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I just want someone to look at me the way Jimin looks at Jungkook. And that should be Jimin. 😭

Jungkook ภาพถ่าย,Jungkook แนวโน้มของ Twitter - ทวีตด้านบน

Jungkook on Twitter

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[UCC] BTS Jungkook’s produced song ‘Still With You’ receives major love from idols and goes viral on TikTok, turning locals into K-pop fans

Paper Magazine 🦋
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I just want someone to look at me the way Jimin looks at Jungkook. And that should be Jimin. 😭

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10+ Times The “Run BTS!” Editors Were Ready To Risk It All For Jungkook

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[UCC] Korea Economic Daily reports TEAZEN shareholders seek to sell ownership of the company attracting multiple buyers, thanks to Sold Out King Jungkook

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Fans of BTS member Jungkook berated award-winning Korean fashion photographer Hong Jang-Hyun. #KloudxBTS

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BTS’s Jungkook Once Revealed The Member He Would Like To Spend One Day As

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@vanteficient Meanwhile Jungkook : what did you just say ? 😈☠️

Jungkook ภาพถ่าย,Jungkook แนวโน้มของ Twitter - ทวีตด้านบน
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Isn’t so boyfie and cute not only the way Jungkook immediately got clingier to tae , but the way he kept looking at him on the mirror and giving him advices while patting his shoulder to get attention

ぐて🐯🐰 ()

@jungkook__625 柑橘系なんやけど、なんか言葉で表すのは難しい匂いやった🥴🤞🏻(笑)

cel sells 🛒
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[ WTS / LFB / SELLING ] 🇵🇭 PH ONLY! BTS LY TEAR Y VER - jhope pc • Php 270 + sf • slight scratch, dm me for more pics reply “mine” or dm for inquiries 🤩 🏷 rm namjoon seokjin jin yoongi suga hobi hoseok jimin taehyung v jungkook album photocard love yourself

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BTS💜_Army💜_jikookshiper 🐰❤️🐥
BTS💜_Army💜_jikookshiper 🐰❤️🐥 ()

My mundo 🌎 Jeon Jungkook ( Que es la perfección al lado de Jeon Jungkook ) ❤️🐰❤️ Tierno ..hermoso ..precioso mi todo 💫Te amo mi bebé 😍 #JUNGKOOK @BTS_twt

Jungkook ภาพถ่าย,Jungkook แนวโน้มของ Twitter - ทวีตด้านบน
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Jungkook: I feel happy wearing this outfit. Jimin: You just look good in all clothes.

Jungkook ภาพถ่าย,Jungkook แนวโน้มของ Twitter - ทวีตด้านบน
ʟéʟᴀ⁷ 🧈
ʟéʟᴀ⁷ 🧈 ()

Não consigo por em palavras o q sinto pelo jungkook. Eu queria muito ter a possibilidade de protege-lo ou confortá-lo diretamente, lembra-lo o quão incrível ele. Um homem doce, engraçado, de bom coração, amor da minha vida

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WTS/LFB #jinniewonnie_onhand JIN MOTS PERSONA PC V2 500 450 if payo rfs:badly need funds po for medicine 😭 ONHAND MOP:GCASH MOD:GGX bts taehyung v tete bread rm jin suga jhope jimin jungkook

Jungkook ภาพถ่าย,Jungkook แนวโน้มของ Twitter - ทวีตด้านบน
ishieee⁷ 🧈🇵🇭 // tae pc 📌
Ishieee⁷ 🧈🇵🇭 // tae pc 📌 ()

Why do i feel like jungkook’s hair in the concept photo for butter will be blonde 👀

AZ 💜
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jungkook morocho con vincha deportivo y en una moto cualquiera sea nuestra fantasía el la va a cumplir no me la podes contar así

i miss jimin 😞
I miss jimin 😞 ()

que alguien le avise que si nos mira así no vamos a vivir para contar nuestras reacciones soy débil jungkook te amo

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V⁷ ⟭⟬💛💛
V⁷ ⟭⟬💛💛 ()

@mochi_lattae @citystars416 i read this as “when jungkook smells like this” and i was so confused 😅😅😅

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I need jungkook to eat cheap instant ramen with me on top of the HYPE building

ali⁷ 🍊
Ali⁷ 🍊 ()

Namjoon hesitated but then asked, “Do you want—like now? Do you want to kiss one or both of us?” “Both would be nice,” Jungkook squeaked out in reply. Seokjin chuckled. “How do you want to do this, bun?”

joey⁷ 💫
Joey⁷ 💫 ()

oh jungkook :(( he has so much going on in his head, but he’s not a shitty person :( wow i’m so into these characters tho, they feel so interesting & real in such a unique way

りん🐣🎗 ()

@jungkook_0218 こはるちゃんっていうの!?😳 やめてほしいよね🥺そーゆーの りんはうるさいから男扱いされる、w

eli⁷🐾 lf Tear O JK
Eli⁷🐾 lf Tear O JK ()

ayoko kasi itrade si taehyung eh huhu pero pag wala talaga gustong magbenta ng ly answer s jungkook sakin makikipagtrade na lang siguro ako :<<<

Mel⁷ ()

Some women was rting jungkook bbma 2018 and I got curious and watched their fake love performance

Cucharitas Labels⚪ 🧈
Cucharitas Labels⚪ 🧈 ()

𝕯𝖊: @forelsjket (otra vez). 𝕻𝖆𝖗𝖆: Namjoon y Jungkook. 𝕮𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖎𝖔𝖓: El chico del apartamento 512 - Selena.

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Seharga Rp41 Juta, Jaket Louis Vuitton yang Dikenakan Jungkook BTS Ludes Terjual dalam 2 Jam

Jungkook ภาพถ่าย,Jungkook แนวโน้มของ Twitter - ทวีตด้านบน
notsunshine!ᵛᵏagx ia🌙
Notsunshine!ᵛᵏagx ia🌙 ()

@bertanyarl Tanyarl yuk yukk diisi lockscreen : butter homescreen : butter ava twitter : hoseokk header twitter : butter profil ig : tangan profil wa : jungkook

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[UCC] Jungkook thrives in Japan: voted #1 K-pop male idol with best singing ability, “Euphoria” is the first BTS solo to receive RIAJ Silver streaming certificate

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[UCC] “Sold Out King” Jungkook causes a $2,850 Louis Vuitton jacket being sold out in 29 countries!

☚ #ฟอลต่อฟอลใอ่ต้าวบพ #ทรราชหวนคืน ☛
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