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Há 1 ano, BTS lançava o clipe de Butter. Quebrando o recorde de visualizações no Youtube, a música se tornou o primeiro ato coreano a passar 10 semanas no #1 da Hot 100..

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SALMONELLA OUTBREAK: Check your home for recalled Jif brand peanut butter. If you have recalled peanut butter, throw it away. Don’t eat it..

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Only at a Chinese restaurant would I ever think mixing peanut butter and vinegar would be a good idea.

@BARMYSTREAM Ja demos início por aqui adm BARMY LOCKDOWN COM BTSWEEK #Butter #BTS (@BTS_twt).

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@Shaka4Kahn @seanhannity Why are you so jealous of these butter face baddies? Seriously they’re hot and their politics are refreshing..


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@weeniebop3 i’m just goofin i love you and i miss you and i was really excited to see you my little butter baby.

@BARMYSTREAM Parabéns bas vcs merecem muito obrigada pelo trabalho maravilhoso de vcs 💜🥺 BARMY LOCKDOWN COM BTSWEEK #Butter #BTS  (@BTS_twt).

Wow… i am still programmer from 2007 - recent 😂 And i have 2 adorable kids. Fuck of if you can’t maintain your own life.

Cleaned up nicely, restored black ink in the all the logos/markings/owners name, & new conditioned Natural Tan lace in most of the glove. Tomorrow it gets the “glove butter” to revive the leather & really bring out the color & the web laces. Beautiful #Rawlings #ThisOldGlove.

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@theliljimbo @TopOfGreatness I don’t have a bio….. ur proving my point here butter cup.


@HelenaodoEad “Butter” is the 2021 SOTY and also broke the record on BB Hot trending. Listen to #BTS_Butter by #BTS     @BTS_twt + RT.

@immbbzxbangtan Happy ARMYversary 💟💟 I also became an ARMY during Butter era. I feel so lucky to have found BTS 🥲.

J. M Smucker is recalling some Jif peanut butter products due to salmonella #trending.

outro: Ego es la mejor canción para darme energía Smooth Like #Butter By #BTS @BTS_twt.

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@c4credit turkey legs seasoned with Inca fire salt and lemon pepper, basted in duck fat and butter with hassleback potatoes roasted with garlic, Sel de Provence and kampot black pepper also with duckfat and butter and topped with fresh chives with bacon parmesan roasted asparagus.

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@OKBJGM Cats do. My cat. When a stick of butter got left out on a counter back in the day. “Scent that up.” Buttered whiskers..

HELP RT/LIKE ‼️ WTS ALBUM BTS BUTTER & MAP OF THE SOUL PERSONA 02 (all include packing) good condition 👍 koleksi pribadi shopee freeong‼️ boleh nego ya kakak dm aja 🤗🤗💜.

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@0707Pimento わーい! いつも朝早くから頑張ってる兄貴! かっこええ!.

@ninnin5109 @BTS_twt にんちゃん⭐︎運動会お疲れさま〜😄🎉🎊 走った❓参加したのかな❓😄 BUTTER Tシャツで目立っちゃった感じ❓ お天気良くてよかったね☀️ 楽しい1日だったかな☺️.

The Best Ever Butter Cookies 🍪: The Present Package 🎁🤩 BLESS YOUR TONGUE ©.

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@jajanbighit Mau banget nder, tahun lalu order butter smpe skarang blm sampe di tangan😔🫶 tkut tp ttp percaya diri.

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