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Javier, tienes 37 años, igual no eras el público objetivo que Disney tenía en mente.


Oh JOY! Amy Poehler is back to star in Inside Out 2. Directed by Kelsey Mann, produced by Mark Nielsen, and written by Meg LeFauve, Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 releases Summer 2024..

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Recordatorio de que Terry Crews dijo en 2019 que quería ser el Rey Tritón para el live-action de #LaSirenita y pese a todos los comentarios positivos, Disney eligió a otro actor. Así es, Disney le tuvo miedo al éxito..

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San Fransokyo is coming to Disney California Adventure park! Pacific Wharf will be reimagined as the iconic city from Big Hero 6, and feature a place to meet Baymax as well as new spots to eat and shop. #D23Expo.

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#D23Expo is back! Check out the exciting announcements from day one, including the kick off of Disney100; new Disney Legends; announcements from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, and Walt Disney Studios; and the D23 Expo Mousequerade. Presented by @Visa and @Chase. #ad.

“THE LITTLE MERMAID” teaser featuring Halle Bailey amasses over 104 million views. The metrics beat out recent Disney teasers including “Aladdin”, and does not include views from the UK, Ireland, or Australia..

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ㅤ It’s hard to give directions when you forgot the names of the characters in disney movies. I only remember mickey mouse 🥲 ㅤ.

Los fans de Star Wars (pero Disney en vez de Amazon):.

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✨ 🛍 Découvrez toutes les NOUVEAUTÉS de ShopDisney 🇫🇷🙂 ‼️ Lien : ✨️ #disney.

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We’re getting a second season of Loki coming to Disney+! And the cast is here! #D23Expo.

Went to the Lucasfilm/Marvel panel. Met 2 Disney influencers I love. Today has been a great day so far 😍.

Disney +のPTD LAを鑑賞。息を切らしながら汗だくで舞台から下りてくる姿はとてもセクシー。歌詞に日本語訳があるから、細かいジェスチャーの意味が分かってとても良かった。.

🏳️‍🌈 ¡Fracaso TOTAL! La película de #Pinocho es el nuevo fracaso de Disney ; esto se le atribuye, entre otros factores, a la “inclusión” forzada. Este fracaso se suma al de “Lightyear”. Esto es una muestra más del hartazgo social a la imposición ideológica. 👨🏻‍💻.

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Me dió mucha risa un chico que comento en mi vídeo de smash or Pass de Disney y Pixar como me gustaban los chicos según las elecciones que había hecho. Cuando le contesté que el físico es lo que menos me importa de una persona dijo a ok.

開幕レポート公開🎉🎉 20周年全国ツアーが開幕!3年ぶりの来日キャストで贈る2つのメイン演目! 「ディズニー・オン・クラシック 〜まほうの夜の音楽会 2022」|ディズニー・オン・クラシック|イベント・ライブ|ディズニー公式.


今日も一日おつむに自分(。 ・`ω・´) キラン☆ Disneyの次の日仕事はカラダが言うこと聞かない笑 グダグダしたりしますかね〜( ˙֊˙ ).

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チケットもやこばもOK✨️✨️ 色々教えていただきありがとうございました!! やこばドキドキ… 2日楽しみ〜🎶.

@Mutedmirth 😔 sorry mirth, now you can join the rest of us in our (also fk disney and bob chapek, lol).

Why would people be mad at Disney for casting an incredible actress for the new live action little mermaid? Is it really a race thing? Let’s discuss. I am glad for the diversity because of the quality of actress @HalleBailey is..

#Hulu Originals Scores 10 Wins, Tying Its Previous Record,.

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@magazineluiza Seria meu sonho de princesa da Disney, de preferência a nova Ariel bjs😍❤ #AniversarioMagalu.

[$] Funko POP! Disney: Villains - Maleficent #funkoPOP Source: Target Search Reason: Shipping availability: IN_STOCK Promise Count: 1 02:06 AM EDT #Ad.

Celebrate Disney+ Day with a 1-month subscription on sale for under £2.

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Le public de la #D23 a eu le droit à un premier teaser inédit, mais voici un premier poster du film #PeterPanAndWendy de David Lowery Sortie en 2023 sur Disney+ 🧚‍♀️.

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Hai kak lagi cari app premium? Aku jual aplikasi premium nih☺️murah, aman, trusted, dan bergaransi🥰 Jual netflix, spotify, disney+, viu, dll 💳 : Spay & Dana Bisa langsung DM atau hubungi via WA for fast res🥰.

@dionysuz_ Halo ka ready yaa, yuk di order disney hotstar, netflix, viu, vidio premier, iqiyi, dll 🚀✨ #ceritahaid #MirecleinCell.

@akjodohjaemin bisa diproses kak 💸all ewallet dan qris 🌟Disney hostar🌟 1 bulan sharing 15k 1 bulan private 35k 3 bulan sharing 30k 3 bulan private 70k.

@carebecc Told my wife about the game after reading this. Ultimate edition bought within minutes. After she finds out there will be multiplayer I’m getting it to play with her. Disney needs to give you your cut. 🤑.

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