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Le tri racial des réfugiés venus d’Ukraine continue. Les étudiants africains ayant fui le pays sont désormais sommés par les autorités françaises de quitter le territoire. Ils ont jusqu’au 20 mai pour partir. Certains étaient en Ukraine depuis plusieurs années. (Europe 1).

I’m just asking how the fuck is this possible in the year of 2022? We have the same thing going on in Europe in some countries. Vote, whenever you can..

@devguyio Generally speaking whenever I take a look on how deep is the USA/Europe in South America and in Africa I realize that they really changed the occupation style but those nations are still occupied and I learn the real definition of injustice.

Amid all the propaganda, must inform you of someone I know, P, who recently quit one of the Indian embassies in Europe because of their blatantly communal work environment. P was called back during this week, but refused. India needs more people with spine like them..

Cette fois ca pu !la merde du marais remonte a la surface Nous observons les responsables qui essaient d entraîner la France et l Europe dans une guerre contre la Russie. surtout ce que i on commence à voir avec nos yeux. Et entendre avec nos oreilles et non celles des médias.

@Sini2022 @ZelenskyyUa I think you need to see real information instead of living in false information. This war is a war for Russia to defend the country, and Ukraine is a dog in Europe and America to provoke against Russia.

#KGFChapter2 OVERSEAS REPORT: USA- million USD UK- £ Australia- A$ million Singapore- SG$ 1 million+ Gulf- $ Europe - $ million Malaysia - RM 9 million+ New zealand-NZ$ 540k #YashBOSS @TheNameIsYash.

Report: UK And Ireland Lead Europe Hotel Occupancy Recovery.

Europe ภาพถ่าย,Europe ภาพถ่าย by Brett Hurll,Brett Hurll on twitter tweets Europe ภาพถ่าย

@vb2b End of Apartheid? Democracy in Southern Europe? Liberalisation of same-sex marriage, divorce and abortion laws in Ireland?.

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Eurooppa-päivä ja tulevaisuuskonferenssin päätös via @Europarl_FI.

@ReutersWorld In a war both sides sides commit longer the war goes on the dirtier it will become. The Americans and Europe are prolonging the inevitable..

@gindaanis 100% structured church in Christianity is what ruined the peoples of europe. The monarchy systems of europe were Christian Monarchies but really they corrupted the religion into a way to create hierarchy and barriers like the text being in LATIN were designed to do so.

@BoredApesEC Ready tô this europe bored ape launch!! 0x2609d3f6613Cb1aC1414eb756589C6b0B763118F.

@realMeetKevin This whole thing has very little to do with religion, it’s basically designed for the whites to keep birth rate up, because the Latinos & Muslims are producing non stop. In 50-100 years, Europe will be predominated by Muslims, & North America by Latinos! Just a fact! 💡.

@BillDaButcha Et c parce que les pays occidentaux, en particulier l Ukraine, ses voisins et ceux d Europe de l ouest sont aussi racistes et xhenophobe mais moins ignorant qu ils informent guère sur cette injustice car alors ça les obligerait à corriger leur attitude.

Well…at least I have dual citizenship in Croatia. Nothing wrong with living in Eastern Europe lately..

Washington has more influence in Europe, given NATO and its security presence, than any other region of the world. The Biden administration should use that influence—whether that is to push for internal EU reforms to enable EU enlargement or to spur greater defense investments..

@FatsPostingLs You can live an entire life in Europe and never see a person this big. Wtf is going on in Burgerland.

@prossoff_ We connect teachers and students in a learning process in AFRICA, EUROPE & AMERICA, where teachers can upload their notes for free and share to their students. Register now for.

@LinguisticDial1 @FrenchHist A 100 million strong France would prevent Europe from WWs.

Europe wants American natural gas. That could drive up prices. via @YahooNews.

The planes take off almost daily from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, US — hulking C-17s loaded up with Javelins, Stingers, Howitzers and other materiel being hustled to eastern Europe to resupply Ukraine’s military in its fight against Russia..

As She did not given them what they wanted, the worst immediately happened to her. She was detained to be murdered, a case of enforced disappearance in Europe..

@TheSequelofBird @ArisakaAya Europe locks russia out of the Atlantic ocean being an american allie denies russia that advantage, if europe where more neutral or a russian ally the US would be left isolated.

A guy I met in Europe is staying in Cali for 2 months & I invited him to a quince since he’s never been to one, he sent me a pic buying cowboy boots and said “ready to dance with you” 😭😭♥️♥️.

Naomi Klein, dans son livre , explique qu’un état de choc ne survient pas seulement après un drame, mais également quand on perd nos repères, notre mémoire collective, ce qui nous a charpentés et nous permet de rester vigilants. Or, depuis des années en Europe occidentale,.

Of course ONO is in the US again. Does europe/uk still exist in their world? Doesn’t seem so….

For the sake of all humanity, we have sent the following tweet to, Antonio Guterez, UN, US President, Biden, President France, Macron, Pope Francis, President Israel, Herzog, Presidentesse Europe, Von Der Leyen and Metsola - To eliminate the deterrence of the.

3/3. It is neither land grabbing nor to disrupt trade. Why doesn’t Russia call the bluff by offering a ‘No war pact’ with Europe? @KremlinRussia_C @DrSJaishankar May like to see linked tweets..

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