @y_alz3eem @native_saudi @ixbrmxi @alkayal98 @i_q1991 @facts444 وهو لو يصير نفصل يكون افضل . نقرب شوي منهم ❤️.

  • Sen. Sanders: "This war in Yemen has been a humanitarian disaster as a result of Saudi intervention." #SandersLeeYemen.

  • #Yemen: US Senate blocks push to end assistance to Saudi coalition in Yemen civil war https://t.co/OdbmMwucBV.

  • Crude prices higher as Saudi prince visits U.S. https://t.co/33YaDpVBQ8 via @WSJ.

  • Saudi Prince Mohammed Tells Trump He Sees ‘Stable’ Oil Market - @Bloomberg https://t.co/ui25C7YR5Z #1minNews.

  • لبنانيه ونص ساعه رقص واستعراض وتبعبص طيزها وكسها وتتبول فى الكوب 😍 2⃣ https://t.co/0r4E7LpU1X https://t.co/MxaLEInqPN 📤 #قحبه #سكس #مراهقه https://t.co/gO9UwfmBsJ.

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