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This is an outstanding accomplishment. It indicates the collective resolve of the people of India to embrace new technologies and make the economy cleaner. Digital payments were particularly helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic..

The President of the United States has COVID-19 and his doctor is NOWHERE to be found. Why is that? Are they afraid Dr. O’Connor might be asked about Biden’s OBVIOUS cognitive decline? This is a COVER UP!.

This morning I tested positive for COVID-19. I am fully vaccinated and boosted and am experiencing mild symptoms. I will isolate and follow CDC guidelines as I continue to work remotely to serve West Virginians..

During the nightmare days of Covid-19, when citizens were begging for oxygen & hospital beds @srinivasiyc was the man everyone turned to for help. Visuals of him being assaulted now is very disturbing. We have become a nation that forgets great tragedies & those who stood by us..

It was worse than we thought. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coordinated with social media companies and Google to censor users who expressed skepticism or criticism of COVID-19 vaccines.”.

Rand Paul
Rand Paul

“On Aug. 3, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) will once again try to determine the origins of COVID-19.”.

The Biden-Harris Administration has rapidly increased the number of people benefitting from Paxlovid – an antiviral medication proven to help keep people out of hospitals once they have tested positive with COVID-19..

COVID-19 ภาพถ่าย,COVID-19 ภาพถ่าย by The White House,The White House on twitter tweets COVID-19 ภาพถ่าย

“GMMTV” ขอแจ้งให้ทราบว่า “ท็อปแท็ป-จิรกิตติ์ คูอาริยะกุล” นักแสดงในสังกัด GMMTV พบเชื้อ COVID-19 Toptap Jirakit Kuariyakul tests positive for Covid-19. . #GMMTV.

COVID-19 ภาพถ่าย,COVID-19 ภาพถ่าย by GMMTV,GMMTV on twitter tweets COVID-19 ภาพถ่าย

According to survey results released Tuesday, 43% of parents of children under 5 will “definitely not” give their child a COVID-19 vaccine amid concerns the vaccine poses a greater risk to kids than the virus..

PMO India
PMO India

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented event. It was a once-in-a-century crisis that nobody had any user manual for. It tested every country: PM @narendramodi.

Senator Risa Hontiveros holds press conference. She says she filed a resolution seeking probe on unused and expired COVID-19 vaccines, citing reports that 4 million to 27 million doses are bound to be thrown away, worth around ₱5 billion to ₱13 billion. | @eimorpsantos.

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En Cuba, la brigada latinoamericana y caribeña de solidaridad, que llega después de dos años de inactividad debido a la COVID-19, y la integran, en su mayoría, jóvenes. Bienvenidos amigos solidarios. #CubaViveYTrabaja #CubaNoEstáSola.

The aftermath of Covid-19 has hit the Small and Micro Units of MSMEs which have delayed payments accounting to over Rs. lakh crores! The policies of @BJP4India are inadequate and faulty. How much more misgovernance must we endure?.

.@BJP4India evades the right to information for the public. No data on arrests, no data on COVID-19 related deaths, no data on farmer suicides. What is being kept from us? The nation wants to know, PM @narendramodi!.

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¡La seguridad siempre es relevante! Las pautas de COVID-19 cambian pero considere el pequeño esfuerzo que todos podemos hacer para mantener seguros a nuestros seres queridos.(401) 728-5920 o visita #poderensalud #latinoscovid.

#COVID Since the global epidemic of COVID-19, the government has been hiding the truth about the origin of the virus from the outside world and is determined to respond to this world public health event with political.

#PositiveNews FPIs return to Indian equities; invest Rs 1,100 crore in July. It shows that the Indian Economy is coming back strongly on the right track after the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kudos Team @narendramodi 👏👏.

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@wendy_resists By Who The Covid-19 People That Passed🤔 Jan. 6 He Was Speaking In MOB Codes So They Not Scared They The New Virgin Of The MOB Which The Government Is Allowing See The Gatherings See The MOB That He Sent To The Would Walked With Them Had The Secret Service Let Him OUT.


Covid-19 shots will keep us from having Covid but should not let us go to the hospital like Trump did who refused the shot..

@HumasPolresTem1 Kebahagiaan Masyarakat Adalah Sukacita Kami Potret personel Polri saat sedang membagikan bantuan sosial kepada masyarakat terdampak Covid-19. #BangunPeduliKamtibmas Berbagi Berikan Kebahagiaan.

Ivermectin: a systematic review from antiviral effects to COVID-19 complementary regimen.

I remember the period of covid-19 Today because of weather i take my class off😶😶 #KarachiRains.

White House Summit on the Future of COVID-19 Vaccines- interesting for tomorrow. Spike protein vaccines have been lifesaving but boosters with whole virus vaccines (#covaxin given to millions in India, shows person whole virus) will be among next gen vax.

Read how researchers are working to understand the ‘Long #COVID-19’ symptom of ‘Brain Fog’ and what causes it -.


@Khlopomanstvo basicamente médico tem que pedir análises com serologia para covid (como se faz para outras doenças virais, tipo hiv, etc).

Did you know that by keeping a safe social distance you can avoid contracting covid-19? Make sure that you protect your loved ones and yourself by keeping a safe distance of upto 2minutes.

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The overall impact of curbing the spread of infections has been the key goal. Social distancing or rather Physical distancing helps limit the spread of COVID-19, this means we keep a distance of at least 1m from each other and avoid spending time in crowded places or in groups.

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COVID-19 changes to visiting our hospitals - Metro North Health.

জুলাই ২৬, ২০২২ গী অয়ুক পুং ৮ দা ভারত্তা কোবিদ ১৯ গী স্ত্যাতস : টিকা থাবা, টেষ্ট তৌবা অমসুং এক্টিব কেস মশীং Covid - 19 satus in India : Vaccination, Testing and Active Cases as on 26 July, 2022, 8am.

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