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¡Feliz cumpleaños #DoctorStrange! Un día como hoy pero de 1963 Stephen Strange llegó al universo Marvel. Conoce la historia de este místico personaje con nosotros..

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Mister Doctor is very thirsty. #doctorstrange #FridayFeeling.

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@bigbatchofcumbr @amestris_star Yup!! Lol it premiered on itv tonight. Love me some #DoctorStrange.

Just finished watching #DoctorStrange. Excellent film. I really regret not seeing it at the cinema!.

22 year-old woman with schizophrenia with an electronic implant in her brain struck by lightning. […] a reference to Miss America who, in the comics received superpowers when an experimental electrical device her uncle was testing was struck by lightning.” #DoctorStrange.

#DoctorStrange is on TV and I’m realising all over again that the VFX team didn’t need to go that hard but they did it for us. The inter-dimensional sequences are some of my favourites of all the MCU 👏🏻.

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I’m watching #doctorstrange for the first time and enjoying it. That cape is badass!.

So happy itv are showing #DoctorStrange !! Just leaves me with guardians of the galaxy vol 2 & ant man & the wasp to watch ...but will most likely be seeing avengers end game before both of those😏 #Marvel.

doctor strange being like i could have done better about his own surgery is like in friends when doctor drake ramoray fell down the elevator shaft & the only neurosurgeon who would have been able to save him is himself #DoctorStrange.

Still one of the most underrated marvel films out there and Benedict plays the role of Stephen Strange brilliantly #DoctorStrange.

@CreativeCatFX I would have thought BBC One would have shown #DoctorStrange on August Bank Holiday..

Mordo: Temporal manipulations can create branches in time. Unstable dimensional openings, spatial paradoxes, time loops! You want to get stuck experiencing the same moment over and over again forever, or never having existed at all?! #DoctorStrange.

# schlecht, gibts davon auch noch nen zweiten? 😁 an meine Film und Fernsehen TL. Und @Mia81673112.

Very rarely has a character deserved an ass-kicking as much as Stephen Strange did. #DoctorStrange.

I thought I was immune to the Benedict Cumberbatch charm. Apparently, I was wrong. #DoctorStrange.

“Es heißt #Doctorstrange,nicht meister Strange,nicht miste Mr Strange” #drstrange.

Heute waren wir super faul. Ein richtiger Sonntag halt. Jetzt gucken wir #DoctorStrange und essen Popcorn.

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Das wusstet ihr über den #DoctorStrange-Film bestimmt noch nicht:.

#DoctorStrange auf @ORF gucken. Da gibt es wenigstens während des Films keine Werbung, sowie bei den deutschen Sendern..

#DoctorStrange makes its debut on German public TV tonight, on Pro7 channel. Dubbed of course, grrr!.

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Freundliche Erinnerung #DoctorStrange um Uhr auf ProSieben..

Six years ago, Marvel Studios’ #DoctorStrange hit theaters. It reached #1 and grossed $657 million worldwide..

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Auf @ProSieben läuft dann gleich die Free-TV-Premiere von #DoctorStrange. Wer ein bisschen Orientierung im #MarvelCinematicUniverse benötigt, findet hier meinen Leitfaden:.

Ooooof. Civil War is a proper exhilarating film. Tough film to follow. Onward. To a film I like, one that has grown on me. A pretty cool intro film considering how far into this series we are. #MCUFromTheBeginning film 14/22 is #DoctorStrange.

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I’m going to be live tweeter supreme for #DoctorStrange tomorrow on the @Syfyfangrrls Twitter! We’re doing it earlier in the day, 6pm ET/3pm PT to make room for the GoT premiere! Join me!! #FANGRRLSAssemble.

#DoctorStrange ภาพถ่าย

¡Feliz cumpleaños #DoctorStrange! Un día como hoy pero de 1963 Stephen Strange llegó al universo Marvel. Conoce la historia de este místico personaje con nosotros..

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