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People are upset that Hawkeye was seemingly left out of the again. #E32019.

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Avengers 1: Hawkeye present: They win. Age of Ultron: Hawkeye present: They win. Infinity War: Hawkeye not present: They lose. Endgame: Hawkeye present: They win. The Avengers Project: Hawkeye not present: They lose. The Avengers can only win if they have Hawkeye..

Non ça marche pas comme blague parce que dans le jeu Y A PAS HAWKEYE GNNNNHRAAAGBVFFKFHDV #justiceforhawkeye.

Mooooooor Hawkeye. still using OD at [.]top/ scumbags have moved hosts after OVH shut them down. now at @GreenHost_eu emails still from AS209299 VITOX TELECOM bullet proof hosting.

Hawkeye ภาพถ่าย

square enix saw how much everyone hates mcu clint so they decided to not put hawkeye in the game at all.

Thoughts: Tony looks and sounds like animated series Tony (Good but rather an MCU version) Bruce looks good, like GOOD. Cap looks fat with an ugly suit, Thor looks like the god of hammers and BW looks like lord AND WHERE THE FUCK IS CLINT HAWKEYE BARTON.

lol Thor and Tony literally do everything in this trailer. Also where is Hawkeye?.

@jonrschalk @IGN No, its that they had square enix pushing it, they were showing hyper-realistic FF all night. We were expecting Spider-Man PS4 level looking game, not something that looks like the characters were made with playdough. The voice acting isnt exactly there either, also no Hawkeye.

If this also means he’s just not playable at all throughout the whole game that’s just a slap in the face. And not having Hawkeye, I don’t get it. Game still looks promising & it’s just a trailer but I’m definitely nowhere near as hyped as I was for the Spidey game.

Aparte de que no pudieron a Hawkeye parece juego de play 2.

all you need to know about the square nix e3 presentation is that all hawkeye fans in the area are now dead #E32019 #AvengersProject.

where is is wish they resembles the mcu.


that new avengers game really said fuck hawkeye. took one look at the mcu’s adaption and said nah.

Hawkeye ภาพถ่าย

quitan a hawkeye, lo ponen solo para play station, las graficas y los personajes re mal diseñados, es q enserio no esperaba nada de uds y aun asi lograron decepcionarme.

@ExiledCaptain ||;Yeah, it’s just annoying. Hawkeye isn’t some throw away character to place wherever they want he was and always will be a main avenger. At least to me..

im not even a hawkeye stan but leaving him out the avengers game is.

@SkeptiCybrarian Black Widow and I get to have bow skills, but now all my friends think my mom is.

@awstar11 Donald Sutherland is the same they both played Hawkeye on MASH..

@Bosslogic @Renner4Real As it should be No other hero is needed in that poster. The light and power of Hawkeye is enough to fill it * ___ *.

How come The Avengers game by Square Enix gotta do my boy Hawkeye dirty. They’re opening up the West Coast Avengers which he was the leader of and he isn’t even in it..

@IGN I don’t care about Hawkeye, I wanted to see gameplay. How can it be that there’s a booth demo but no gameplay shown at the conference? Really confused right now..

@ShrewdBowman || That’s true it is missing Hawkeye. They might be saving him to add later or He’s in New York cause some people are saying this is in the same universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man..

Top 5 do meu coração gelado: Shannon Trevisano Scalercio Hélio Fábio.

Me parece una falta de respeto que no este mi Clint B aka Hawkeye #Avengers #SquareEnixE3.

Hawkeye ภาพถ่าย

People are upset that Hawkeye was seemingly left out of the again. #E32019.

Hawkeye ภาพถ่าย
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