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Couldn’t even recognize the Veteran actor, Grace Nortey. Awwww ….

Bridget ภาพถ่าย,Bridget ภาพถ่าย by B. by Sekumba,B. by Sekumba on twitter tweets Bridget ภาพถ่าย

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How long is it gonna take for bridget trans deniers to screenshot random comments from japanese neckbeards and use their word as gospel instead of the creators again.

I think if I had Bridget’s upbringing—assigned female at birth & raised as a girl—I would still identify as a trans girl anyway. Transness is not just about how a family raised you, it’s about how a society expects you & your body to operate based on the social construct of sex.

popping off big time at both the explicit confirmation that bridget is trans and that ishiwatari chose to address this in the first place at the risk of potentially losing customers.

this bridget shit is gonna make me have to unfollow some folks, some of you guys are being obnoxious as hell about it.

the bridget discourse is bad and harmful, but at the same time the shit transphobes are saying is hilarious, absolute stupid grasping at straws shit now.

something that just hit me;how come this shit show only happened with bridget and not testament when they r both speaks volumes abt these characters respective audiences.

Can’t believe we had to get here but it should finally be over Bridget is a trans girl!.

@DreMeMoTo @lottieratworld good, one less of those guys in the community I hope all of them get put into the blender by Bridget.

Bridget’s story in strive absolutely is not boring and forgettable and is a very good ending to her arc.

@TheRoflfox For an audience that has the potential to be very understanding of breaking gender norms and expressions, femboy people are some of the most transphobic reactionaries on the internet. On a more positive note: Hell yeah, Bridget. You go girl..

Huh the person that’s upset that Bridget is trans turns out to be into Loli who would have seen that coming. This pattern is surprisingly common btw, keep that in mind next time you see someone bitchin about Bridget being trans.

@AriaMikado Anyone who had a problem with Bridget being trans has literally no right to call anyone a snowflake or anything like that lol, these babies couldnt handle seeing an ounce of trans rep lol.

Bridget is female, the developers themselves on THEIR OWN WEBSITE confirm her pronouns as she. The Japanese text says the same thing as the English text, no mistranslation here. And this is from the developers themselves! You can go to the url and see #Bridget #GuiltyGear.

Bridget ภาพถ่าย,Bridget ภาพถ่าย by Mari,Mari on twitter tweets Bridget ภาพถ่าย

gu/ilty ge/ar trans drama has some wild takes… like ppl trying to reason that bridget is “f*mboy erasure” ???? like can you shut up? just say you’re mad a character is trans because you’re transphobic and leave.

Honestly the sad thing is I feel like they wouldnt have needed to make that statement in the developers back yard regarding Bridget if some asshat didnt try to fuckin fake official messages from arcsys That motherfucker needs to actually get a life.

@Pikatwig1 She was born one of two twins to a village that had a superstition against same gender twins so her parents raised her as a girl, but got depressed about it. Bridget tried her hardest to show them she was happy but nothing would cheer them up,.

I duck Sol, Ky, May, Millia, Chipp, Zato, Potemkin, Ramlethal, Faust, Axl, Nago, Gio, Anji, I-No, Goldlewis, Jack-O, Baiken, Happy Chaos, Testament, and Bridget players. Sorry, not sorry..

@Epic_Anime_Fact I just knew it cause some friends play it but now all I hear about fucking Guilty Gear is this whole bridget debate.

@SaberNoctisV It is right after the official announcement and now they need time to calm down. I think many Bridget fans are too fond of Bridget to remain calm.😓.

Bridget confirmed trans and a lot of people confirmed as asshole NEETs for playing the localization card..


@OriGENalHndle69 guess they gotta move onto someone else now that bridget was confirmed trans.

@TheMobRules73 Apparently said Bridget is a trans or some shit i dunno i don’t play guilty gear or care enough but apparently he bent the knee to weirdos..

People are alright with Poison from Street Fighter, right? It’s been so long they just accept it and see her for who she is, so what’s the difference? Just do the same with Bridget and be respectful 🙏 Play the game and complain about her frame data instead, haha.

@alwayscommuting @HBurness everything should overlap ... 28 Days Later is a great call. went to Secret Cinema for that. but no American stuff ... London Has Fallen for example! yes, the queue goes very near the Bridget Jones man fight..

@Katsyunii I deleted it just in case but it was about how Bridget in guilty gear is trans and how people who say she’s not are coping.

@LilithLovett The problem is that with the perfect ending they bridget says how he wont care what others think, he will be true to himself. If they wanted to make him a trans woman then every other person he interacts with would need to think of him as a boy and not as a girl..

Bridget is trans? Grass is still green and the sky still blue 🥱🥱🥱.

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