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  • Breaking: Channel 4 just announced they’re airing another undercover film tomorrow where Cambridge Analytica say they won the election for Donald Trump and describe how. This is a car crash airing live on TV. Journalism matters..

  • Conor Lamb campaigned: 1. For universal health care 2. Against Trump’s tax cut 3. For expanded background checks 4. For stronger unions 5. Against cuts to Social Security 6. For a woman’s right to choose 7. For medical marijuana “Conservative Democrat.” Ok. Cool..

  • As the House Intelligence Committee has concluded, there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign. As many are now finding out, however, there was tremendous leaking, lying and corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, Justice & State. #DrainTheSwamp.

  • Quite frankly, for Trump to receive a nice welcome in California he’d have to come in illegally..

  • Everything about Trump and his administration is ugly, mean-spirited, small-minded, skeevy, and just plain wrong..

  • When Nordstrom pulled Ivanka’s clothing line, Trump tweeted immediately and angrily denounced them. When America’s closest ally is the victim of a chemical weapons attack on its soil by the Russian government, Trump has not tweeted anything. Think about why that might be..

  • Trump has always seen what he can get away with, and when there are no lasting consequences, he presses on further. Right now, he’s testing what Hill Rs will let him get away with re Mueller. And so far there’s silence from leadership..

  • A spokesman for ICE has resigned. saying that he could no longer “bear the burden” of spreading falsehoods on behalf of the Trump administration https://t.co/U8rdrtxQ2N.

  • Republican silence in the face of Trump’s unmoored behavior remains the most distressing development in this dangerous chapter of American democracy. https://t.co/1iW80LvRfH.

  • Convo this AM- Her: I’m so over Stormy Daniels. This chick’s just exploiting her relationship with Trump to make money. Me: Stormy trying to make money out of screwing Trump is a hell of a lot better than Trump Family & in-laws trying to make money out of screwing our country..

  • Trump’s sick celebration of how he got a decent, hardworking 21-year FBI veteran FIRED just 48 hours before he could’ve retired with benefits and dignity — partly to smear a witness to why he fired Comey — again reveals what a horrible person occupies the Oval Office. https://t.co/lKrXbIl3pV.

  • To all my republican friends who think they can sit out the Trump era and hope for great SCOTUS picks, your time is up. Trump is a disgrace who is debasing the office. You whisper it off the record and you email me your disgust. Time to stand up+speak out https://t.co/QiWkQK8Y6v.

  • Tonight is a good time to remember that Trump is obsessed--utterly and always--with revenge. https://t.co/ynNF2rwDlO.

  • Trump’s new International Wildlife Conservation Council is dominated by group who’s most famous member killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe https://t.co/kh9v5c1SX6.

  • I listened to Trump on radio talk shows since 2015..without fail! I encouraged others to vote for him. My decisions all the way, Hillary! https://t.co/CPPMBrpMko.

  • 🚨 Fresh News 🚨 ➡ White House confirms President Trump spoke to newly re-elected Russian President Putin by phone https://t.co/N8hv4d6fVK in ➡ #Politically Hedged.

  • @hrkbenowen Heartwarming, loved this! Respect for Donald J. Trump~.

  • @NRO @JudicialWatch @Doranimated I dislike seeing her as much as I dislike seeing Trump.

  • @nytimes We just keep winning and winning! Hey Mr. #Trump @GOP tired of losing yet? You can fix that! https://t.co/wXQYCRLI9k.

  • @krassenstein Do you think Trump would be silly enough to fire Haley so soon after her negative comments on Russia? ...only if he’s told to do so by Putin.

  • @thehill more lies keep thinking were stupid. keep sending traitor trump to campaign and the republican will lose. #BlueWaveIsComing.

  • Trump desplazó a Tillerson del Departamento de Estado https://t.co/JolAfNBCk4 https://t.co/ngFCvPW7uQ.

    Trump twitter.
  • @RepMarkTakano I’m guessing Trump would say this teacher needs additional training? #ReformSecondAmendment #GunReformNow #NeverAgain #WhatIf A teacher accidentally fired a gun inside a California classroom and a student was slightly hurt, authorities say https://t.co/aaVK6m3Cak.

  • Pennsylvania special election: 3 winners and 3 losers https://t.co/kDxCNVa5xJ via @voxdotcom.

  • @TheLastRefuge2 Kudlow was ripping Trump a new one regarding tariffs on his radio show last weekend. But he did say he supports the other stuff Trump is doing. Just a data point to consider..

  • @FriendEden100 Zero qualifications... perfect for trump administration. Do you think he keeps choosing unqualified ppl bcuz it makes him feel smart, or bcuz no one wants to work w/ him?.

  • So Trump, are you going to fire her too? https://t.co/67NqbaiSSq.

  • @SenWarren @RandPaul @RonWyden She was an agent following orders. What do U think, they’re allowed to pick and choose which orders they’ll follow? She’s not a mayor or governor picking and choosing which laws to obey. You are a slimy swamp creature and are against her because Trump picked her & shes a woman..

  • This is sadistic. Sessions and Trump, taking joy in causing pain to someone after 22 years of service. Shame on any Evangelical who stays with this group of thugs. FBI officials recommend firing former deputy director about to retire - ABC News (via @ABC) https://t.co/MTC995KTOz.

  • @Pink_About_it @thebradfordfile Pink the problem is they don’t realize that Tryis the base not them, I keep telling everybody they need to fully commit to Trump and get on board 💯 or their not gonna do well..

  • @KirstenPowers I think people have forgotten that Donald Trump used to be a Democrat who was friends with the Clintons. That is why so many Conservatives have come out against tariffs..

  • @El_Grillo1 Falwell set it on a path to transform from a spiritual movement into a political/ideological one. Trump is showing that transition is complete..

  • That last Trump cake broke me. 😱😱😂😂😵😵☠️☠️ Bless you, @nicolebyer #NailedIt.

  • @PolticsNewz Or was it Stormy calling Trump all the time , he is a billionaire ?.

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