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Hmm, really getting the impression that this is about sociopathy and a hatred of women for Jack Posobiec rather than his internet performance as a Catholic..

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💥 Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin will always gain in value as user adoption grows. #Bitcoin is the global store of value 👏.

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EVERYONE should read this. It’s a fantastically written slam-dunk that sheds needed light on the callous methods of those who would rather attack Jack Monroe than actually take action on the poverty they facilitated- Solidarity with @BootstrapCook.


Ready to turn up the sunshine? The #Minions #TheRiseOfGru official soundtrack is available to pre-order now! GRAMMY® award-winning producer Jack Antonoff joins a star-studded artist line up for this Gru-vy musical soundtrack coming July 1st!.

The person who wanted people to abolish the police two years ago is now crying that a random person showing up at her house makes her and her kids feel unsafe. You people will learn..

@dre_z88 @ccowboy723 Having them doesn’t mean jack if they aren’t willing to do anything with them..

@JACK_825585647 多分おめぇのスマホとその充電器の相性がそんな良くないんだろ.

@JACK_825585647 ゴッドフィールドはクソゲー過ぎて神ゲーな運ゲーなので().

I’ve never seen Jack Harlow and @FNE_Photos in the same room at the same time 🫣 Sus.

Jack Cakebread, who with his wife, Dolores, turned a 22-acre cattle ranch in Rutherford, Calif., into one of Napa Valley’s leading wineries, along the way helping to propel the once-obscure region to global viticultural stardom, has died at 92..

a do Jack só entrou por causa do lil nas x e agr por causa q ele meteu a anitta no clipe KKKKKKKK.

@JackPosobiec Thank you Jack and Mike Lindell! I just ordered a bunch of bedding for my new Airstream 😍.

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@JoeyFerg The boys played well overall but that 3rd period was a shit show. Jack saved the day 💯..

@dogboyizzy never played rdr2 but I automatically get obsessed with any fucked, rancid, drunk bisexual weirdo, esp when theyre canonically confirmed to fuck men like jack like idk how to explain it but this kinda guy is just peak fiction & OBJECTIVELY every piece of media should have one ok.

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A mi me gusto el Nuevo disco de Rammstein. También el de Jack. ✌🏽. Y el final de Moon….

mas Jack até q tem um hype aqui por causa do lil até n sei se o bad já tentou fazer algo pela imagem dele aqui mas pessoalmente até 2020 n fazia ideia de qm ele era.


@SneakyJoeSports Love how he says they lost their identity and playing as a cohesive Jack Eichel the ME luck Vegas.

@k_ross69 @elonmusk I’m sure twitter has its share of useless employees that do jack shit at work (as all companies do) It’s possible he is just saying that he won’t be keeping those people around..

As we prepare for 18 innings of baseball today, you can follow our live coverage at @latimessports here:.

Batun siyar da twitter ciniki yana nan yana tafiya tsakanin #Jack_Dorsey mai kamfanin twitter da #ElonMuskTwitter mai kuɗin duniya antayata akan kuɗi kimanin dala Amurka billion $44 ABOKINA KAIMA KANA DA DAMAR YIN ƘARI AKAN WANNAN KUDI DOMIN MALLAKAR TA 🤩.

@markfollman @ZaleskiLuke We worry that your kinky wife will do anything in bed for you, if you do as she says..

@Chronic88888 @RWApodcast I have seen one pic of the so called founder circulated. One the Ukraine side, it’s everywhere..

@mejubile @DIEGOARRABAL1 Le dijo Jack el destripador a sus víctimas. Hay que remar a favor de obra para que, pase lo que pase, haya audiencia. Eso pasaba cuando la versión de ad era la admitida. Pero ya no daba dinero. Remar a favor de obra es de vendidos..

All my yoga mats are drying after it rained at @hertsbookfest My cat Jack has decided that I’ve clearly emptied my mat bag out so that he can sit in it. He blends in well, doesn’t he!.

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@CharmedLassie @tony_smith37 Jack Hemmingway? deputy leader of council. Just retained his seat on council. Love to be the accountant that checks NO Council resources are used for his campaign. His Boss Jeffery who happens to have Coopers office in her ward. Indeed in the Mill she champions for!.

Despite phyiscally one of the youngest characters in the series in terms of actual existence he is in fact one of the oldest, with the only ones that beat him in this are Jack and Glen. #bot.

@deina96122538 걱정된다라.. .......죄송합니다... (당신의 주눅든 모습에 미안해진듯 바라보고) .....!아니...싫은것은 아니고..그.... ..... ........그냥...네..부탁드립니다..데려다주시면..좋겠네요... (반쯤 포기한것같다!아마 휴게실까지 같이 가달라는뜻인듯 하다!).

Due to COVID & PUTIN; GOP makes 400 election law changes; TOP WEALTH & CORP jack up prices ON EVERYTHING cuz they can as if Trump squats perm they’ll pay little to NO taxes. Like the mafia BUSINESSES wanna stay in good graces. Dems can’t donate to campaigns due to NO MONEY.

Quand tu vois combien peut toucher un agent #immobilier c’est carrément le jack pot assuré ...😳😬😬.

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@sbtcon 8😃 enhypen cuma punya 1 soljack jake hakanai sm yg lg otw soljack jack senkou yg lainnya ada 5 wei, 1 loud, 1 kai yg kisses~ yg lain2 dah pd dijualin/dibikin GA😆.

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