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The rain will not deter the #HongKong people’s thirst for freedom.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #HongKongProtests.

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China’s embassy warned Canada to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs a day after Canada issued a joint statement with the EU in defense of the “fundamental right of assembly” for Hong Kong.

@adam_ni Agree, save that I think it’s well known in #HongKong that Jimmy Lai is well past worrying about death threats, given his list of.

中国国務院、深センと香港・マカオの文化・経済統合目指す方針 | Article [AMP] | Reuters.

Proteste a Hong Kong, organizzatori: 1,7 milioni di partecipanti #hongkong.

#HongKong ภาพถ่าย

The rain will not deter the #HongKong people’s thirst for freedom.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #HongKongProtests.

Wow. Sea of protestors in #HongKong ‘s Victoria Park today, estimate of million say organizers despite rain. 11th week, 5 demands & rejecting police brutality:.

#HongKongProtests reach the Chinese army building. Protesters banging at the barricades of the PLA building in #HongKong. Protesters also are using laser beams to identify govt buildings. Have been warned to stop using the beams. @IndiaToday.

#cathaypacific I was travelling with wife and 7 month old infant on 15th aug to Canada via flight on 11th August due to widespread news on unrest and protests .I have still been levied cancellation charges!!that too 40,000 INR highly unreasonable.

Just got a text from a number addressed as HK police for the first time ever telling me that this pm will be a protest at Victoria Park and to keep an eye out for the latest media & police social media #antiEALB #hongkong.

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網路被切斷也不怕!香港人狂推沒網路也能傳訊的超強 App: Bridgefy | TechOrange 文章連接: via 愛瘋誌 App <-.

#HongKong ภาพถ่าย

@DonttreadonH @YAAS_America Founding fathers?Lol! These little shit are robbers, terrorist s, HongKong belongs to China forever,don’t even think about it..

This is very good as background context - Hong Kong’s pro-democracy veteran Martin Lee believes ‘democracy will via @YouTube #HongKong #CarrieLam.

The most intriguing abt what happening in #Hongkong is what kind of US role will be that often calls themselves guardians of #democracy. Hey u got China now, the big one, r u still able to impose ur will as the Mid-eastern countries or 3rd world countries like u always did?.

#China realiza simulacros cerca de la frontera #HongKong, estaciona docenas de vehículos paramilitares cerca.

#HongKong 香港是中國的香港,中國想怎麼管就怎麼管,容不得外國勢力插嘴.

日本のステーキハウス「37 Steakhouse & Bar」、香港初出店(山頂のPeak Galleria ) 夜景も売りに.

Customer kita berasal dari Seluruh wilayah Indonesia, dari aceh sampe Papua, bahkan mrambah ke mancanegara:Malaysia,Brunei,singapore,taiwan,hongkong,amerika.

@iammagiting Magulo pa po sa hongkong kap tsaka na pag humupa ang tensyon tas sama 😘😊.

#HongKong The controlled oppositions are all out Be conscious at all.

I stand with my ethnic Chinese brothers and sisters in #HongKong not the commies in mainland China - that includes supporting #BoycottMulan and anything from @yifei_cc - we must put an end to the 共产党.

BSY noni black,,,Hanya 10 menit rambut putih menjadi hitam,,Ori hongkong!!More info sms/bbm 085321531037 / 2962AC8F.

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A proverb says; If two fish fight in the Tigris, the British are behind it. #HongKong #Kashmir.

自己游行干嘛闹独立干嘛带着你们的白皮猪妈妈爸爸?? 人家会理你吗?你们就是白皮国家的狗。@ #HongKong.

Excited na ako to see you Ethan & Joy in big screen #HelloLoveGoodbye in HongKong now showing ! Lets go 💃💙 #AldenRichards.

#HongKong ภาพถ่าย

Chinese ambassador scurried off real quick to get instructions from Beijing on spinning the media at UN on #HongKong.

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