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Overturning Roe and outlawing abortions will never make them go away. It only makes them more dangerous, especially for the poor + marginalized. People will die because of this decision. And we will never stop until abortion rights are restored in the United States of America..

During these hearings, I urge all Americans not to be distracted by politics. This is serious. We cannot let America become a nation of conspiracy theories and thug violence..

the problem in America today is fundamentally a broken democracy, not polarization/division. A super-majority of citizens want Roe v. Wade, real gun reform, raise in minimum wage, higher taxes on super wealthy, universal healthcare, etc. Today exists a tyranny of the minority..

Before I took office 3,000 Americans were dying from COVID each day. 20 Million Americans had lost their jobs. In fact, so many Americans lost their jobs that my predecessor became just the second president in history to leave office with fewer jobs in America than when entered..

“I had to take a driving test when I [came] over [to America]. I won’t have to take a test if I want to get a gun. That’s stupid. Whoever thought that was a great idea is an idiot.” – Liam Hendriks.

Under my plan for the economy, we’ve made extraordinary progress. We’ve put America in a position to tackle the worldwide problem of inflation from a place of strength. The problem is Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down costs..

I’ve lived during ten different decades in America. The economy comes and goes, is up, is down. But our fundamental freedoms? When those slip, it leads to very dark places. To Jim Crow. To internment. Vote to protect your freedoms. Or they will be taken from you..

Can’t go to a parade Can’t go to school Can’t go to a supermarket Can’t go to pray Can’t go to the movies Can’t go to a concert Can’t go to a nightclub Can’t go to a restaurant Can’t go to a park Can’t go to a mall There’s nowhere you can go in America to avoid gun violence.

When a guy who literally grew up in the Great Depression tells you America has changed for the worse, you better pay attention.

When Republicans call actual peaceful protests “insurrections,” they are telling you what they want to do next. They want to completely remove your ability to protest. They want to lock you up for speaking your mind. There is no free speech in the GOP’s America..

#24Jun #Efemérides | Día de la Batalla de Carabobo, en conmemoración al esfuerzo del ejército patriota, liderado por Simón Bolívar hasta vencer al Ejército Realista en América. Este triunfo permitió sellar la independencia de nuestro país..

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The GOP is all about control and mandates. The Democrats are all about freedom of choice. So, which party represents the actual values of the United States of America?.

America needs more than your vote right now. Talk to people. Register people. Take someone to the polls..

서울 핵폭발 내 눈 👀 입니다 그러고 보니 다들 내 눈 속에 살면서 지금까지 해외여행이다 군사주둔지다 하며 꼴값을 떱니다 떠나면 그만인데 아마 학생이던 시절에 눈을 못 감았나봅니다 더이상 구차하게 살아서 뮈하겠습니까 전원 무기금고 에 처한다 카지노 United States of America 🇺🇸.

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>steps foot in America for 2 seconds >gets shot >goes to a private hospital without insurance >fucking dies.

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TY GIBBS WINS AT ROAD AMERICA! (this was the only photo I could find).

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Thalía compartió su terapia para superar el duelo de la muerte de su abuela.

@LarsStereo @DonaldJTrumpJr Most all cities are run by Democrats because large, diverse, educated populations largely don’t trust Republicans. That said, Red states lead America in gun deaths and cities in Blue states are generally safer than those in Red states..

The GOP gets off watching Dems get angry and upset over Rulings. I REFUSE to give assholes the satisfaction. I draw my composure from my parents grand parents uncles and aunties who lived in a America WORSE than what we have now. They adapted and kept moving. I will too..

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Of course, if she’s a Texan, she’ll be arrested and prosecuted when she comes home. America is showing the world that few nations can challenge us in stunningly-primitive beliefs and behavior, or in laws being crafted by evangelicals who claim to speak for God. #ExpandSCOTUS.

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I’m over this fucking disgusting excuse we call America. It’s embarrassing and the MINORITY is shitting all over Americans rights..

The decision to allow open carry, does that extend to protesters outside the houses of the Justices? This is utter madness. Only in America! #SupremeCourt.

I just backed Black Hops X Kamen America X Soulfinder on @Kickstarter.

@BMeiselas @meiselasb Who did Russia pick when it wanted to make a mess in America? The NRA and Trump..

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@CityAttorneyLA America: Home of the brave in imagination only. Now we are a country of total cowards. Sigh..

The Second Amendment is a recognition that the individual is sovereign. This is a country founded on the belief the individual sits on top of the power pyramid. This is what makes America special… and what makes her dangerous to collectivists in politics..


Escaping to Ireland as the trans panic mushrooms in America and becoming the t-boy Sally Rooney.


Shittalking America to shill BASED papism in a way that’s rhetorically indistinguishable from kikery.

@djrothkopf In Germany in the ‘30s a lot of Jews left. A lot didn’t. I don’t know about you but I think it’s time to consider an escape option. Canada? New Zealand? I’m just not into South America..

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