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It’s Strange o’ clock! Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming only on Disney+ Hotstar! #DrStrange2onHotstar.

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.@MomsDemand volunteers and staff have been working around the clock for weeks, so it was moving to receive such a supportive note - and snacks! - from the Duchess of Sussex today. ❤️❤️❤️.

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CM @himantabiswa, Ministers of the Assam Government and officials are working round the clock in the districts and helping those who have suffered. I pray for the safety and wellbeing of all those in affected areas and once again assure all possible support..

It’s inconceivable that DOJ would get a warrant to search Clark’s home if Trump wasn’t also in DOJ’s sights. The clock is ticking!.

NEW: Former Thai Prime Minister spotted on TV with #Bitcoin block clock in the background 💥.

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“You can expect them (Kings) to continue to talk to teams until they are on the clock … kings are prepared for the possibility of making a pick at four” -Woj talking to SportsCenter #Knicks.

To put it simply: I don’t give one flying fuck how my washing machine actually works or how my alarm clock is programmed in order to wake me up at 6. As long as I get clean clothes and something that rings at 6 sharp I’m happy..

Stop transferring aggressions on drugs🤞🏾 even a clock that doesn’t work is right atleast two times a day💯.


@6dombele Didn’t even clock you had , anything less than like a 3x is embarrassing from you.

Hey #NFTCommunity ! Clock 🕰 ticking. Now you can check countdown to our absolutely new version of website ☀️🐲✨ Just a quick reminder! ODGN contract will be stopped and unminted #NFTs will be burned 🔥 Bonus one very very close 😉.

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just realized i turn 25 in two months lmao what do i gain from that stop the clock fr.

ive been having really bad headaches recently and last night i had a nightmare and now i’m a little concerned bc when is the clock supposed to show up??.

I’ve been doing a good job with this! Clock just struck 7 and I stood right on up. Getting tf up outta here!.

да. I am. I haven’t been here for long, only . . . A day or so. I’m not sure. If only I had a clock —.

@enforcelawsNYC @TransAlt If these Luddites got their way and banned cars, what would they want to ban next -- motorcycles, computers, phones, appliances, indoor toilets? Just how far would these extremists like to turn back the clock?.

@AntheaJayne4 😂😂😂I know the feeling 😂 I feel like I’m clock watching sometimes. Oh well ,live for today 🥳😎.

Getting too old for these 10 hour shifts 😴 Totally tempted to crack open a bottle of And yes I know my clock needs a bloody battery, has done for months 🤣.

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back of my hand by now. You guys never change the entrance to the cave. It’s still that old grandfather clock.”.

someone said people who likes jack and the cuckoo-clock are in therapy now and i feel particularly attacked bc it’s one of my fav movies and i have indeed therapy since i’m like 8.

@hungtran11 “Evidence is all around us” is subjective and ambiguous. Pure-breed is a human assigned term, not reflective of the underlying genetic makeup. Now please, provide evidence countering the validity of mtDNA molecular clock tests, or you have lost the argument..

This espresso cup wall clock would be the perfect addition to your coffee bar area . © ArianeC Illustrations-All rights reserved.


thread of gymbros vids on the clock app that I enjoy! . . macros 3dtwt fitspo ortho healthy.

@JamesBrimacombe Please go on auto pilot, u running out the clock everywhere killing the vibe.

My power went out last night and I totally forgot when that happens my clock gets messed up so I’m over here thinking it’s 11am but it’s actually 3pm and I slept that long I’m upset.

@FUCKYOUBRVTNEY Let’s clock in babes, just a forewarning I’m a little messy.

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@willthequeer @98BYLERS What if the watch works for that? I mean, if you find the clock in the inverted world and turn back the time to the day of the event? Maybe go back in time?.

⠀⠀⠀⠀trigger happy finger vying to press , unload & clock. protopathic child of clay & sand. ⠀⠀⠀⠀simper , tiers cruel in curvature with glint of bloody canines..

Me getting really into ordering a wall clock, genuinely pondering two choices, asking for fully in my thirties..

You- What you you do is get a big clock- A grandfather clock. You lay it down, you open the door and paddle.

Just got a fresh pedi - someone on the clock app said I should let everyone here know that I genuinely want to make money off my pretty feet pics dm me.

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