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With Aaron Rodgers going down Sunday night on #GameOfThornes, it’s time for DeShone Kizer to step up, it appears..

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Since #GameOfThornes people probably need a new show, must watch Barry also on @HBO. Everyone acts so and I have a soft spot for Henry Winkler #thefonz.

Knowing it could of been great is gonna keep me up the rest of my life. #GameOfThornes.

شكلي لما خربت على اللي ماشافو الحلقه 😂😂: #GameOfThornes.

Did you hear there was a pettition to have season 8 of #GameOfThornes rewritten?. Brienne: hand me that fucking quill!.

#GameOfThornes ภาพถ่าย

Me when bran was made king 👑 #GameOfThornes #GameOfThonesFinale.

and now my watch has ended. Thanks 🙏 #GameOfThornes.

#GameOfThornes ภาพถ่าย

Dan & Dave have a lot of explaining to do, awful , awful season 8. So disappointed. #GameOfThornes.

а чего всем так не нравится концовка #GameOfThornes ? я вот посмотрела и приняла, достойное завершение. может я думаю так и потому, что не представляла, каким окажется финал но Джон 💔.

Finally watched GoT and what the actual hell was that? I’m so ANGRY. #GameOfThornes.

For some, it’s still every Sunday. #GameOfThornes #Syria.

#GameOfThornes ภาพถ่าย

Best thing about #GameOfThornes ending is that I can safely use the internet on a Monday again..

me da um papel e uma caneta pra ver se eu não escrevo uns 10 finais melhores que esse de #GameOfThornes.

the Queen in the North! #GameOfThronesFinale #GameOfThornes.

#GameOfThornes ภาพถ่าย

Still don’t know what to make of the finale, probably would have finished better through 10 episodes but never the less sad that it’s over and imo TV show to date🙌🏽 #GameOfThornes.

ทำไมดูฉากนี้แล้วนึกถึงประเทศสารขัณฑ์😂 #GameOfThornes.

#GameOfThornes ภาพถ่าย

#GameOfThornes حقیقتا اگه تهش به عروسی تموم می‌شد و جان میومد بندری میرقصید بیشتر از این پایان برام قابل هضم بود..

This last season of #GameOfThornes is just bleh. Everything that built up just turned into nothing. Everything was just bleh..

“Jaime Lannister: made out with a hot dog. Cersei Lannister: This girl is the nastiest skank bitch I’ve ever met. Do not trust her” #GameOfThornes.

#GameOfThornes ภาพถ่าย

I appreciated all the years of Game of Thrones and am satisfied with it all. The outside negativity I think makes me just appreciate it all even more. I get what everyone is saying, but I’m enjoying my piece of cake over here. #GameOfThornes.

Raise your hand if you think the Jon + Ghost reunion was added in after episode 4 aired 🙋🏻‍♀️ #GoT #GameOfThornes.

Preferia o final Clichê de Jon e Dany sentados no trono felizes com uma penca de bebêzinhos #GameOfThornes.

Now for the disappointing finale that is #GameOfThornes #subvertexpectations my ass. I already know how this ends. Prepare yourselves guys, it’s bad..

Just watched a 29 minute recap of Game of Thrones so that way I won’t be left out with this finale. Kinda hyped to feel like I’m somewhat in on the #GameOfThornes finale..

Lip sync for the throne! @RuPaul ‘s Dragon Race 🐉 #GameOfThornes.

With Aaron Rodgers going down Sunday night on #GameOfThornes, it’s time for DeShone Kizer to step up, it appears..

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